[WIIU] Cemu 1.7.3d

[34] @ !!! Piątek, 17 Marca 2017 22:41 CET [17-03-2017 22:39 CET]

Pojawiła się nowa wersja tego emulatora konsoli Nintendo WiiU. Filmy z pracy emulatora kuszą, oj kuszą... może kiedyś;)

Cemu changelog for 1.7.3d | Patreon 2017-03-10 | Public release 2017-03-17

New in public release:

  • general: New game profiles

New in 1.7.3d:

  • GX2: 1.7.3 accidentally broke compatibility with pre-1.7.3 cached shaders. This hotfix restores backward compatibility.     Also made some adjustments to guarantee this doesn't happen again in the future.

New in 1.7.3b/c:

  • JIT: Fixed potential softlock for busy-wait loops which use the LWARX/STWCX instructions
  • GX2: Fixed incorrect shader source generated for streamout write exports when the shader is optimized for float-only

New in 1.7.3:

  • JIT: LWARX instruction now consumes multiple virtual cycles. This speeds up busy wait loops.
  • general: Screensaver/Standby should no longer come up while a game is playing in Cemu
  • coreinit: Added API LCDisableDMA(), LCGetAllocatableSize(), MPResetTaskQ(), OSPeekMessage(), OSEnableHomeButtonMenu()
  • coreinit: Fixed bug in LCEnableDMA()
  • coreinit/FS: FSOpenFile() is no longer blocking CPU execution
  • coreinit/FS: Added internal support for priority-based path overloading
  • coreinit/FS: Cemu will load patched game files automatically from mlc01/usr/title/../../
  • ACP: Added ACP library. New API: ACPCheckApplicationDeviceEmulation()
  • AOC: Added proper support for AOC library. Addon content (DLC) is automatically loaded from mlc01/usr/title/../../aoc/ or mlc01/usr/title/../../<aoc_titleId>/
  • AX: Fixed internal ADPCM playback offset calculation for addresses above 0x80000000
  • Input: Fixed bug that caused non-keyboard buttons to be detected as keyboard input
  • GX2: Improved implementation for GX2CalcTVSize() and GX2CalcDRCSize()
  • GX2: Shader code optimizations. Up to 40% faster compile time for float-only shaders (measured on NVIDIA)
  • GX2: Added support for shader OP3 CNDGT_INT instruction
  • GX2: Added support for vertex format FMT_16_16_16_16, nfa=0, signed=0
  • GX2: Fixed software streamout reading format 32_32_32_FLOAT incorrectly
  • GX2: Added support for vertex shader gl_PointSize export
  • GX2: Fixed a race condition in which the GPU7 command processor could run ahead of the current write pointer before GX2Init() was called
  • GX2: Fixed sampler min and mag filter value being read from wrong register bits
  • GX2: Added support for streamout binding the same buffer as input and output
» [WIIU] Cemu 1.7.0d

Cemu detailed changelog for 1.7.0 2017-01-09/2017-01-16

  •  Added 'Graphic packs' (graphic modding support)
  •  Extended shader cache, now transferable and forward compatible

# New in 1.7.0d (public release):

  • GX2: Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Cemu to crash while caching large shaders

# New in 1.7.0b/c:

  • GX2: Minor graphic pack related bug fixes
  • GX2: Fixed a rare bug which could cause textures to get corrupted

# New in 1.7.0:

  • GX2: Added support for customizable graphics via 'Graphic packs' (alias graphic modding support built into the emulator)
  • GX2: Overhauled shader cache. Shader cache files can now be transferred between different PCs and remain compatible across future Cemu versions.
  • GX2: Fixed a bug where alpha-test related registers where incorrectly handled for shaders read from the shader cache
» [WIIU] Cemu 1.6.4

