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Hard Chiptune Mix 2

Opublikowane 17-11-2016 00:00

Donate some Bitcoin for new mixes: 1KoXsQ515RQ4FzGfeWCsQpD9aZDamfv97j ZX Spectrum old-school hard/acid/break chiptune non-stop mix. 125 bpm Tracklist: 00:00 MmcM — Al-ya Trance from me for you... 02:22 Fatal Snipe — Hallo radio 03:42 Fatal Snipe — great axe 05:11 Fatal Snipe ...
The Spectrum Show Ep 57

Opublikowane 26-11-2016 00:00

Episode 57 arrives.. we check out the news from August 1987. Thanks to a viewer I check out loading and protection systems for Spectrum games. There are reviews of Trantor The Last Stormtrooper, 3D Grand Prix, The Dark and Cookie. Also the JSW mods and the random end bit. Thanks to PROSM for ...
Historia Polskich Gier #2 – Hity ZX Spectrum – Masz 3 Życia

Opublikowane 03-12-2016 00:00

Historia Polskich Gier #2 – Hity ZX Spectrum – Masz 3 Życia W tym odcinku mówimy o hitach ZX Spectrum. Nie były to może tytuły światowej sławy, ale na polskim podwórku radziły sobie całkiem nieźle. Zapraszamy do subskrybowania naszego kanału, ...
The Arc of Yesod Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum

Opublikowane 19-12-2016 00:00

A walkthrough of the ZX Spectrum game, The Arc of Yesod. From the recording originally sent to . Recorded using "rollback", a feature of the emulator which allows you to mark a point, which you can then roll back to later if you get in trouble, and try again. More ...
The Spectrum Show Christmas Special

Opublikowane 20-12-2016 00:00

Welcome one and all to this special festive episode. I wasn't planning on doing one this year, but had just about enough stuff to make it worth while. In this episode.. I play some festive games... I look at some games that never made it... I compare magazine Christmas covers.. and end with a Christmas ...