[zx] ZEsarUX v4.1 Stable

[1] @ Niedziela, 17 Lipca 2016 22:06CET

[zx] ZEsarUX v4.1 Stable

ZEsarUX to kolejny multiemulator maszynek ze stajni Sir Clive'a - znajdziemy w nim praktycznie wszystkie modele począwszy od ZX80, przez tradycyjne modele Spektrusia, łącznie z tymi, które pojawiły się już z logiem Amstrada, aż po egzotyczny Z88 Cambridge, gdyby nie brak QL można by było powiedzieć, iż emuluje on wszystko z tej rodziny. Obecnie udaje również maszynkę Sam Coupe, czy też CPC464 (o innych egzotykach nie wspomnę - stąd feature w rozwinięciu)

Emulator, autorstwa Cesara Hernandeza (to jego drugi projekt, po ZXSpectr) powstał z myślą o Unixie, jednak z czasem dorobił się również wersji pod Windowsy - patrząc na listę możliwości, to całkiem interesujący kombajn, którego warto mieć pod ręką jeśli potrzebujemy all-in-one z tęczą na pokładzie.

Version 4.1. 16 July 2016 - ZXSpectr edition

  • Added Sam Coupe emulation
  • Added TBBlue/ZX Spectrum Next emulation
  • Added AtomLite emulation (Sam Coupe IDE interface)
  • Added DivIDE emulation
  • Added turbo modes: native support for ZX-Uno, Prism, Chloe and TBBlue, and manual for other machines
  • Added Autoload Tape for Amstrad CPC
  • Added Chloe keyboard
  • Added On Screen keyboard pressing F8 or a dedicated joystick button
  • Added GUI themes: Default ZEsarUX, ZXSpectr style (to celebrate 20th anniversary of ZXSpectr), ZX80/81, Z88, CPC
  • Added Top Speed setting
  • Added Accelerate loaders setting
  • Added setting to alter beeper volume. This facilitates loading audio on a real Spectrum (sending output audio from the emulator)
  • Added setting to disable RAM/ROM paging on Spectrum 128k models
  • Added Drive selection on file selector on Windows version. You must write "D:" for example in File name section (pressing TAB twice)
  • Added Hotswap to Spectrum 128k on all Spectrum 48k machines
  • Changed ULAplus non-standard extended mode ports
  • Improved Raspberry Pi Sound with SDL audio drivers
  • Improved Amstrad CPC display
  • Improved real joystick events. Now event list can be cleared from menu, command line, configuration file or custom config setting
  • Improved ZEsarUX ULAPlus video modes. Now these modes are supported on a physical device :) (Prism machine)
  • Improved debugger:
    • Added tstatesp counter: T-states partial. This is a counter that you can reset with key P
    • New pseudo variables:
      • MRV, MWV, MRA, MWA, PRV, PWV, PRA, PWA: Return the value or address read/written from memory or i/o port
      • TSTATES: t-states total in a frame
      • TSTATESL: t-states in a scanline
      • TSTATESP: t-states partial counter, can be reset by the user
      • SCANLINE: current scanline drawn
      • ENTERROM, EXITROM: Return 1 when entering or exiting rom space address
    • Added watches: You can see whatever register or variable you want on screen at real time and on the debugger menu
    • New condition: / means not equal
    • Setting to step over interrupt handlers
  • Fixed looking for divmmc rom firmware when spectrum machine selected (and not on zxuno)
  • Fixed Little Endian CPU detection on configure script for Mac
  • Fixed error with divmmc and machines using ram on rom, like Chloe, which gets corrupted the ram
  • Fixed hardware display size change on Amstrad CPC. Now games that use, for example, ZX Spectrum resolution, are displayed fine
  • Fixed AY chip on Amstrad CPC
  • Fixed debugger error when debugging repeated table values DD/FD
  • Fixed reading ULAplus port 0xFF3B
  • Fixed ZX80/81 AY chip frequency
  • Fixed bug when using simulate real tape and divmmc or divide enabled
  • Some other minor bugfixes and improvements