CEMU detailed changelog for 1.6.4 Public release date:  2016-12-19

  • general: Added hotkey Shift + Print Screen to capture a screenshot in the native resolution of the game
  • general: Added debug option to flip output image upside-down This is a workaround for third-party tools which do not account for OpenGL's ARB_clip_control extension
  • debugging: Added menu to alter priority of a thread in the PPC thread view (via right-click)
  • coreinit: Added API: MEMiGetFreeStartForFrmHeap(), MEMiGetFreeEndForFrmHeap(), FSAppendFileAsync()
  • coreinit: Fixed race condition bug in __ghsLock(), __ghsUnlock(), OSUninterruptibleSpinLock_Acquire(), OSUninterruptibleSpinLock_Release()
  • AX: Cemu no longer crashes if voices use invalid sample offsets
  • AX: Added device remix matrix support
  • VPAD: Fixed Left/Right stick-click mapping
  • CPU: Fixed recompiler crash caused by complex recursive functions
  • GX2: Added bicubic upscale filter option
  • GX2: Added missing streamout buffer specification registers to shader cache
  • GX2: Fixed rounding issue when updating depth range
  • GX2: Fixed calculation of viewport near/far values
  • GX2: Added 'accurateShaderMul' gameprofile option (see gameProfiles/example.ini for explanation)
  • GX2: Optimized some frequently used GX2/GPU7 functions
» [WIIU] Cemu 1.6.3

CEMU detailed changelog for 1.6.3 Public release date:  2016-10-27

  • coreinit: Added support for 'wb' modifier flag in FSOpenFile()/SAVEOpenFile()
  • AX: Rewrote a majority of AX API and internal mixing code, aiming for almost a 1:1 reimplementation where possible
  • AX: Adjusted memory layout of some internal sample data buffers (some games calculate addresses on their own instead of relying on the values provided by the API)
  • SWKBD: Fixed a bug that caused the software keyboard overlay to not display on AMD GPUs
  • GX2: Added support for D24_S8_FLOAT depth buffer format
  • GX2: Shaders will now correctly use shadow samplers instead of imitating them by manually comparing shadow depth in shader logic
  • GX2: Added support for dynamically detecting and adjusting the number of mip levels of a texture during usage (information about the mip level count isn't always available at texture creation)
  • GX2: Better support for rendering to individual mip levels of a texture
  • GX2: Added support for binding the same texture multiple times with different mip or slice views during a drawcall
  • GX2: Fixed order of elements returned by FETCH4 shader instruction
  • GX2: Fixed a bug in polygon offset slope scale calculation
  • GX2: Handle texture LOD parameter correctly in vertex shader
» [WIIU] Cemu 1.6.2c

CEMU 1.6.2c  2016-11-05

  • CPU: Fixed a bug in recompiler PSQ_STU instruction

CEMU 1.6.2 + 1.6.2b

  • CPU: Fixed a rare crash bug that could occur when the recompiler attempted to analyze certain functions
  • CPU: Improved detection of function entry points for recompiler
  • CPU: Added instructions LBZUX, SRW., PSQ_LU, PSQ_STU and PS_DIV to recompiler
  • CPU: Adjusted recompiler PS_MERGE10 instruction to generate faster code
  • FS: Various optimizations to FSA thread, resulting in quicker processing of file operations
  • FS: If available, AES-NI is now used for filesystem decryption
  • AX: Added API AXAcquireMultiVoice()
  • NFP: Deactivate event will now be correctly signaled
  • GX2: Added support for Streamout emulation via OpenGL's Transform Feedback
  • GX2: Slightly reduced the number of shaders that need to be compiled (by optimizing away render states that previously affected the generated shader code)
  • GX2: Improved handling of bottom of pipe event
  • GX2: Added API GX2DrawIndexedImmediateEx()
  • GX2: Fixed a bug in the buffer cache that could cause out-of-bounds allocations which would result in CEMU crashing
  • GX2: Fixed a bug where textures would be immediately reloaded from RAM after being updated by a GPU-side operation
» [WIIU] Cemu 1.6.1

CEMU changelog for 1.6.1 2016-10-08.2016-10-15

  •     New universal GPU buffer cache (replaces vertex cache)
  •     NFC support
  •     Small graphic improvements
  •     Minor changes and bugfixes


  • general: Fixed a bug where files would be created in/loaded from the wrong directory after the load file dialog.
  • NFP: Added initial NFC support. Scanning NFC tags works by loading a file via the menu
  • GX2: New universal cache implementation for attribute, uniform and index data.Additionally, there is now a cache accuracy option to control the level of accuracy vs performance. Can be changed while a game is already running. The previously added cache control options where removed as they have become obsolete    
  • GX2: Further improved and optimized handling of textures with overlapping memory regions
  • GX2: Optimized detection of changes to texture data
  • GX2: Adjusted the idle loop of the GPU7 command processor thread to respond quicker to new data
  • GX2: Fixed a crash that could occur if GL shaders failed to compile
  • GX2: Moved handling of alpha test into shader code (rather than relying on OpenGL's deprecated hw alpha test)
  • GX2: Fixed a bug where the swizzle value of a texture would not be correctly updated when an already cached texture was reloaded

