[c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.2

[1] @ Sobota, 15 Kwietnia 2017 01:07CET

[c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.2

Nowa wersja emulatora YAPE autorstwa Atilli Grósz, który pozwala odświeżyć tytuły z maszynek firmy Commodore C116, C+4, C16 – potocznie rodziny określanej skrótem C264.

CHANGES IN 1.1.2 FROM 1.1.1  Apr 13, 2017

  • [FIX] CPU and TED timing improvements
  • [FIX] more monitor improvements
  • [FIX] regression bug related to cancelling the autostart dialog
  • [FIX] AltGr got stuck in Message Queue based input mode
  • [FIX] failing OpenGL crash
  • [FIX] speech quality regression
» [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.1
Dizzy III – coś dla lubiących zagadki

YAPE 1.1.1 27/02/2017

This time around with mostly fixes, but the T6721A Toshiba speech LSI emulation also got a little compatibility boost, which is – again – unmatched so far in any other emulator.

But let's have a look what's in there:


  •     implemented proper 48-bit mode for the T6721A speech LSI emulation
  •     somewhat improved vblanking
  •     save window content to 32-bit BMP
  •     awkward TED bitmap DMA bank switching bug corrected
  •     occasional tape creation dialog crash fixed
  •     built-in assembler fix (BRK mnemonic)

Alas, the 48-bit speech encoding was only used in certain built-in words of Magic Voice and A Bee C's cartridges for the C64. So there is some extra work necessary to actually check those one out on the plus/4. Alternatively, why not try creating custom speech with the open source SPTK toolkit. I am not saying it's straightforward, though, in fact that would be a firstie, too.

» [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.0c Fix
Hollywood Poker Stephanie (1987)

CHANGES IN 1.1.0c FROM 1.1.0 released on Jan 5, 2017

And again... a nasty sound bug has made its ways to the initial 1.1.0 release 3 days ago. To top it all off the most important novelty, the OpenGL shader, was not even included in the ZIP package! Oh well... Please move ahead to the download page for a new package with the fixed executables as well as the external shader ('crt.glsl'). The new archive bears the same name as the former one, but the EXE-s have a new timestamp and show '1.1.0c' as version number. Besides to that, you shall find there the aforementioned shader which should reside right in the YAPE folder. If you don't like it and prefer the simpler, built-in OpenGL shader simply remove it from the EXE folder. My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience it may have caused, you see I am overall very happy to be able to squeeze some spare time for this silly hobby and my attention is extremely limited. Have fun!

» [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.0
Gremlins The Adventure (1985)

CHANGES IN 1.1.0 FROM 1.0.11 released on Jan 1, 2017

  • [NEW] added OpenGL video mode
  • [NEW] external fragment shader support in OpenGL mode (see included sample)
  • [NEW] adjustable font size in the monitor
  • [NEW] line breaks in the monitor
  • [NEW] set any sound sampling rate between 8000 and 192000 Hz
  • [NEW] optionally audible tape signal
  • [NEW] added $FF as powerup pattern
  • [FIX] cleaned the ACIA 6551 emulation from non-functioning legacy code
  • [FIX] minor fine tuning in the measured palette hues and lumas
  • [FIX] breakpoint purge deadlock
  • [FIX] more monitor cleanup
» [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.0.11
Molecule Man (1987)

CHANGES IN 1.0.11 FROM 1.0.10 released on Nov 23, 2016

  • [NEW] memorize window size when not in GDI mode
  • [NEW] new selectable tape signal detection method (edge triggered) for WAV samples
  • [NEW] loading MTAP's with non-native frequency such as ones recorded with NTSC bit set (report courtesy of Luca)
  • [NEW] load C64/VIC20 tapes recorded in MTAP format with the KERNAL loader
  • [NEW] even line hue phase offset in CRT emulation mode
  • [FIX] tape code cleanup
  • [FIX] sound related improvements
  • [FIX] speedometer improved
  • [FIX] preset screen size bug
  • [FIX] monitor cleanup
  • [FIX] TAP save overwrite warning (bug report courtesy of Luca)
» [c264][FIX] Yape x86/x64 1.0.10

YAPE 1.0.10 7/08/2016

And once again a glitch has been causing us problems. In the big haste I have first included a crash-prone x64 binary and later accidentally overwritten the working 32-bit version with the fixed 64 bit one. We ended up with a crash-y and a working 64-bit executable in the zip package. I am now back from holidays and fixed the binaries, so go ahead and download the 1.0.10 package once again. My apologies for the inconvenience.