  • Runs on any Unix system and Windows: tested on Linux x86, Linux x86_64, Linux Raspbian, Mac OS X, Windows native, Windows + Cygwin
  • Emulates Spectrum models: 16k, 48k, Inves Spectrum +, Spectrum 128k (English and Spanish), Spectrum +2 (English, Spanish and French), Spectrum +2A (English and Spanish), Microdigital TK90X (Portuguese and Spanish), TK95
  • Emulates ZX-Uno
  • Emulates Sinclair ZX80
  • Emulates Sinclair ZX81
  • Emulates Cambridge Z88
  • Emulates Jupiter Ace
  • Emulates Chloe 140 SE, Chloe 280 SE
  • Emulates Prism
  • Emulates TBBlue/ZX Spectrum Next
  • Emulates Sam Coupe
  • Emulates Timex TS 2068
  • Emulates Amstrad CPC 464
  • It's the only emulator for machines: ZX-Uno, Chloe 140/280, Prism and TBBlue
  • Almost perfect emulation of timing of all machine models
  • Supports undocumented Z80 flags, features, and MEMPTR register
  • Supports idle bus port, contended memory, ULA early/late timings
  • Supports Pentagon timing
  • Supports ULAplus: Standard 64 colour palette, linear modes with 16 colours per pixel: Radastan Mode: 128x96, ZEsarUX modes: 256x96, 128x192, 256x192
  • Supports Chroma81 ZX81 Colour mode
  • Supports Spectra Video Modes
  • Supports Timex Video modes (Mode 0 standard, 1 dual screen, 2 hires colour 8x1, 6 512x192 monochrome)
  • Supports All Video modes from Prism machine
  • Supports ZGX Sprite Chip
  • Supports snow effect on Spectrum models
  • Supports interlaced, scanlines and Gigascreen effects
  • Supports hi-res modes on ZX Spectrum (rainbow effects and others) and ZX80/ZX81 (UDG, CHR$128, WRX, HRG and some other hi-res modes)
  • Emulates all the oddities of the Inves Spectrum +: 64 KB RAM, RAM initialization with FF00H pattern, OUT ula AND RAM, EAR and MIC XOR, no contended memory, snow in border, colour ula delay, interrupt starts at end of top border (not at the beginning of the border), corrupt memory on every interrupt, no idle bus
  • Uses Video drivers: X-Windows, SDL, Cocoa (Mac OS X), Framebuffer, ncurses, aalib, cacalib, stdout(console), simpletext(console)
  • Uses Audio Drivers: PulseAudio, Alsa, SDL, DSP(OSS), CoreAudio (Mac OS X).
  • Supports dumping audio & video to file
  • Supports real tape loading of file formats: RWA, SMP, WAV, TZX, CDT, TAP, P, O. It handles loading of turbo load tapes or any type of tape loading for standard/non standard loading routines
  • Handles binary tape format files (TAP, TZX, O, P, CDT) on standard BASIC ROM routines for ZX Spectrum, ZX80, ZX81, Jupiter Ace
  • Handles real audio loading (RWA, SMP, WAV) on standard BASIC ROM routines for ZX Spectrum, ZX80, ZX81, Amstrad CPC, Jupiter Ace
  • Simulates real tape loading on standard BASIC ROM routines for ZX Spectrum, ZX80, ZX81
  • Handles snapshot format: ZX, Z80, SP, SNA (loading only), P, O, Z81 (loading only), ACE
  • Handles DCK Timex dock cartridges
  • Emulates ZX Spectrum MMC Interfaces: ZXMMC, DivMMC
  • Emulates ZX Spectrum IDE Interface: DivIDE
  • Emulates Sam Coupe IDE Interface: Atom Lite
  • Emulates ZX81 ZXPand MMC Interface
  • Handles RAM, EPROM and Intel Flash cards on Z88
  • Handles compressed formats zip, tar, rar, gz through external utilities
  • Supports Quicksilva, ZON-X81, and VSYNC-based sound on ZX80/81
  • Supports Speaker and Soundbox sound on Jupiter Ace
  • Supports RAM packs on ZX80/81 up to 56 KB
  • Supports RAM packs on Jupiter Ace up to 35 KB
  • Joystick emulation with real joystick (on Linux) and keyboard cursors: Kempston, Sinclair 1&2, Cursor Joystick, Cursor & Shift, OPQA, Fuller, Zebra, Mikro-Gen, ZXPand. Autofire function also
  • On Screen keyboard useful when playing with joystick
  • Supports native turbo modes on ZX-Uno, Chloe, Prism and TBBlue and manual for other machines
  • ZX Printer emulation
  • Lightgun emulation: Almost perfect emulation of Gunstick from MHT Ingenieros S.L and experimental emulation of Magnum Light Phaser
  • Kempston mouse emulation
  • Supports Input spool text file to simulate keyboard press
  • Supports reading Pokes from .POK files
  • Powerful debug features: Registers, Dissassemble, Breakpoints (PC, Conditional, Peek), Step-to-step, Hexadecimal Dump, View Sprites, Find byte (useful to find POKEs), CPU Transaction log, View BASIC
  • Accessibility support: Print char traps allows to capture generated text from almost any program or game, using standard ROM calls (RST 10H) or even non standard print character rutines. Can send generated text from a game to a text-to-speech program. It's ready for text to speech support for blind or visually impaired people. Menu emulator can be also read by a text-to-speech program.
  • Simulates upper RAM memory refresh on Spectrum 48Kb, losing its contents when changing R register very quickly
  • Supports command line settings, configuration file settings and per-game configuration settings
  • Other features not enabled by default on compile process: MEMPTR emulation, Visualmem menu, CPU Statistics
NOWSZY [zx] ZEsarUX 11.00 - Version David 6/06/24

