Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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Apple II commercial (1986)

Opublikowane 22-10-2016 00:00

"If all else fails, there's one last thing you can try: getting him an Apple of his own."
GDC Classic Postmortem: Warren Robinett's Adventure

Opublikowane 28-10-2016 00:00

During GDC 2015, Warren Robinett, the veteran programmer, designer and The Learning Company founder known for his groundbreaking work at Atari, TLC and NASA, delivered a fascinating Classic Game Postmortem on the creation of his hit 1979 game Adventure for the Atari 2600. Adventure is particularly notable for being ...
30th (plus 1) Anniversary of the Commodore Amiga music trilogy
Autor Faust

Opublikowane 11-11-2016 00:00

The song "Still Alive" is a little past it's prime today, and in fact I could have had this up in January, but I'd been trying since then to get usage permission from Valve software, with no response at all except some positive comment from songwriter Jonathan Coulton (Thanks John!). So - I'll just recommend ...
*Finally* - Titan | Wild Evoke 2012
Autor Demoscene High-Quality Videos (Annikras)

Opublikowane 20-03-2017 00:00

2nd place in alternative compo at Evoke 2012 Capture was done in Emulator Platform is Wonderswan Color: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WonderSwan#WonderSwan_Color Download on Pouet: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=59699 Soundtrack is here for ...
Amstrad CPC Story | Nostalgia Nerd
Autor Faust

Opublikowane 27-03-2017 00:00

The Amstrad CPC Story begins way back in 1947, with the birth of Alan Michael Sugar. We then meander through Alan Sugar's early working career, the start of his trading business, AMS Trading, and then the formation of Amstrad. From there, between stereos and CB radios we land with the fabulous Amstrad CPC464 in 1984. ...
Amstrad CPC Story (Part 2) | Nostalgia Nerd
Autor Nostalgia Nerd

Opublikowane 27-03-2017 00:00

The Amstrad CPC story concludes with part 2. Detailing the Amstrad story from the mid 80s up until the current day whilst exploring, the Amstrad CPC464, Amstrad CPC6128, Amstrad CPC664, Amstrad 464 Plus, Amstrad 6128 Plus, GX4000 and a host of other gems. We look at Alan Sugar's role and the company as it grew and ...
Gave It A Try by Effect, 2017 | Atari ST Demo
Autor Retro Demo TeeVee

Opublikowane 01-06-2017 00:00

This is the demo "Give It A Try" by Effect, which came 2nd in the Atari ST demo competition at the Outline 2017 party. Credits: - Anth - Code, Graphics - Black - Code - Blaze - Graphics - Bod - Code - Pandafox - Graphics - Samurai - Graphics - Senser - Graphics - Tinker - Graphics - Tronic - ...
HIPSid by Psycho Hacking Force, 2017 | Atari ST Music Demo
Autor Retro Demo TeeVee

Opublikowane 01-06-2017 00:00

This is the demo "HIPSid" by Psycho Hacking Force (PHF), which won the Atari ST demo competition at the Outline 2017 party. This demo contains a huge collection of music from past Atari demos and games. Credits: - Grazey - Code - Jochen Hippel - Music More info and download on Demozoo: - ...
Walking Robot Demo Atari 800xl
Autor chrisinmainz

Opublikowane 09-06-2017 00:00

just a sample of a project I am working on... 8 bit magic
INTERVIEW | Glenn Keller - Commodore Amiga Paula Chip Designer
Autor The Guru Meditation

Opublikowane 16-06-2017 00:00

Commodore Amiga engineer Glenn Keller talks about the early years of Amiga, being mentored by Jay Miner, designing the Paula chip, the AAA chip set, his time at 3D0, and a device called "The Handy" Thanks to Mr. Keller for taking the time to speak with us following our Viva Amiga Panel at VCF Southeast 2017. ...