Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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c64 games sid music compilation 2
Autor einokeino303

Opublikowane 08-10-2020 00:00

I was surprised how popular my previous c64 compilation got even though it was hastily put together so I made one more. Thanks to everyone for your nice comments :) I put in a little bit more effort into this compilation, trying to avoid unnecessary looping present here and there on my previous selection and ...
Autor lemmingoffence

Opublikowane 07-03-2021 00:00

FINNISH GOLD: REBIRTH 100% (2021) Code, loader: Proton Music: Proton, Rock Graphics: Pal, Proton, Shine/The Solution Idea: Rock Design: Pal, Proton, Rock Texts: Dr. J, FCS, Gallstone, MIY, Pal, Proton, Rock Testing: Lemming Capture & x264 encode from a real C64 by ...
'PROXIMA' transcribed into C64 8-bit chiptune (Commodore 64 SID 8580 R5)
Autor LukHash

Opublikowane 04-12-2021 00:00

Original Version: https://song.link/gb/i/1460354770 SID Chiptune Edit: https://song.link/gb/i/1564823992 Full SID album available here (download includes .SID files): https://lukhash.bandcamp.com/album/cyberchip ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Made in Sid Wizard tracker ...
Bonzai - The Phoenix Code [2016]
Autor Future Technologics

Opublikowane 24-04-2022 00:00

A Commodore 64 demo made by Bonzai. Released at the X'2016 demo party. C64 Demo Competition at X'2016: Ranked #1 *Re-uploaded to YouTube with better framerate.* Credits : Code .... Ricky of Bonzai, Visual Reality, Trap of Bonzai, Walt of Bonzai Music .... Drax of Bonzai, Camelot, Crest, Maniacs of Noise, ...