CEMU detailed changelog for 1.6.0 2016-09-15.2016-09-22  

  • New texture cache/manager
  • Huge compatibility improvements
  • Graphic improvements
  • Audio improvements
  • Many all-around changes and bugfixes


  • CPU: Added instructions ADDCO, DIVWUO DIVWO, CRAND and CRANDC to interpreter
  • CPU: Added instructions LFDU, STFDU, BLRL and SLW. to recompiler
  • CPU: Fixed rounding error in FCTIWZ and PSQ_ST recompiler instruction
  • CPU: Improved detection of function end address for recompiler. Added special handling for shared function bodies
  • CPU: Fixed recompiler generating invalid code for conditional branch instructions with link flag set
  • CPU: New option 'emulateSinglePrecision' for game profiles. If enabled, recompiler will round results to single-precision after single-precision instructions.
  • SAVE: Added API SAVEGetStatOtherNormalApplicationVariationAsync()
  • coreinit: New API FSSetPosFileAsync(), FSGetPosFileAsync(), FSIsEof(), FSIsEofAsync(), OSGetAvailPhysAddrRange(), OSAllocVirtAddr(), OSMapMemory(), OSUnmapMemory(), MEMAdjustExpHeap(), MEMFreeToBlockHeap()
  • coreinit: Implemented MPQueue API
  • coreinit: Improved implementation of OSGetMemBound()
  • coreinit: Fixed OSSleepTicks using wrong timer source
  • coreinit: Fixed return value of OSWaitSemaphore() when thread does not return immediately
  • coreinit: Improved handling of thread joining and detached state
  • VPAD: Improved implementation of VPADGetTPCalibratedPointEx()
  • AX: New API AXSetVoiceLoopOffset(), AXSetVoiceEndOffset(), AXSetVoiceSamplesAddr()
  • AX: Fixed handling of upsample stage when used before final mix callback
  • DMAE: New API DMAESemaphore()
  • GX2: New texture cache implementation
  • GX2: Improved coalescing of textures of different formats with overlapping memory ranges
  • GX2: Fixed a bug that caused the wrong texture to be used in a draw call right after a new texture was created
  • GX2: Fixed a bug where any stencil clear operation would be ignored
  • GX2: Added handling for SRGB when the surface is also accessed as non-SRGB
  • GX2: Fixed a special case in vertex/geometry shader where imports would be optimized away if the only way to access them was via indexed gpr access
  • GX2: Added support for tilemode 32 in GX2CalcSurfaceSizeAndAlignment()
  • GX2: Added support for compressed texture formats to tiling aperature
  • GX2: GX2CopySurface() can now properly handle mip levels
  • GX2: Implemented GX2CopySurfaceEx(), GX2ResolveAAColorBuffer() and GX2RDestroySurfaceEx()
  • GX2: Implemented MIN_INT and SETNE shader instructions
  • GX2: Fixed a bug in R16_UNORM texture format decoder
  • GX2: Added proper support for mip levels to tiling aperature
  • GX2: Corrected handling of 8 bit formats in tiling aperature
» [WIIU] Cemu 1.5.6

v1.5.6 | 2016-08-28 | Details

  • Audio improvements
  • Reduced RAM usage (up to 1.5GB lower)
  • More crashes fixed
» [WIIU] Cemu 1.5.5

CEMU detailed changelog for 1.5.5  Patreon release date: 2016-08-08

  • general: Added game profiles (text files that store settings per-game)
  • general: Added automatic region detection
  • general: Mouse cursor is now hidden in fullscreen mode
  • general: Added hotkey (Ctrl + Tab) to toggle between TV or GamePad display. (Note: This is only a temporary solution until we have better GamePad handling)
  • general: CEMU will now display game name and region in the titlebar.
  • coreinit: New API: OSInitSemaphoreEx(), FSWriteFileAsync()
  • h264: Improved implementation of H264DECMemoryRequirement()
  • CPU: Added RLWNM., PS_RSQRTE, PS_RES, PS_NEG, STFSUX, MFTB/MFTBU, LSWI/STSWI and TW instructions to recompiler
  • CPU: Optimized code generated by recompiler for instructions RLWIMI, RLWINM
  • CPU: Added optimizer pass to recompiler (Removes redundant instructions)
  • CPU: Fixed a bug in interpreter MFTB/MFTBU
  • GX2: Fixed a deadlock that could happen when the game was waiting for an vsync event to occur
  • GX2: Added experimental setting 'Use persistent vertex buffers'.  If enabled, CEMU will attempt to use more recent OpenGL features to stream geometry data to the GPU. Allows for higher throughput but may cause graphical issues.
  • GX2: Fixed a bug in GX2ConvertDepthBufferToTextureSurface() that could lead to a softlock
  • GX2: Improved Streamout emulation
  • nn_save: New API SAVEMakeDirAsync(), SAVERemoveAsync(), SAVEGetStatAsync(), SAVERenameAsync(), SAVEOpenDirOtherNormalApplicationAsync()
  • nn_save: Fixed a bug in SAVEGetStatOtherApplication()