Version David -  6 June 2024

This version is dedicated to my brother David. Rest in peace.

New things added:
  • Added loading audio from external audio source, like a tape player. This also includes:
    • External Audio Source Window: you may see the audio wave, the signal type, and an azimuth assistant which tells you when you have to use the screwdriver ;)
    • Spectrum Analyzer (Audio Spectrum I mean): you may see full frequency range of the audio wave
    • Added ZENG Online feature, which allows you to play to any emulated game on a multiplayer way using a central server
  • Added ZENG support on all emulated machines
  • Added ZENG support on curses driver
  • Added save screen to .txt file
  • Added save screen to .stl file, useful to print on 3D Printer
  • Added support for ZX81 .P81 files
  • Added save support for ZX80 & ZX81 .Z81 snapshots
  • Added function to shift bits on Hex Editor
  • Added new compiled version: Haiku OS
  • Added TempleOS GUI Style
  • Added QNX GUI Style
  • Added setting to force CHR$ 128 mode on ZX81
  • Added search function to locate menu entries
  • Added .zmenu type files to generate launcher menus
  • Added more vintage Spectrum programs/games from me
  • Added Debug Sensors SPK & MIC Bit from port FEH
  • Added some tape copiers to Storage-> Tape menu
  • Added setting for fast welcome message
  • Added PCW Video mode 1 palette selector
  • Allow to load Next .nex/.snx/.sna snapshots with additional files without having to copy them on the mmc file (it mounts automatically the esxdos handler)
  • Allow to limit max cpu turbo on Next
  • Allow to pause playing on AY Player
  • Improved Keyboard Help: now you can press keys by clicking mouse
  • Allow to not save configuration when exiting ZEsarUX
  • Allow to select normal ZEsarUX logo or X Anniversary logo
  • Allow to send ZENG snapshots more frequently (even every 20 ms)
  • Allow autorewind setting for real tape too
  • Allow to disable Spectrum colours on real video mode too
  • Allow to press hotkeys at On Screen Keyboard
  • Remember last path used on output tape
  • Allow to load 48kB MSX cartridges
  • Allow to load MSX cartridges with memory mapper Ascii 8kb, Ascii 16kb, Konami without SCC, Konami with SCC, R-Type
  • Allow to set +2e/+3e rom from Custom rom menu item
  • Easier compilation on Haiku OS
  • Added setting to avoid Christmas Mode
  • Improve Hexadecimal editor on ZX80 and ZX81: show inverse characters
  • Improved ZRCP:
  • Added menu function to sync local snapshot to remote using ZRCP
  • Added ZRCP commands: open-menu, print-error, get-text-overlay, cpu-history get extended
  • Allow to use cpu-step-mode from ZRCP on drivers stdout and simpletext
  • Support MMU restore state on ZRCP command "cpu-history restore" for Spectrum 128k/+2/+2a/+3
  • Improved QL emulation:
    • Allow autoload when inserting QL mdv/flp
    • Show 2 microdrive and 1 floppy icon on QL, instead of just one icon
    • Allow to enable/disable every drive
    • Improved file selector:
    • Scrolling the current directory field if it does not fit on the window
    • Can change extension filter
    • When saving files, cursor is located at the file field, and a file name is suggested
    • File selection zone has a different color
    • Go up one directory when pressing left cursor key
  • Improved ZX Vision:
    • Changed left click mouse behaviour: when pressing left mouse button out of a window, it will close all menus.
    • If you need to keep menu open and set focus on emulated machine, just left click and also press shift key.
    • Improve window title background when not all buttons are visible
    • Improve clicking and drawing an always visible window
    • Menus can no longer be minimized or resized (that had no sense)
    • Process switcher: unminimize windows when selecting them and they were minimized
    • Process switcher: now it can be set to be always visible
    • Process switcher: icon names are more descriptive
    • Menu titles are translated to selected language (not everything yet, please be patient)
    • Improve perspective for 3D Particles widget on View Sensors
  • Improved ZX Desktop:
    • Allow to set parameters when redefining upper buttons, for some actions like openwindow or set machine
    • Allow to reconfigure upper buttons by right clicking over them
    • When defining upper buttons or f-functions to SetMachine, machine name parameter is set to current machine
    • When creating new icon, upper buttons or f-functions of type OpenWindow, a window list is displayed to select
    • Can now show keyboard help from right click on machine icon
  • Fixed ZX Vision:
    • Fixed bug when printing on footer and column was out of bounds (exactly at column 32)
    • Fixed splash texts when row > 23
    • Fixed pressing keys '.' and ',' on menu when machine is ZX80 or ZX81
    • Fixed glitch on ZX Vision BeOS style, when pressing F5, window buttons didn't disappear or reappear
    • Fixed windows refresh after pressing F8 On Screen Keyboard
    • Fixed splash messages when background windows are enabled
    • Fixed initial position for many windows
  • Fixed http redirections when downloading using the Speccy Online Browser
  • Fixed bit 6 of FEH port depending on Issue2/3
  • Fixed Sam Coupe FEH sound port when enabling Real Beeper
  • Fixed segfault when trying to insert an unexistent Real Tape file
  • Fixed segfault inserting a ZX81 Real Tape and opening Tape Viewer
  • Fixed invalid Data Bus value on Jupiter Ace (it's 20H instead of FFH)
  • Fixed blockage when drawing Text Adventure Map and corrupted GAC adventure
  • Fixed timings of opcodes CP (HL), CP (IX+d), CP (IY+d)
  • Fixed bug on ZRCP when handling simultaneous connections
  • Fixed betadisk sector rollover reading/writing (thanks Mak7ym). Fixed loading for example of: BR_DEA7H, HOMER, PARADISE
  • Fixed bug when saving Clip Windows info on Spectrum Next ZSF snapshots
  • Fixed bug loading .nex snapshots with different header letter case (for example Exploding Fist Next)
  • Fixed reading kempston mouse when menu is open
  • Fixed memory size rom zone on ZX80 and ZX81
  • Fixed esxdos handler was enabled when machine is not Spectrum
  • Fixed high cpu usage when repeated splash messages about video mode changes
NOWSZY [zx] ZEsarUX 10.10 - Version X 9/09/23

