Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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Let's Compare ( U.N. Squadron )
Autor GamingHistorySource"

Opublikowane 25-11-2012 13:28

video locations: 1. Arcade 0:28 2. Commodore 64 2:27 3. ZX Spectrum 4:27 4. Amstrad CPC 6:26 5. Atari ST 8:26 6. Amiga 10:25 7. Super Nintendo 12:23 Credits 14:17  U.N. Squadron is a 1989 side scrolling shooting game released for the CPS arcade hardware by Capcom. The game was released in Japan as Area ...

Opublikowane 27-12-2012 10:37

Zeus presents The Amiga Cracktro Marathon, a collection of some of the coolest amiga crack / trainer intros lasting over 4 hours! From 3:50:19 I have included some silent cracktro's, just as good visually but no music. Enjoy..................... P.s: I've book ended this upload with the same cracktro as i felt it was ...
Amiga Longplay [047] Beneath A Steel Sky
Autor cubex55"

Opublikowane 27-12-2012 10:50

http://www.recordedamigagames.org Played by Ironclaw Great and funny game! :D. This movie is almost 3 hours long. If I would had done exactly what needed to be done to finish the game and clicked past all the talking and stuff, the movie could probably have been around 2 hours or less... maybe :P.
Amiga demo: Spaceballs - State of the Art
Autor Kuokka77"

Opublikowane 28-12-2012 17:53

State of the Art (1992) demo from Spaceballs. Music ('Condom Corruption') by Travolta (Rune Svendsen). Watch in HD for best audio & video quality. Visit my channel for more Amiga related videos, mostly music.
Pogadajmy #10 - Cudze Chwalicie Swego Nie Znacie Część I
Autor NRGeek00|NRGeek|nrgeek00@gmail.com"

Opublikowane 29-12-2012 10:10

Dziś w Pogadajmy długaśny odcinek o grach polskich (jest ktoś kto to ogląda całe, bez przewijania? - Szacun) Część pierwsza poświęcona grom na Commodore, Atari oraz Amigę. Sporo tytułów musiałem odcedzić, poświęciłem miejsce tylko tym, które w jakiś sposób mi utkwiły w pamięci ...
Top 10 Amiga Games You've Never Even Heard About! by LemonAmiga.com
Autor LemonTubeAmiga"

Opublikowane 17-01-2013 21:48

Top 10 Amiga Games You've Never Even Heard About! Yes, you read it right. Presented here is a showcase of some of the rarest, most unique and hard to find classic games for the Amiga computer. This Special features 65 (!!) Amiga games in total, and is presented in three 1 hour+ videos. The 'Top 10' are broken down ...
Amiga Longplay [124] Franko - The Crazy Revenge!
Autor cubex55"

Opublikowane 18-01-2013 23:07

http://www.recordedamigagames.org Played By: Yanushhh a.k.a. 3iD Finally! My first recording of this Polish brutal beat'em up has landed. unfortunatly there is a sound delay which i couldn't repair and also in few moments I losing a lot of energy but i earn many lifes as well ;) Enjoy the movie.
Amiga Longplay [145] OnEscapee (AMIGA CD)
Autor cubex55"

Opublikowane 18-01-2013 23:07

http://www.recordedamigagames.org Played by Ironclaw (AS WITH ALL RECORDINGS FROM RAG, IF YOU WANT TO SEE THEM IN FULL QUALITY, DOWNLOAD THEM FROM US) Intro+game+outro+death scenes... Not much to say except this game rules! :). I missed to record a couple of animated sequences, and maybe one or two death scenes. Well, ...
Intel Outside Party II
Autor sagraelson"

Opublikowane 15-02-2013 00:05

Video z "Intela 2". Przepraszam za jakość, ale taśma (VHS) jest tak zjechana, że nic więcej nie szło z tego zrobić. Magnetowid z którego zgrywałem, również lata świetności ma już dawno za sobą. Wartość materiału jest więc jedynie sentymentalna ;) Mimo jakości a raczej jej ...