Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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E.T. ATARI Video Game IRATE Gamer Review

Opublikowane 23-11-2010 21:40

http://www.theirategamer.com A few months in the making, here it is!
Grandstand SD-070 Colour Programmable retro video games console.

Opublikowane 01-02-2011 10:14

http://www.retrogamingcollector.com ---------------- A look at the Grandstand SD-070 Colour Programmable retro video games console, it's place in gaming history, and a quick look at a couple of the games for it.
Let's Compare Commando

Opublikowane 18-04-2011 23:12

Description Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commando_%28video_game%29 Commando (戦場の狼, Senjō no Ōkami?, lit. "Wolf of the Battlefield") is a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game released in 1985. Its influence can be seen in several later games in the genre (Gun.Smoke, Who Dares Wins, ...
SV2k11 Invitro / Noice + Mystic Bytes (Atari 2600/VCS)

Opublikowane 13-05-2011 10:08

Invitation for the Silly Venture 2011 in Poland (http://www.sillyventure.pl/). This intro is running on the Atari 2600/VCS hardware, using a 8kb bankswitching cartridge. Credits: Code by Andreas Gustafsson aka. Shadow/Noice Graphics by Piesiu/MysticBytes^Agenda Music by Jakub Husak Text by Grey/MysticBytes
Atari 2600 Controlling Nintendo NES

Opublikowane 10-09-2011 14:40

http://heavyw8bit.com Atari 2600 connected to and controlling a Nintendo NES
Boulder Dash ® - Atari 2600

Opublikowane 28-10-2011 21:03

Following the recent release of their amazing Boulder Dash® playable demo, programmers Andrew Davie and Thomas Jentzsch, in association with publishers AtariAge and First Star Software, Inc, are very excited to announce that the original game in the Boulder Dash® series, Boulder Dash® Volume 1, will be ...
xSqueeker by Szuwarek and Factor6

Opublikowane 21-11-2011 08:40

A 4k demo for the Atari 2600 VCS. Placed 4th in the VCS compo at Silly Venture 2k11. http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=58051
gAtari - Atari 2600 chipmusic project by cTrix @ Blip Festival Tokyo 2011

Opublikowane 06-12-2011 22:13

Artist at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/cTrix/118258328189500 The "gAtari" was my excuse to do something a little silly after I discovered that the Atari 2600 was more limiting than I realized! (31 pitches, minimal waveforms and only 2 channels!) I needed an EQ which could take a high voltage and drop it ...
nadcisnienie retrogralnia.pl

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