Version X - 10th Anniversary edition. 24 September 2023 09/09/23

This is a special edition to celebrate the 10 years old of ZEsarUX. Version is called "X" (actually is version 10.10)

New things added:

Added new compiled versions: Ubuntu and Fedora
Added PCW colour modes
Added PCW Joysticks support: Kempston, Cascade, DKTronics, OPQASpace
Added screen previews of directories and compressed files on File Selector
Added flash support on screen previews on File Selector
Added rom file selection for any machine you select, rom file name is saved on configuration
Added another toy "ZXLife" to a new menu Procrastinate
Added Ascii Table window
Added Creator Info to ZSF snapshots
Added compilation system release to Compile info window
Added Docker support
Added another easter egg ;)


Improved ZENG:

  • Allow to connect more than two hosts (up to 16)
  • Hostnames/IPs accept changing port using ":port"
  • Allow to disable sending input events (keyboard, joystick)
  • Sync flash state between instances
  • Added ZENG support for Jupiter Ace

Improved AY Player:

  • Added playlist
  • Added shuffle mode
  • Added silence detection
  • Added show current AY Player song playing on console

Improved Text Adventure features:

  • Use artificial intelligence to get realistic images for location description text
  • Added configuration setting for char filter
  • Added configuration settings for Text Adventure Map: follow, show unvisited, show unconnected, show objects, show pictures, zoom level
  • Added export draw strings to external file (txt, asm, c or pas)
  • Preserve zoom level on Text Adventure Map when loading games
  • Added GAC support for Text Adventure Map
  • Added GAC support for Debug Adventure (cpu view 8) supporting:
    • Connections table
    • Dictionary
    • Objects
    • Verbs
    • Adverbs
    • Locations
    • Messages

Improved ZX Vision:

  • New menu behaviour:

    • ESC key always closes all menus
    • When closing a window that's created from a menu, all menus will be closed
    • Cursor left go back to the previous menu, cursor right activates the item (the same as Enter)
  • Added action to put windows in cascade

  • Allow to use your own charset file on ZX Vision

  • Allow to get charset from a game and use as your own charset file on ZX Vision

  • Allow to render only changed pixels (so it speeds up render)