YAPE 1.0.10 22/07/2016

  • show subfolders as type CBM in IEC/filesystem mode
  • implemented monitor watchpoint/breakpoint ranges
  • watchpoint context displayed when hit
  • improved speedometer to cater for non-standard, longer frames
  • occasionally stuck joystick states when emulated thru the keyboard fixed (long outstanding bug!)
  • uninitialized variable in a newly optimized part of SID engine patched
  • digitized palette in non-CRT mode fixed
  • rasterline counter overflow fix
  • weird and random save PRG dialog crash fixed

YAPE 1.0.9 14/02/2016
Crash fix 15/02/2016

  • An ugly crashed made its way to the latest release that went unnoticed. The binaries have been replaced so please regrab your copy now to solve the issue. Thanks to Luca for the heads-up.

As a Valentine Day special, YAPE has been updated with the following changes:

  • updated project to be used with Visual Studio 2015 and MinGW-w64
  • optional XAudio2 driver added (DirectSound's successor)
  • D81 image support in 1551/IEC mode (no partitions though)
  • PSID replay support via the autostart menu
  • refactored audio mixing
  • disk attachment regression bug
  • various other bugfixes (monitor settings, TED sound, snapshot)
» [c264] Yape 0.70.1 SDL2
Yape Spy Vs Spy CBM264
Spy vs Spy. Photo@Gamebase

yapeSDL 0.70.1  13/10/2015

A new binary release of yapesdl for Ubuntu 64-bit and Windows 32/64 bit. The following most notable changes were made:

  • serial IEC implemented to complement the Commodore plus/4's parallel IEC
  • much improved VIC-II emulation (lightpen latches, sprite crunching, DMA)
  • improved SID emulation & replay (6581R4 default for C64, 8580 for plus/4)
  • minor CIA changes
  • ported and compiled to Javascript using Emscripten
  • savestates support
  • implemented a simple options menu at long last
  • video speed increased via 'SDL_SetRenderTarget'
  • use 'SDLGameController' API rather than 'SDLJoystick'
  • more consistent positional keymapping
  • simple overlay keyboard for hints
  • more jostick keyset options
  • preliminary ZIP file support


The user interface isn't yet ready, so you MUST memorise a couple of keyboard shortcuts:

  • F12 or ESCAPE: exits the emulator
  • F11: soft reset
  • LCTRL + F11: forced reset (memory remains intact)
  • SHIFT + F11: hard reset (clear memory, reloads ROMs, rewinds tape)
  • F5: press PLAY on tape
  • F6: press STOP on tape
  • F7: save screenshot to BMP file
  • F8: enter the user interface, press F8 again or ESC to quit.
  • You can move around in the menus with the arrow keys, press ENTER for selection.
  • F9: quick debugger
  • F10: save current settings to user's home directory
    • LALT + 1-3: set window size
    • LALT E: switch among emulators (C4 cycle based; C+4 line based; C64 cycle based)
    • LALT + I : switch emulated joystick port
    • LALT + M: enter console based external monitor and disassembler
    • LALT + P: toggle CRT emulation
    • LALT + R: machine reset
    • LALT + S: display frame rate on/off
    • LALT + W : toggle between unlimited speed and 50 Hz frame rate (original speed)
    • LALT + ENTER: toggle full screen mode
    • LALT + F8: save memory pointed by $2B/$2C and $2D/$2E
    • LALT + KPLUS: collate replay frequencies
  • Internal disk LOAD/SAVE operations are supported to the current file system directory – which is usually '/home/<username>/yape' – in C+4 modes.
  • Any PRG files you may wish to load, should go there, although you can browse the directory tree from the user interface, too.
  • This means that an exact filename match will load the requested program, similarly can you save a file.
  • Full ROM banking is supported, currently only via the yape configuration file. You must fill in the path for the relevant ROM image you intend to use.
  • However, Yape supports some internal ROMs already. These are:
    • 'BASIC' – the ROM image containing the BASIC interpreter
    • 'KERNAL' – the system kernal ROM image
    • '3PLUS1LOW' – the low bank ROM image of the built-in plus/4 software
    • '3PLUS1HIGH' – the high bank ROM image of the built-in plus/4 software
» [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.0.8
Commodore Plus4:C264:Yape:Mercenary:Novagen
Mercenary (Novagen)