v1.5.4 | 2016-07-27

  •     Overall improved compatibility
  •     Graphical improvements
  •     Improved robustness of interpreter and recompiler
  •     Added VSync option


» [WIIU] Cemu 1.5.3

v1.5.3 | 2016-07-05 | Details

  • Added support for anisotropic filtering
  • Added support for sRGB color space
  • Added button mapping to simulate 'Microphone blow'
  • Improved recompiler robustness
  • Fixed some bugs/crashes

v1.5.2 | 2016-06-16 | Details

  • Added support for mip-mapping
  • Added support for cubemap texture arrays
  • Various smaller improvements to the graphics backend
  • Slightly better compatibility and misc changes

v1.5.1 | 2016-05-30 | Details

  • Improved recompiler (Now utilizes AVX and BMI extension)
  • Better controller support
  • Improved sound emulation
  • Graphic bugfixes
  • Other changes and bugfixes

v1.5.0 | 2016-05-22 | Details

  • New enhanced controller configuration menu and emulation
  • Improved shader emulation and graphic bugfixes
  • Improved sound emulation
  • Reduced VRAM usage
  • Small bugfixes and changes

v1.4.2 | 2016-05-07 | Details

  • Added shader cache (reduces stutter after repeated sessions)
  • New texture loader (reduces stutter)
  • Added region and language selection
  • Generally improved compatibility in multiple ways
  • Various smaller changes

v1.4.1 | 2016-04-14 | Details

  • Recompiler improvements (up to 50-100% faster CPU emulation)
  • Increased compatibility
  • Fixed a few issues that occurred on AMD GPUs.
  • Added experimental vertex data cache
  • Smaller bugfixes

v1.4.0c | 2016-03-29 | Details

  • Added PowerPC JIT recompiler (up to 5-6 times faster CPU emulation)
  • Decreased shader compilation stutter
  • Improved audio emulation
  • Large improvements to graphics emulation
  • Tons and tons of smaller changes and bugfixes

v1.3.3 | 2016-03-09 | Details

  • Added support for Software Keyboard
  • Can now hold TAB key to show GamePad screen
  • Added initial support for GX2 Streamout
  • Implemented coreinit Block Heap API
  • Several smaller improvements to graphics emulation
  • Misc bugfixes

v1.3.2 | 2016-02-21 | Details

  • Added multi-core support for CPU emulation (Disabled by default, not recommended at this stage)
  • Added support for polygon offset (fixes some shadows and surface flicker)
  • Optimized GPU cpu thread by offloading work to GPU (Improves performance in graphic intensive games)
  • Added support for GX2 Occlusion Query API
  • Improved support for texture samplers and fixed other texture issues
  • Added debug option to view active PPC threads
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading .rpx

v1.3.1 | 2016-02-03 | Details

  • Added fullscreen support
  • Added support for running extracted applications (.rpx with external files)
  • Added support for launching games via command line parameter
  • Vastly improved graphics
  • Improved accuracy and stability of filesystem code
  • Many smaller changes to various parts of the emulator

v1.3.0 | 2016-01-13

  • Added support for GPU7 geometry shaders
  • Improved support for 2D texture arrays and cubemaps
  • Generally improved shader emulation
  • New debug option: Dump textures and shaders

v1.2.0 | 2015-12-26

  • Added basic audio support
  • Added support for GX2 stencil buffers
  • Improved controller options
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and small improvements

v1.1.2b | 2015-12-13

  • Fixed rendering issues on AMD graphic cards
  • Minor changes and bug fixes

v1.1.2 | 2015-12-11

  • Added controller options
  • Added support for OSCoroutine API
  • Improved shader emulation
  • Improved texture/depth/color buffer management
  • Improved CPU timing and thread synchronization
  • Synchronous file operations no longer block CPU execution (reduces frame stutter)

v1.1.1 | 2015-11-25

  • Improved shader emulation
  • Added support for 3D textures
  • Lots of bugfixes

v1.1.0 | 2015-11-19

  • New future-proof GPU7 shader assembly to GLSL decompiler (work-in-progress)
  • Fixed a few bugs in color and depth buffer emulation.
  • Added more system functions, leading to higher compatibility.
  • Added hacky support for DRC rotation. Right click on the render window & drag to change the orientation
  • Implemented some background logic for audio emulation. No audio output yet.