  • Added support for utf-8 characters "ï" and "Á"

  • Process switcher can be set to immutable, so massive actions on menu Windows, like minimize all, cascade, etc, don't affect it

  • Allow to press ESC when selecting a line on a history items

  • Now the window frame changes colour when you move the mouse over the resize zone (bottom right)

  • Improve handling some F-actions/Icons/Redefined buttons: openwindow, linkto-, machineselection

Improved ZX Desktop

  • Allow to disable border and footer when switching to full screen
  • When switching to full screen and disable ZX Desktop, windows are restored after disabling full screen
  • Set machine icon now is dynamic and shows machine icon indicated by parameter + an arrow
  • Added ZX Desktop icons for TSConf, Baseconf

Improved ZRCP:

  • Allow multiple simultaneous clients

  • Important changes on ZRCP:

    • Before:
    • when a ZRCP connection is broken, cpu-step-mode will be disabled.
    • when a ZRCP connection is closed by "quit", "exit" or "logout" command, cpu-step-mode will be disabled
    • cpu-step-mode can't be disabled from the menu
    • Now:
    • when a ZRCP connection is broken, cpu-step-mode is not modified.
    • when a ZRCP connection is closed by "quit", "exit" or "logout" command, cpu-step-mode is not modified
    • cpu-step-mode can be disabled from the menu, pressing ESC

Improved ZX Spectrum Next emulation: updated machine id list
Improved Process Management: allow to copy any windows contents to internal clipboard
Improved Accessibility: Added Sounds for GUI events
Improved inserting Real Tape: process is faster and part runs on background
Improved Tape browser: allow browsing P and O files
Improve ZX80 Keyboard help to include Integral Functions


Fixed several memory leaks (thanks to tool valgrind) found on:

  • Drawing Text Aventure Map
  • Loading .Z80 snapshots
  • Using the Speccy online browser
  • Running the Hilow Audio Convert
  • Enabling ZRCP
  • Downloading ZEsarUX extras
  • Downloading ZX Spectrum Next MMC image
  • Syncing file image from File Utilities
  • Copying a folder from File Utilities
  • Showing First Aid Windows

Fixed Initialization of Visual memory tables
Fixed ZX Vision windows relocation
Fixed rendering display when CPU is on Top Speed mode
Fixed error when no permissions writing to mmc, ide, trd, dsk, ddh (hilow): disable persistent writes when it happens
Fixed permissions when installing ZEsarUX on Linux: zxuno.flash and tbblue.mmc are now writable by anyone
Fixed Text Adventure Graphics rendering invalid characters
Fixed esxdos handler when using fopen flags: FA_READ + FA_WRITE + FA_OPEN_CREAT
Fixed ZRCP bug when closing connection (socket descriptor was kept open)
Fixed reading ESC key on curses driver
Fixed support for .config files on .dsk
Fixed segfault when: autorewind enabled+insert rwa/smp/wav file as standard tape+end of tape+try to load
Fixed possible segfault when downloading and uncompressing zip files and canceling operation
Fixed compilation when disabling pthreads support
Fixed showing info on Visual Real Tape when inserting a ZX80 audio tape
Fixed segfault on fbdev driver when changing machine
Fixed charset on simulate ZX80/81 Display on Speccy
Fixed simulate real loading when mouse movement
Fixed glitch switching hardware sprites on View Sprites

Misc Changes:

Changed CPC Copy key assignation: now is the End key on your keyboard

  • As always, there are some other minor bugfixes and improvements


NOWSZY [zx] ZEsarUX 10.3 - La Abadia del Crimen edition 10/05/23

Version 10.3 - La Abadia del Crimen edition. 10 May 2023

There are lots of changes in this version, but some of them are remarkable:

  • Added machines Amstrad PCW 8256, PCW 8512, CPC 6128, CPC 664
  • Fixed 3" CF2 floppy disk emulation (used on +3, CPC, PCW): the floppy disk emulation has been rewritten from scratch and now is near perfect
  • Lots of improvements on Debug CPU window
  • Fixed almost all annoying audio clicks on Windows version (and on SDL audio driver on Linux)

New things added:

  • Added Machine Amstrad PCW 8256
  • Added Machine Amstrad PCW 8512
  • Added Machine Amstrad CPC 6128
  • Added Machine Amstrad CPC 664
  • Added Visual Floppy to see floppy disk (+3, CPC, PCW, Betadisk) activity
  • Added DSK disk info menu: to get tracks and sectors of a disk
  • Added F-Functions: Poke, Visual Real Tape, Settings, Switch footer
  • Added Process Switcher window, which is like a "Taskbar" on the ZX Desktop
  • Added ZRCP command: "close-all-menus"
  • Added icon/F-key to open any window identified by its name
  • Allow F-keys to assign extra info for actions (like window name on openwindow action, or snapshot name on linktosnapshot action)
  • Added more Hotswap combinations
  • Added Advanced menu items: now by default, advanced menu items are hidden, you should enable them on Settings->Advanced menu items
  • Added command line setting --machinelist to get machines list names whitespace separated
  • Added .POK file Smartloading
  • Added XEyes "Toy" to follow mouse
  • Added Sierpinsky Meter Type to View Sensors


Improved Debug CPU:

  • switched function keys "m" and "o": now "x" change mode, and "m" change memptr (to be coherent with other similar windows)
  • added (hl), (de), (bc)
  • added (nn) when selecting an opcode like: ld reg,(nn) and ld (nn),reg
  • added (ix+d), (iy+d) when selecting an opcode like: ld reg,(IX+d), etc
  • added continuos speed 4 (run 10 opcodes every time, with no pause)
  • show last memory pointer when changing it
  • show B register on satisfy condition for DJNZ
  • added new functions OPMRV(e), OPMWV(e), OPMRA(e), OPMWA(e): these return 1 if the last opcode has set any of these variables to e.
  • added pseudoregister EPC to parser to match memory bank and offset for PC register
  • allow holding keys for quick cursor move, etc
  • watches now show numbers in hexadecimal format
  • Improved Debug Console: better refresh, dynamic width
  • Improved Debug Messages: allow to filter by message class (DSK, PD765, etc...)
  • Improved Debug I/O ports window: autoresize content height when do not fit in window

Improved Configuration:

  • better parsing: warning when ZEsarUX has been downgraded
  • if unknown parameter on configuration file, warn the user but start anyway
  • moved showing Configuration file from Running info menu to Settings-> Configuration file

Improved DSK viewer:

  • better filesystem detection
  • show hidden and read only files
  • show disk specification format
  • show where files are located on Visual Floppy

Improved View Sprites:

  • sprite is no longer disabled when changing memory pointer
  • you can view sprites up to 1024x1024
  • show PCW common format screen

Improved ZX Desktop:

  • dynamic icons (Trash, My Machine, ...) assigned on top buttons now show dynamic state (trash empty/full, current machine image, etc)
  • show icon indicators for open apps on ZX Desktop
  • added setting to empty Trash on exit
  • fixed icons zoom level when selecting some machines that use menu gui zoom = 2 (Next, CPC, QL, etc)
  • ZX Desktop size now is multiplied by GUI Zoom (Zoom 2 on machines like Next, CPC, QL, etc)
  • CF2 Floppy icon (+3, CPC, PCW) now is animated when motor is on

Improved ZX Vision:

  • added windows-style TaskBar called "Process Switcher"
  • added Process ID (PID) for all windows
  • text input fields now handle repeated keys
  • some text input fields now have history of last items, and history is saved on configuration file
  • added function to maximize all windows
  • allow reducing character height
  • improved window list showing spent time on each window and pid of each window/process
  • improved rendering background windows
  • yes/no confirmation dialogs are translated to si/no in Spanish and Catalan
  • added more menu translations to Spanish and Catalan
  • Improved DSK extractor: better filesystem detection
  • Improved ZSF Snapshots: allow to save ROM contents, useful when running custom roms
  • Improved File selector: can show recent folders (press space on recent files)
  • Improved changing pointer on some windows: can use an expression when changing memory pointer on Debug CPU, View Sprites, Hexdump, Disassemble, Poke
  • Improved changing to machines with big displays (Next, QL, CPC...): zoom is autochanged to 1
  • Improved joystick type selection
  • Improved Raspberry Pi emulation: performance parameters are not changed by default anymore, you must use "--changeslowparameters" on slow Rpi like Rpi1 or 2


