Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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ZX Spectrum BT keyboard

Opublikowane 10-07-2011 09:49

ZX Spectrum re-build to a bluetooth keyboard, run it with Fuse emulator, others might work but haven't tested, this keyboard is mapped as genuine spectrum.
Demolition Man 3DO Game Play

Opublikowane 13-07-2011 10:34

Game play of demolition man on the 3DO system
[NES] B-Wings by Stobczyk (Longplay) (No Skip Level)

Opublikowane 19-07-2011 17:56

Gra - legenda, tak można w skrócie powiedzieć o B-Wings. B-Wings na pierwszy rzut oka jest tzw. zwykłym shoot'em'up. Lecimy statkiem kosmicznym i niszczymy wszystko, co pojawia się dookoła nas, całość widzimy w standardowym ujęciu - "z góry". Jest jednak coś, czego próżno ...
Atari ST Computer System Review - LGR

Opublikowane 27-07-2011 21:45

The Atari ST was introduced right before the Commodore Amiga in 1985. Popular with gamers, musicians and desktop publishers, the ST earned its right as one of the best 16-bit computers of its day. But is it still worth owning to a current collector of vintage computers? This is an overview of the history, hardware and ...
Atari ST >> tribute

Opublikowane 16-08-2011 18:56

In these 4 videos i am trying to honor the wonderful machine called Atari ST using the gamer's perspective. After all these years i learned that what makes a computer great is how it can inspire its user. Without doubt Atari ST was ( and still is ) a source of inspiration and made itself a strong competitor to the ...
Venom Wing (Amiga)

Opublikowane 20-08-2011 23:57

This is the Introduction of the Game Venom Wing (watch in HD if possible) (c)1990 Thalamus
20 Games That Defined the 3DO

Opublikowane 22-08-2011 18:27

20 Games That Defined the 3DO (Panasonic/Goldstar) 1993 Crash 'n Burn (Crystal Dynamics) 1993 John Madden Football (Electronic Arts) 1994 Shockwave (Eletronic Arts) 1994 Alone in the Dark (Interplay) 1994 FIFA Soccer (Electronic Arts) 1994 The Need For Speed (Eletronic Arts) 1994 Gex (Crystal Dynamics) 1994 Road Rash ...
20 Games That Defined The Philips CD-i

Opublikowane 22-08-2011 18:27

20 Games That Defined The Philips CD-i 1991 The Palm Springs Open (Philips) 1992 Escape from CyberCity (Philips) 1992 Video Speedway (Philips) 1993 The 7th Guest (Trllobyte) 1993 Voyeur (Philips) 1993 Kether (Infogrames) 1993 Link: The Faces of Evil (Animation Magic) 1993 Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon (Animation Magic) ...
20 Games That Defined The Sega Saturn

Opublikowane 22-08-2011 18:28

20 Games That Defined The Sega Saturn 1994 Virtua Fighter (Sega) 1995 Daytona USA (Sega) 1995 Panzer Dragoon (Sega) 1995 Shinobi Legions (aka Shinob X) (Sega) 1995 Virtua Cop (Sega) 1995 Virtua Fighter 2 (Sega) 1995 Sega Rally Championship (Sega) 1996 Mr. Bones (Sega/Angelsoft Studios) 1996 NiGHTS into Dreams (Sega) ...
20 Games That Defined the TurboGrafx-16 & TurboDuo

Opublikowane 22-08-2011 18:29

20 Games That Defined the Hudson Soft/NEC TurboGrafx-16 (PC-Engine) & TurboDuo 1988 Keith Courage in Alpha Zones (Hudson Soft) 1989 Blazing Lazers (Compile/NEC/Hudson Soft) 1989 Legendary Axe (NEC) 1989 Military Madness (Hudson Soft/NEC) 1989 Neutopia (Hudson Soft) 1989 Ys: Book I & II (CD) (Nihon/NEC) 1990 ...