Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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Swiv [Amiga]

Opublikowane 18-11-2010 00:12

http://www.recordedamigagames.org Longplay of the Amiga game Swiv.
Amiga Longplay [012] Swiv (Jeep)

Opublikowane 18-11-2010 00:13

http://www.recordedamigagames.org Played By: HorsieNZ This is a recording of me playing and finishing SWIV with the Jeep (as opposed to Heli). I may submit a Heli recording later but Jeep is harder which is why I think SWIV fans - all of whom can finish the game with Heli! ;-) - might be more interested in this ...
Flying Shark - ZX Spectrum Walkthrough

Opublikowane 24-11-2010 19:46

This was joint 28th on WOS's top 100 games (level with The Great Escape) so I thought I should give it a go. It's one of the better shooters I've played on the speccy but the monochrome graphics do make it hard to see what is going on sometimes. This is at 1.2x speed and the game loops back to level 2 after level ...
Future Wars - Time Travellers [Amiga]
Autor cubex55"

Opublikowane 24-11-2010 20:20

W młodości, nigdy nie grałem w tą gre dłużej niż  2 minuty, gdy miałem ją na własnej Amidze 500. Naprawdę nigdy nie sądziłem, że to gra przygodowa dla mnie... Myliłem się. Ta gra nawprawdę jest warto oglądnięcia i zagrania. http://www.recordedamigagames.org Played by: Ironclaw  
Another World [Amiga]

Opublikowane 24-11-2010 20:21

SNES Longplay [089] Rendering Ranger R²

Opublikowane 25-11-2010 20:30

http://www.longplays.net Played By: T-0815 Game by german programmer legend Manfred Trenz. Stage 1: 00:33 Stage 2: 05:55 Stage 3: 12:49 Stage 4: 18:15 Stage 5: 27:05 Stage 6: 37:22 Stage 7: 45:23 Stage 8: 51:16 Stage 9: 63:23
Katakis [Amiga]
Autor cubex55"

Opublikowane 25-11-2010 22:27

http://www.recordedamigagames.org Played By: Lemm Years ago this game costs me a lot nerves and 1 or 2 joysticks! But, this game was just one of my favorite as I was young :-). Enjoy...
Toki, małe porównanie

Opublikowane 27-11-2010 23:09

http://www.recordedamigagames.org Played By: RickyC Im happy that i actually completed this without using a continue or save states :D maybe a first since i had this game on amiga. Only problem is again that the resolution was weird and it cuts of some text on the credits...like 2 letters on the left...Umm think of it ...
Wings of Fury Amiga Longplay [684]

Opublikowane 11-12-2010 01:20

http://www.recordedamigagames.org Played by: Eino Wings of Fury is a classic Amiga game and most Amiga owners have played it at least once. Fun game to play every now and then for a while, but boring in a long run. In the beginning of a game difficulty level is chosen. There are three missions for each after which ...
Dragon's Lair - DVD - Full Playthrough

Opublikowane 14-12-2010 10:50

Don Bluth's smash hit arcade game from 1983, republished on DVD by Digital Leisure in 2002. Duplicate (mirrored) rooms have been cut out of this video to stay within the ten minute time limit. Enjoy!