  • Fixed Spectrum +3 disk emulation: the disk emulation layer has been rewritten from scratch and now is near perfect.
  • Just some statistics from testing 943 total Spectrum +3 disks:
    • -Unprotected games: 98.3 % working
    • -Paul Owens protected games: 85.7 % working
    • -Speedlock protected games: 54.2 % working
    • -Alkatraz protected games: 0 % working
    • -Unknown method protected games: 0 % working (a total of 15 disks that seem to be protected but don't know the method)
  • Fixed almost all annoying audio clicks on Windows version (and on SDL audio driver on Linux)
  • Fixed empty results when querying some games on Speccy online browser
  • Fixed random crash on startup on Linux when executing some network operations (check updates, check last users, send updates)
  • Fixed segfaults when exiting using CTRL-C
  • Fixed autoload on Spectrum +3
  • Fixed bug that may crash ZEsarUX when changing to a machine with bigger resolution. It seems to affect Linux and Windows but not Mac. This is a bug that has always existed (a "long life bug" XD)
  • Fixed showing creator on DSK file viewer
  • Fixed pause: can now return when pressing mouse button too
  • Fixed assembler parsing expressions (NN) and NN is an hexadecimal number
  • Fixed debug step over and sending keys to emulated machine
  • Fixed setting "set machine snap load" when loading .Z80 version 1 snapshots
  • Fixed real joystick menu disabled on Mac OS when switching border
  • Fixed putting Text Adventure Map window on background

Misc Changes:

  • Persistent writes on DSK files (+3/CPC/PCW disks) are now disabled by default

As always, there are some other minor bugfixes and improvements

NOWSZY [zx] ZEsarUX 10.2 Hysteria edition 26/10/2022
Hysteria (Alternative Software Ltd., 1989)

Version 10.2 - Hysteria edition. 26 October 2022

New things added:

  • Added configurable icons to the ZX Desktop. These icons can:
    • Open windows, for example View Sprites
    • Trigger actions, like Reset
    • File links, these are linked to tapes or snapshots on your disk drive
    • There are other special icons, like Trash Can
  • These icons opens a whole new world on ZEsarUX, so the ZX Desktop is becoming a Full Desktop environment :)


Pierwsze podejście do ZX Desktop na pełnym ekranie to krew na rękach - dobrze, że jest opcją wyłączenia desktopu w fullscreen.

Added new emulated machines:

  • ZX Spectrum 48k+
  • Microdigital TK80
  • Microdigital TK82
  • Microdigital TK82C
  • Microdigital TK83
  • Microdigital TK85
  • Microdigital TK95 Spanish
  • Timex Computer 2048
  • Timex Computer 2068
  • Timex Sinclair 1000
  • Timex Sinclair 1500

Added Copy Interfaces emulation:

  • Defcon
  • Dinamid3
  • Hilow Barbanegra
  • Interface007
  • Microhobby Pokeador Automatico
  • Phoenix
  • Ramjet
  • Spec-Mate
  • Transtape
  • Added Dinamic SD1 emulation
  • Allow .Z80 corrupted snapshot loading from ZXSP emulator with additional header of 31 byte size
  • Added ZSF support for Timex TS2068, MK14, Chrome, Prism, Chloe, Sam Coupe
  • Added path setting where to download files from the speccy and zx81 online browser
  • Added disk image browsing from storage MMC/IDE menus
  • Added PZX load support as standard tape
  • Added TAP to PZX converter
  • Added TAP to TZX turbo converter (TZX Turbo 4000 bauds, to use with Rodolfo Guerra ROMS)
  • Added TAP to SCR converter
  • Added some actions than can be fired from command line and don't start ZEsarUX:
    --convert-tap-tzx, --convert-tap-tzx-turbo-rg, --convert-tap-pzx, --convert-tap-scr, --convert-tzx-tap, --convert-pzx-tap


  • Improved Z88 emulation:
    • Changed colour palette to better match a real Z88
    • Show keys shortcuts below the Z88 display
    • Snapshot setting & menu action to synchronize Z88 clock with your computer clock
    • Inserting Z88 cards: now it does not hang the emulator during the insert
    • Selecting Z88 cards: submenus for types and sizes
    • Z88 footer: show when writing a card in slot 3, colors follow style
    • Z88 device icons: different icons for slot 1,2,3, show when writing a card in slot 3, show when flap is open
  • Improved File selector:
    • Allow to have a full screen preview if window is big enough
    • Better hotkeys explanation
  • Improved Debugging:
    • Allow to change memory pointer to a value from the stack
    • Added a setting to show on which scanline has been executed a Halt, inverting border color
    • When enabling step mode, emulation is paused on all menus
    • Preserve step mode when exiting debug cpu that was opened by a breakpoint
    • When a breakpoint is fired, step mode is kept on all menus
    • Breakpoints actions "call", "printc", "set-register" and "write" can now use expressions instead of fixed values
    • Added breakpoint actions: "disassemble", "printregs"
    • Warn on footer when step mode
    • Enlarge width of breakpoints list
  • Improved SmartLoad & Drag-Drop:
    • Allow to load a .rom file as a custom rom file for the current machine
    • Allow to Drag-Drop when menu open
  • Improved ZX Vision:
    • Reorder windows when changing machine but only when ZEsarUX window is smaller than previous one
    • Custom arrows characters
    • Windows are now restored by default on starting ZEsarUX
    • Better resize & reposition for new windows out of range
  • Improved ZX Desktop:
    • Allow to extend ZX Desktop vertically
    • Right mouse button is now used for secondary actions. It no longer simulates ESC key (unless you enable it on ZX Vision Settings)
    • Added frame around emulated machine
    • Added setting to mix scr image with background
    • Allow to set any tape/snapshot/disk that contains a spectrum screen (SCR) as background
    • Apply frameskip when drawing ZX Desktop Background
  • Improved HiLow DataDrive emulation:
    • Allow to Format, Browse and Chkdsk a Hilow DataDrive image (.ddh file)
    • Allow to convert audio from a real Hilow DataDrive tape to an image file (.ddh)
    • Added technical documentation on the extras package
  • Improved ZX Spectrum Next emulation: added sprite rendering priority bit
  • Improved ZRCP: allow to change command prompt
  • Improved generated TZX and PZX files: include date and ZEsarUX version in header
  • Improved Custom machine menu: added +2E MMC machine
  • Improved Tape browser: show autostart line on basic blocks


