Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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PC Engine Gaming: Dragon Egg

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NCS / Masaya
Ane-san [PC ENGINE - Super CDrom2]

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20 Games That Defined the TurboGrafx-16 & TurboDuo

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20 Games That Defined the Hudson Soft/NEC TurboGrafx-16 (PC-Engine) & TurboDuo 1988 Keith Courage in Alpha Zones (Hudson Soft) 1989 Blazing Lazers (Compile/NEC/Hudson Soft) 1989 Legendary Axe (NEC) 1989 Military Madness (Hudson Soft/NEC) 1989 Neutopia (Hudson Soft) 1989 Ys: Book I & II (CD) (Nihon/NEC) 1990 ...
[TAS] PCECD Castlevania: Rondo of Blood by arukAdo in 23:17.78
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This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see http://tasvideos.org/1341M.html Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (1993) is an important milestone in Castlevania series and a predecessor to the even more successful Symphony of the Night ...
[TAS] PCE Ninja Gaiden
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This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see http://tasvideos.org/2463M.html TODO (http://tasvideos.org/TODO.html): describe this movie here
[TAS] PCE Liquid Kids "warps" by Jaysmad in 08:21.2

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This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see http://tasvideos.org/3024M.html Liquid Kids (known in Japan as Mizubaku Daibouken (ミズバク大冒険)) was released in 1990 on the Arcade and was ported to the PC Engine by Taito, in 1992. This colorful game, filled with huge sprites, stars the strangest ...
PC Engine Longplay [038] R-Type Complete CD
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http://www.longplays.org Played By: T-0815 This SUPER CD-Rom combines both HuCards into the complete game, as it originally should have been. IREM added new scenes, as well as re-arranged music tracks for each level. |--- Story: 00:00 |------ Stage 01: 06:40 |------ Stage 02: 09:10 |--- Story: ...
[TAS] PCE Bonk's Revenge by EZGames69 & Memory in 17:18.24
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This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see http://tasvideos.org/3824M.html. TAS originally published on 2018-11-19. Bonk's Revenge is the second game in a popular PCE/Turbographx 16 platforming series. Bonk is a caveman with a giant noggin he willingly uses as a weapon against his enemies. He can ...
[TAS] PCE Bonk's Adventure by Memory in 21:24.54
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This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see http://tasvideos.org/3862M.html. TAS originally published on 2018-12-24. Bonk, a young caveman with a big noggin, intended to become the TurboGrafx-16's flagship character, starred in three games, Bonk's Adventure, Bonk's Revenge, ...
Shadow of the Beast soundtrack | PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 Music
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Complete soundtrack from the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 game Shadow of the Beast, released by Victor Musical Industries in 1992. The PC Engine Software Bible: http://www.pcengine.co.uk The PC Engine Software Bible on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/obeypcengine sunteam website: http://www.sunteam.co.uk sunteam ...