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BKBTL -- BK Back to Life!


BKBTL -- BK Back to Life! -- is BK0010/BK0011 emulator. The emulation project started on Nov. 14, 2009 and based on UKNCBTL code. BK is soviet home computer based on 16-bit PDP-11 compatible processor K1801VM1. There is three branches of the emulator, with different user interface but the same emulation core: * BKBTL -- Windows version, for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. * QtBkBtl is Qt based BKBTL branch, works under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. * SdlBkBtl is SDL version of the emulator. Currently targetted to Dingoo A320 native OS. Current status: Beta, under development. Emulated: * BK-0010.01 and BK-0011M * CPU (still closer to 1801VM2) * Motherboard (partially) * Screen -- black and white mode, color mode, short mode, BK0011 color mode palettes * Keyboard (but mapped not all BK keys) * Reading from tape (WAV file), writing to tape (WAV file) * Sound * Joystick (numpad keys, external joystick) * Covox * Floppy drive (at least in BK11M configuration) * Programmable timer (partially)

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