Warhead [Amiga]
Amiga "Warhead" (1989) przez Glyn Williams. Muzyka: Michael Powell.

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SID Player for the Spectrum

Opublikowane 04-12-2010 00:02

A SID player was developed for the Spectrum in 2003 in the Czech Republic. It accepts YM files from the Atari-ST and Commodore. Can't be used in Russian clones because of processor and ULA timings. If someone could code a tool to make the process easier it would be great.
Commodore 65 (C65 aka C64DX) In Action

Opublikowane 06-07-2011 19:57

In this second of three videos of the Commodore 65 / C65 / C64DX prototype we show the C65 in C65 and C64 mode, and show some C65 only software including a port of emacs, an image viewer and possibly the only C65 scene demo ever created. These use many of the C65 features, including RGB video output, 80 column mode, ...
SPY vs. SPY (C64 - 1984) - LIVE REMIX [LukHash]
Autor lukhashdotcom"

Opublikowane 03-03-2013 09:19

Live remix of Spy vs. Spy (First Star Software, Inc), composed by Nick Scarim in 1984. Many thanks to Chris Hülsbeck, Rob Hubbard, Jeroen Tel, Martin Galway, Mark Cooksey, Ben Dalglish, David Whittaker and many other SID chip legends for your inspiration over the years.. LIKE FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: ...
LukHash - Live Session /// Pixelove
Autor lukhashdotcom"

Opublikowane 07-12-2013 11:19

LIKE FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/lukhashdotcom VISIT OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.lukhash.com SUBSCRIBE TO YOUTUBE CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/lukhashdotcom LISTEN ON SPOTIFY: http://open.spotify.com/artist/3hvgLXeDFNiqDOVXl0xTge CHECK OUT MYSPACE PROFILE: http://www.myspace.com/lukhash DOWNLOAD ...
SiD vs PoKEY (Commodore 64 music vs Atari 800 music) - Organizized TV
Autor Johnny

Opublikowane 26-03-2014 23:39

A comparison between 8 bit home computer sound chips. The Commodore 64's much lauded SiD chip and the Atari 800's PoKEY chip. To make the fight fair, I compare the the same games on both systems, written by very respected game music maestros of the era - Gary Gilbertson, Adam Gilmore and David Whittaker. Ballblazer is ...
Axel F (Beverly Hills Cop theme song) performed by two Commodore 64 computers
Autor Andrew

Opublikowane 21-09-2014 13:42

This is Axel F (the theme song from the movie Beverly Hills Cop) written to be played on two separate Commodore 64 computers. I set up two Commodore 64c computers side-by-side and recorded them playing this song. Three SID voices play from one computer, and three different SID voices play from the other one. Combined, ...
LukHash // COMMODORE 64 LIVE DEMO - (Retro Gear 4 Modern Studio)
Autor lukhashdotcom"

Opublikowane 26-11-2014 22:46

Since 2009 I'm experimenting with Commodore 64 systems, a couple of 1989's hacked Nintendo consoles and ZX Spectrum machines. The result is a blend of original 8bit sound channeled into 80's and electro music.. This is a short live demo of one of my songs played on a custom modified C64. FOR MORE CUSTOM MODS & ...

Opublikowane 09-04-2016 00:00

FAIRLIGHT & OFFENCE & NOICE: WE ARE DEMO (2016) Code: Conjuror/Offence, Killsquad/Offence, Krikkit/Noice, Mahoney/Visa Röster, moh/Fairlight, Pantaloon/FLT&OFFENCE, Swoffa/Noice, Zaphod/Offence Music: Groms/Offence, Mahoney/Visa Röster, G-Fellow/CODE7 and special guests Graphics: ...
The Epic Commodore C64 SID Collection

Opublikowane 19-06-2016 00:00

Here are 640 minutes of our most favorite SID tunes from our youth. Painstakingly selected and lovingly arranged into hour-long sectors, these are the legendary melodies that have burned themselves deep into our brains. The Epic Commodore C64 SID Collection aims to be a delight for the veteran C64 freak as well as ...
Emu64 News 006

Opublikowane 07-11-2016 00:00

Themen: - Neue Features und Änderungen in Version 5.0.13 Emu64 Downloads: https://bitbucket.org/tkattanek/emu64/wiki/Home Emu64 Homepage: http://www.emu64.de Git Hoster: https://bitbucket.org/tkattanek/emu64 Selmiaks Homepage: http://selmiak.bplaced.net/ C64 TrueType: http://www.style64.org/