CHANGES IN 1.0.8 FROM 1.0.7 released on Dec 25, 2015

  • [FIX] GUI fix
  • [FIX] SID fixes
  • [FIX] drive RPM fix
  • [FIX] autostart randomization fix


» [c264] Yape 0.58.2 SDL2

yape/SDL 0.58.2  13/10/2015

  • The SDL port of yape was released yesterday. The SDL port now sports Commodore 64 emulation along with a line based +4 engine which was ported over from the Windows version. Also, yape/SDL was moved to Codeplex the open source project hosting site and from now on announcements about the SDL port will be made there.
» [c264] Yape 0.58.1 SDL2

Authors comment

  • Yet another release for the SDL version: 0.58.1 is out with binaries for both Debian/Ubuntu and Windows. The version number indicates the approximate compatibility equivalent of the Windows port. It marks the backport of real 1541 drive emulation as well. By now the SDL port is perfectly usable for almost all games and could be your best choice at this stage for long retrogaming sessions with a gamepad controller in front of a big screen.
» [c264] Yape 1.0.7

CHANGES IN 1.0.7  released on 5/6/2015

  • adjustable sound latency (20-200 msec)
  • preset window sizing shortcuts (Alt+number)
  • removed P4S and direct ZIP support
  • some fine tuning on the NTSC hues
  • monitor and D-PAD bugs fixed
  • CRT & TED fixes



» [c264] Yape 1.0.6

CHANGES IN 1.0.6  released on Oct 30, 2014

  • direction controllers (D-PAD or 'POV' buttons) can now, too, be used as joystick
  • fullscreen mode made ALT+TAB friendly
  • occasional crashes on some machines with small border mode on
  • assembler bug in 64 bit build
  • minor fixes

Did you know that the small border option now works in all screen modes, even full screen, to give you maximum window area. Yuo can tweak a  couple of video options in the advanced settings menu.

» [c264] Yape 1.0.5 fix
Commodore C264:Yape:Molecule Man:Mastertronic:1987
Molecule Man (Mastertronic, 1987)

CHANGES IN 1.0.5  released on Oct 24, 2014

  • Since a couple of people were experiencing crashes (that I could not reproduce Undecided ) with YAPE 1.0.5 I went ahead and attempted to fix it.


» [c264] Yape 1.0.5
Commodore C264:Yape:Split Personalities:Domark Ltd.:Ernieware:1987:
Split Personalities (Domark Ltd., 1987)

CHANGES IN 1.0.5  released on Oct 21, 2014

  • [NEW] show full IEC path in directory listing
  • [NEW] using Direct3D 9.0 (at last...)
    • better fullscreen mode (no resolution mode change)
    • more consistent CRT emulation across video modes
    • adjustable video oversampling in DX mode (i.e. 'Use GDI' off)
    • Direct3D surfaces can be saved to PNG format
    • replaced 'double size' with 'double scan' in DX mode (576 row line buffer)
    • removed deprecated overlay mode and DirectDraw dependencies
  • [NEW] Windows XP and higher only (sorry... no time to maintain earlier ones)
  • [FIX] file association bug
  • [FIX] autostart fixes
  • [FIX] tape motor should not start when PLAY/RECORD is pressed via the GUI
  • [FIX] some code cleanups
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