NEC PC-6001

Nowa wersja PC6001VW v3.11, emulatora NEC 6100 do ściągnięcia i przetestowania.

PC6001V v1.13 Changelog:

  • Fixed a bug with LOAD anywhere.
  • Fixed ROM would not be written.
  • 2P joystick mounting side.
  • Add Z80 undefined instruction. There still might be.
  • Away key code correction. The patch for SDL.
  • [ALT] + [F11] to restart assignment.
  • VDG clean code. Was to draw a line by line in all modes.
  • (What happens if you mix different modes in a line is incomplete)
  • Sorerashiku appropriate color settings correct. Not sure yet ... the correct colors
  • Memory of the initial review.
  • 640x480 full screen resolution changes. After updating the development PC 320x200 display, so no longer TT
  • Organize sources about it. (Forgetting details)
  • Compiler was gcc 4.5.1. Random late. T-T

Do ściągnięcia

12/02/2011 07:55 CEST| Waga pliku: 608.86kb| Pobrano: 1
19/10/2010 04:30 CEST| Waga pliku: 516.33kb| Pobrano: 1
03/09/2010 01:54 CEST| Waga pliku: 513.22kb| Pobrano: 1

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