Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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Wings of Fury Amiga Longplay [684]

Opublikowane 11-12-2010 01:20

http://www.recordedamigagames.org Played by: Eino Wings of Fury is a classic Amiga game and most Amiga owners have played it at least once. Fun game to play every now and then for a while, but boring in a long run. In the beginning of a game difficulty level is chosen. There are three missions for each after which ...
TAS Star Fox SNES in 19:47 by YtterbiJum
Autor webnations

Opublikowane 29-12-2010 20:58

Tool-Assisted http://www.speedruns.net Played by YtterbiJum in 19:47 and encoded and presented by SpeedRuns.net. This is a tool-assisted speedrun. Nintendo demonstrated the power of their system on an impressive way with this game though it looks weak nowadays. Very nice and entertaining run.
NES Marble Madress

Opublikowane 30-01-2011 15:55

SNES ActRaiser

Opublikowane 02-03-2011 02:54

Tool-assisted speedrun Link to submission: http://tasvideos.org/3019S.html About the subtitles: You can make them bigger or shrink them by pushing on + and - accordingly. You can disable them by clicking on the CC button in the player's bottom-right corner. You can enable or disable the text's background by pressing ...
GBA Mega Man Zero by Rolanmen1 in 17:01.85

Opublikowane 03-03-2011 02:27

Submission: http://tasvideos.org/3016S.html
GBA Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow

Opublikowane 13-03-2011 23:59

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater by Nahoc in 05:10.63

Opublikowane 16-04-2011 02:13

Submission: http://tasvideos.org/3105S.html 200th video!
Star Raiders II (ZX Spectrum) Walkthrough

Opublikowane 21-05-2011 08:57

A longplay/walkthrough/speedrun of another childhood favourite, Star Raiders II. This is another game I still play on an emulator every now and then, bringing a nice variation of gameplay, vast space and spaceship battles across 2 solar systems. Some info about this walkthrough: I did maybe 5-6 "rewinds" ...
Abe's Oddysee (PSX) 100% TAS in 1:09:23.73 by Dooty

Opublikowane 09-06-2011 07:41

That's me. My name is Abe. Every nook and cranny of Oddworld is explored in this run as Dooty saves all 99 Mudokons working at Rupture Farms. Unfortunately, due to an emulation error, Abe can't use Shrykull's power at the end (the emulator locks up when it's used there), so the Glukkon board of directors survives. The ...
PSX Castlevania Chronicles in 26:28.38 by zggzdydp

Opublikowane 28-06-2011 08:03

Tool-assisted speedrun Link to submission: http://tasvideos.org/3161S.html