Caprice Reloaded

Caprice Reloaded|

Caprice Reloaded is a C++ rewrite of CaPriCe. The goal is to create an emulator that is more accurate, improve the Unix port and add tools for helping cross-development.

The emulator is still far from finished, but already includes :

* Friendly GUI with menus for easy configuration (using the wxWidgets toolkit)
* CRTC0 emulation (100% accurate), CRTC1 mulation (unfinished)
* Integrated assembler (using SJasmPlus)
* Integrated debugger with breakpoints
* Integrated memory explorer and disassembler

There are also a lot of small fixes, for example Orion Prime runs properly while it is not working on the original CaPriCe.

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The Amstrad CPC/Plus is an old 8-bit microcomputer. It's still used nowadays by some people to create demos. However, there are almost no tools to do that under Linux. This project aims to collect the various bit of existing sourcecode in one common place, add the missing features, and make life easier for all developpers. Available tools include: * The Caprice Reloaded emulator, with integrated assembler and debugger, * gfx2crtc, a tool to convert pictures to the amstrad sceen format * An imporved version of Ramlaid's cpctools, now running under linux, with (limited) support for usb floppy drives * A special version of STSound from Leonard, modified to emulate an AY3 more accurately (the original emulates the slightly different YM chip used in the Atari ST) * "Hideur Maikeur" from Downwater for handling AMSDOS headers * iDSK from sid for manipulating dsk images and files inside.

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