v1.0.2 | 2015-11-02

  • Improved accuracy of shader emulation (again).
  • Improved the emulation of color and depth buffers.
  • Implemented support for: Vertex shader textures, depth samplers and instanced rendering.
  • Fixed a bug causing texture unit updates to be ignored
  • Some attempts to get the emulator running on AMD graphic cards (but we are not quite there yet)
  • If GLSL shader compilation fails the error is now logged to log.txt
  • Lots of other small changes and bugfixes.

v1.0.1 | 2015-10-24

  • Improved accuracy of shader emulation.
  • Implemented many system functions leading to higher compatibility.
  • Added support for statically loading and linking multiple RPX/RPL files (WUD only for now).

v1.0.0 | 2015-10-13

  • Initial cemu release.
» [zx] SpecEmu 3.1 build 01/11/15
ZX Spectrum:SpecEmu:The Way of Exploding Fist II:Melbourne House:Beam Software Pty., Ltd.:1986:
The Way of Exploding Fist II (Melbourne House, 1986)

SpecEmu 3.1 build 01/11/15

  • ???

v3.1 build 26/07/15

  • Updated memory map files to a more complete state. Details are in the Docs folder in the distro.

v3.1 build 25/05/15

  • Added basic joystick support
  • A few minor bug fixes.
  • Updated to OpenSE BASIC v3.1.2 (Tools menu)
  • Updated zlib library to v1.2.8


» [pc] PCemu 0.9


PCem v9 4th October 2014

  • New machines – IBM PCjr
  • New graphics cards – Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 (S3 ViRGE/325), S3 ViRGE/DX
  • New sound cards – Innovation SSI-2001 (using ReSID-FP)
  • CPU fixes – Windows NT now works, OS/2 2.0+ works better
  • Fixed issue with port 3DA when in blanking, DOS 6.2/V now works
  • Re-written PIT emulation
  • IRQs 8-15 now handled correctly, Civilization no longer hangs
  • Fixed vertical axis on Amstrad mouse
  • Serial fixes – fixes mouse issues on Win 3.x and OS/2
  • New Windows keyboard code – should work better with international keyboards
  • Changes to keyboard emulation – should fix stuck keys
  • Some CD-ROM fixes
  • Joystick emulation
  • Preliminary Linux port
» [zx] SpecEmu 3.1 build 05/04/14
ZX Spectrum:SpecEmu:Hades Nebula:Nexus Productions Ltd.:Paranoid Software:1987:
Hades Nebula (Nexus Productions Ltd., 1987)

SpecEmu 3.1 build 05/04/14

  • Fixed an access violation with the "Enable dodgy televisions set" option enabled (thanks, Chris Cowley)


» [pc] PCemu 0.8
PC PCemu:Tandy:Another World:

PCem v8 released 20th December 2013

  • New machines – SiS496/497, 430VX
  • WinChip emulation (including MMX emulation)
  • New graphics cards – S3 Trio64, Trident TGUI9440AGi, ATI VGA Edge-16, ATI VGA Charger, OAK OTI-067, ATI Mach64
  • New sound cards – Adlib Gold, Windows Sound System, SB AWE32
  • Improved GUS emulation
  • MPU-401 emulation (UART mode only) on SB16 and AWE32
  • Fixed DMA bug, floppy drives work properly in Windows 3.x
  • Fixed bug in FXAM – fixes Wolf 3D, Dogz, some other stuff as well
  • Other FPU fixes
  • Fixed serial bugs, mouse no longer disappears in Windows 9x hardware detection
  • Major reorganisation of CPU emulation
  • Direct3D output mode
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Various internal changes
» [zx] SpecEmu 3.1 build 23/09/13
Netherworld (Hewson Consultants Ltd., 1988)

SpecEmu v3.1 build 23/09/13

  • Fixed an access violation with the "Enable dodgy televisions set" option enabled (thanks, Chris Cowley)
» [zx] SpecEmu 3.1 build 22/09/13
ZX Spectrum:Garfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal (Edge,Softek, 1988)
Garfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal (Edge, The, 1988)
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