Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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Starfox ZX Spectrum © 1987 Cybexlab

Opublikowane 09-08-2011 19:49

Flight & shoot your way between five dangerous planets which you have to defeat. Use your strong weapons and maneuvering skills.
Your Sinclair Rock'n'Roll Years

Opublikowane 17-08-2011 19:32

2012 is a big anniversary year. 30 years since the first ZX Spectrum was made, 20 years since the last one, and 10 years since I started work on the documentary. It's got me thinking about finishing off the documentary properly - putting a new chapter at the start covering pre-1982, and a double chapter at the end ...
Boulder Dash 3 A1.

Opublikowane 19-08-2011 15:01

Boulder Dash 3 on the Zx Spectrum Cave A1 With sound thanks to the Spectacular Emulator
Game Blast - Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Opublikowane 14-09-2011 23:21

255 ZX Spectrum games in 2 second bursts. See if you can name them all! (Check out my playlists for other Game Blast videos)
Justin Beeper (ZX Spectrum 16K demo by Hooy-Program, 2011)

Opublikowane 26-10-2011 14:57

Probably the only demoscene production for an unexpanded Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16K. Made by Gasman/H-Prg, music is using ROM routine via music made in Gasman's Romford Tracker written in Javascript.
Pac-Man Emulator for Sinclair Spectrum

Opublikowane 18-11-2011 13:26

Arcade Pac-Man game running on the Sinclair Spectrum (+2A/+3), with re-drawn scaled mono graphics. Video shows the first apple board plus the intermission. http://simonowen.com/spectrum/pacemuzx/
How to - ZX Spectrum Composite Video Mod

Opublikowane 20-11-2011 10:08

This is a quick guide to demonstrate how to convert the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16k or 48k RF output to a Composite Video output more suited to modern televisions. I made this guide with an absolute tech novice in mind so if you find some points obvious then I apologies in advance. To perform this mod you will need... a ...
ZX Spectrum Orchestra

Opublikowane 18-12-2011 23:00

ZX Spectrum Orchestra at The Cube Cinema for 7 inch cinema
Pentagon Evolution workshop (12/2011 by z00m/T.C.G.)

Opublikowane 22-12-2011 12:00

Prezentace moderního ruského klonu počítače Sinclair ZX Spectrum: Pentevo (Pentagon Evolution / ZX-Evo) na JHConu 2011.
soundtracker on ZX81 for ZON-X sound board

Opublikowane 23-12-2011 18:31

Just about working, lots of tweaks and bugs to iron out, but getting there. 3 channel soundtracker based on the ZX spectrum version by BZYK.