Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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The Spectrum Show EP72
Autor Paul Jenkinson

Opublikowane 28-04-2018 00:00

Welcome to episode 72. In this episode we get all the news and top selling games from September 1988. I take a look into the myth that is Bandersnatch.. I review Sports Hero, Hard Drivin, Sword of Ianna and 3D Deathchase. I run through some new releases, chat to geoff and look at the Smartcard firmware ...
Manic Miner for ATARI ST
Autor AtariCrypt

Opublikowane 30-10-2018 00:00

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Manic Miner (yep, that's right!!) by Peter Jørgensen for Atari ST *** Please note this is a WIP and thus currently in BETA ...
???????? Od Komputerowej Pustyni do ZX Spectrum - Maszyna Sinclara w Polsce i nie tylko
Autor RetroGralnia

Opublikowane 25-03-2019 00:00

W latach '60 i na początku lat '70 komputery w Polsce traktowane były w sposób praktycznie mityczny. Zmieniło się to dopiero w latach '80, gdy trafiły do naszych domów wraz z pojawieniem się komputera ZX Spectrum. ???? ...
Multi Platform Arcade Game Designer Tutorial
Autor Faust

Opublikowane 28-01-2020 00:00

A rambling guide to getting started with Multi Platform Arcade Game Designer, the tool for creating 8-bit games. Part 2 available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZddySAehUhE MPAGD can be downloaded here: https://jonathan-cauldwell.itch.io/multi-platform-arcade-game-designer
MPAGD Tutorial Part 3
Autor Jonathan Cauldwell

Opublikowane 28-01-2020 00:00

The third rambling instalment of my Multi Platform Arcade Game Designer tutorial. A series of hints and tips videos follows here:https://youtu.be/vicLon-Je9M MPAGD is a tool for creating 8-bit games and can be downloaded here: https://jonathan-cauldwell.itch.io/multi-platform-arcade-game-designer
Raptor demo (ZX SPECTRUM 48k + AY)
Autor ALKO

Opublikowane 13-04-2020 00:00

Во время создания данной дермосцены ни один динозабыр не пострадал.
Smoothie by Samar Productions
Autor Ja Inkwizytor

Opublikowane 22-12-2020 00:00

.p file is available at speccy.pl in the Archive section: https://www.speccy.pl/archive/prod.php?id=577