[ZX81] VB81 XuR - ZX81 Emulator 1.4 03/08/19

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[ZX81] VB81 XuR - ZX81 Emulator 1.4 03/08/19

XuR czyli XavSnap Unofficial Release to rozbudowana wersja jednej z najstarszych konstrukcji ze świata mikrokomputerów, które rozpoczęły erę komputerów domowych - Sinclair ZX81. Z ciekawostek, emulator posiada moduł pozwalający generować mu grafikę z trybu tekstowego tego mikrokoputerka i rozbudowany monitor.

VB81 XuR (03/08/2019) 

  • add AGB dual Joystick.
  • add Campston Joystick.
NOWSZY [ZX81] VB81 XuR - ZX81 Emulator 1.4 28/04/23

VB81 XuR 28/04/2023

  • Minor release to improve the ASM compressed screen snapshot.

VB81 XuR 13/08/2022

  • "External Processor" added

VB81 XuR 04/06/2022 (minor update)

  • Fixed menus, comments and undocumented icons. (Bugs repport from Greg, many thanks for support.)
  • Add a full screen mode.

VB81 XuR 21/05/2022 (major update)

  • Add a "TASM" compatible Z80 compiler window. (text buffer limited to 64535 bytes)
  • Able to recompile the labeled "TASM" files, generated by the inboard disassembler.
  • Add a new entry in the Basic converter :
    1 REM [SPH: hex length] and 1 REM [SPD: dec length]
    To build a blank REM line and host your machine code.
  • Memotech CIF card; "PRINT AT" error fixed (Thanks Greg !)


VB81 XuR "Paper background" release. 17/05/2022 (minor update)

  • Fixed a ZxPrinter bugg (line#8) in the printed picture recently introduced in the previous

VB81 XuR 12/05/2022

  • Add a new "6 Bits" entry in the Basic converter: 1 REM [TX6: mytext /~~] (up grey character to end)


VB81 XuR 09/05/2022

  • Add the "Asm screen shot" in the "D_File tool" popup menu.

VB81 XuR 08/05/2022

  • Tasm export error in case of RAM/ROM special name. (Thanks Greg.)

VB81 XuR 04/05/2022

  • ZxPrinter paper for screen shot, line feed.
  • "Save printer picture" changed the main Basic path directory... now return to the selected project path.

VB81 XuR 16/04/2022

  • ZxPrinter paper background added.
NOWSZY [ZX81] VB81 XuR - ZX81 Emulator 1.4 16/04/22

VB81 XuR 16/04/2022

  • ZxPrinter paper added.

VB81 XuR 18/03/2022

  • Disassembler/TASM export labels fixed up to $8000 memory offset.

VB81 XuR 03/10/2021

  • RomServer selected by the $1F IO card added. It drive almost 4 ROMs (or 8 on the 1.52 released card)

VB81 XuR 17/09/2021

  • Sound AY driver debuged

VB81 XuR 14/07/2021

Black Crystal (Carnell Software Ltd, 1982)
  • Added the "Save REM in a text line" [DEC] [HEX] to clipboard.
  • CDFlag NMI keyboard patch added. (again!)

VB81 XuR 08/07/2021

  • Tasm export format fixed.
  • CDFlag NMI keyboard patch added.

VB81 XuR  28/09/2020

NOWSZY [ZX81] VB81 XuR - ZX81 Emulator 1.4 23/09/20

VB81 XuR  23/09/2020

  • Add: The Memotech IF Centronics card.
    The RAW format buffer is located in the "PrintOut" directory.
    Note: * A REM line listed with LLIST can hang or crash the computer!
    The Raw format, sent to the printer use different hardware argument,
    And can't be properly displayed in a simply text editor.
    The Line-return is a $0A:$00, and some graphics/specials argument are not suitable to be open in the Note-pad.
    * Use the buffer viewer in the Hardware windows to retrive Ascii chars.
     Thanks to Christopher and http://www.zx81stuff.org.uk for the ROM dump.
NOWSZY [ZX81] VB81 XuR - ZX81 Emulator 1.4 20/08/20

VB81 XuR  23/08/2020

  • Added: SAVE"MYPROGRAM.WAV" to save your program in slow Wav Format. ("*.FL" save the program in OTLA fast-load format)
  • Added: In the files explorer, in the "P" file info window,
  • the new green icon able to convert the selected P file in a wav format.
NOWSZY [ZX81] VB81 XuR - ZX81 Emulator 1.4 26/11/19

VB81 XuR  26/11/2019

  • Disassembler window set free... (Thanks Greg.)

VB81 XuR  17/10/2019

  • Minor update. (Tasm disassembler output fixed JR errors list)
NOWSZY [ZX81] VB81 XuR - ZX81 Emulator 1.4 03/10/19

VB81 XuR  03/10/2019

  • Welcome to the Gif, Jpeg and Png picture formats!
  • Added in the manual ScreenShoot and the automatic feature [F11].
  • Just add the right attribut or select the picture format in the "color & capture..." option window.
  • The "Multicolumns" printer picture, can be saved in PDF format! (have a look to the "libhpdf_GDIplus.docs" directory for more informations)
NOWSZY [ZX81] VB81 XuR - ZX81 Emulator 1.4 19/09/19

VB81 XuR  19/09/2019

  • Minor update.
  • In progress:  ICF (not linked)
  • In progress: Memotech MemoText. (no ROM)
NOWSZY [ZX81] VB81 XuR - ZX81 Emulator 1.4 10/09/19

VB81 XuR (10/09/2019) 

  •  Add AGB Centronics card.
  • In progress: Memotech ISF & ICF (not linked)
  • In prograss: Memotech MemoText. (Inactive icon)
  • "Save D_File" / "Load D_file" fixed.
NOWSZY [ZX81] VB81 XuR - ZX81 Emulator 1.4 18/08/19

VB81 XuR (18/08/2019) 

  • fixed floating point numerics in imported text
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