Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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The Black Lotus – Starstruck – Amiga Demo – AGA (HD 50fps)

Opublikowane 30-10-2016 00:00

Phenomenal Amiga demo by The Black Lotus, released at Assembly 2006 – Ranked: 1st. Now in HD 50fps! (See Below) Credits: Code: Erique, Kalms, Rej, Rubberduck Graphics: Duffe, Louie, Tudor Music: Blaizer Text: Kalms *As Youtube just introduced the new frame rates for playback, i have ...
Unmec by Agenda (SV2016 Atari XL/XE demo)

Opublikowane 13-11-2016 00:00

This is Atari XL/XE demo by Agenda presented at SV2016 party (11-13.11.2016, Gdansk, Poland). CODE: Koala, pr0be, Svoy, Xeen GFX: Ooz, Piesiu, Ripek MSX: Caruso, stRing requirements: ATARI XL/XE PAL, RAM 320KB, STEREO
Desire's Jitter – a demo for Atari Lynx presented at SillyVenture 2016

Opublikowane 13-11-2016 00:00

Demo presented at SillyVenture 2016 Atari demo party: Desire's demo called "Jitter" for the Atari Lynx! Code: Heaven Axis (cube core) Artwork: Bokanoid (Jitter pic) S11 (Desire Logo, Font) Hammerfist (palettes) Hans (3d DSR logo) Veto (Donkey Kong) Music: NainNain (main tune) Jakub Huzak ...
Genesis Project – Mr.Caterpillar and the Tale of the Turquoise Twisters (Atari VCS/2600 demo)

Opublikowane 13-11-2016 00:00

Atari VCS/2600 8kb ROM. Code and font by Shadow. Music and caterpillar graphics by Mermaid.
Performers – The Concert [2016]

Opublikowane 03-12-2016 00:00

A Commodore 64 demo from Performers released at the X'2016 demo party. C64 Demo Competition at X'2016: Ranked #4 Credits : Code .... *Mahoney* of Visa Röster *Mixer* of Origo Dreamline, Side B *The Human Code Machine* of Crazy, Masters' Design Group, MultiStyle Labs, Oxyron *YPS* of Performers, The Noisy ...
Santa Claus Barbie Was Drunk As a Cochon by MJJ Prod (Atari ST demo) 1080p50

Opublikowane 25-12-2016 00:00

Atari ST demo released christmas 2016 Demozoo: https://demozoo.org/productions/166468/
TRIAD 2017 NEON (C64)
Autor lemmingoffence

Opublikowane 05-03-2017 00:00

TRIAD: NEON (2017) Code: Abaddon, Houbba, Icon, Nith, Tao Graphics: ilesj, Twoflower, Vent Music: Flex/Artline Designs & Contex Design: ilesj Text: Taper Linking: Icon Loader: HCL/Booze Design Help: Ruk/Booze Design Capture & x264 encode from a real C64 by ...
Autor Anton Javorcek

Opublikowane 20-03-2017 00:00

SAM Coupe 512K demo by D.T.A. software studio 2nd in other 8-bit demo competition on Forever 2017
The Fiture Crew (Fit): See Sharp
Autor Faust

Opublikowane 20-03-2017 00:00

Sharp MZ-721 demo "See Sharp" by (The) Fit(ure Crew). Released at Assembly Summer 2011, ranked 3rd in oldskool demo compo. Captured on actual hardware. More info: http://www.kameli.net/fit
Kefrens – Desert Dream -= Amiga 50fps =-
Autor ED209rev1

Opublikowane 23-03-2017 00:00

Desert Dream by Kefrens Amiga Trackmo on 2 disks Released in 1993 1st @ The Gathering '93 Code: Laxity & Zeus GFX: Airwalk, Blizzart, Laxity & R.W.O Music: Laxity Re-upped with optimal crop Watch in 720p @ 50fps!