  • Fixed handling files larger than 2 GB on 32 bit CPU (it also applies to the Windows version even on a 64 bit CPU)
  • Fixed using mmc images larger than 2 GB
  • Fixed redrawing ZX Desktop when resizing main ZEsarUX window
  • Fixed hang when using View Variables and memory is corrupted
  • Fixed hang pressing two times F-key assigned to Pause (Mac OS unaffected)
  • Fixed bug that may crash ZEsarUX when starting machine ZX Spectrum +2 Spanish. This is a bug that has always existed
  • Fixed losing inserted Z88 cards when changing cpu speed
  • Fixed Z80 behavior after EI or DD/FD prefixes and interrupts
  • Fixed Z80 behavior running block opcodes (LDIR, etc) and interrupts
  • Fixed .Z80 Timex TS2068 snapshot loading
  • Fixed showing Recent Files when file name contains character %
  • Fixed HiLow DataDrive emulation: can now load, save, format... all actions are now working
  • Fixed crash (stack smashing detected) when showing Debug CPU window (and compiled using -fstack-protector)
  • Fixed segfault when starting ZEsarUX + disabled welcome splash message + enabled reopen windows on start setting + no window to restore
  • Fixed trap print numbers on Spectrum and ZX81 (setting --chardetectcompatnum)
  • Fixed segfault when selecting an invalid file type on real tape
  • Fixed Keyboard Help image for Spectravideo 318
  • Fixed allowed machines when saving snapshots .ZX
  • Fixed Breakpoints actions: now are executed everywhere (even in the menu)
  • Fixed pressing key c (continuous mode) on debug cpu (emulation was unpaused temporarily)
  • Fixed TZX turbo files extract (including screen previews), convert & file info
  • Fixed .Z80 and .ZSF screen previews when using 128k screen page 7
  • Fixed .DSK extract
  • Fixed crash when saving .ZSF snapshots when a byte DD is found just before a byte is repeated more than 256 times
  • Fixed Next MMC images download. Now you need SSL enabled on compilation
  • Fixed ZX Vision:
    • Fixed showing cursor on edit fields and text length longer than visible
  • As always, there are some other minor bugfixes and improvements
NOWSZY [zx] ZEsarUX 10.1 Carrier Command edition 06/05/2021
Carrier Command (Rainbird Software, 1989)

Version 10.1 - Carrier Command edition. 06 May 2022

  • Added real joystick support on Mac
  • Added joystick support for Hat controllers
  • Added new joystick event to exit ZEsarUX
  • Added action to trigger left-right movement on joystick, to play Decathlon-like games
  • Added MSX Joystick emulation
  • Added Spectravideo Joystick emulation
  • Added support for simple speaker output on Raspberry PI Using GPIO pins and no sound card
  • Added setting to select a different joystick on Windows and OS with SDL driver
  • Added setting to change ULA Data bus value
  • Added showing microdrive label when expanding qlay mdv files of size 174930 bytes
  • Added Jupiter Ace TAP & TZX support on tape browser
  • Added TZX support for ID 33 - Hardware type
  • Added Autorewind tape setting
  • Added Z80 Halt signal state support on zsf snapshot
  • Added device button for ZX-Uno Flash device
  • Added another easter egg ;)

Improved Text Adventure Debugging:

  • Added Text Adventure Map
  • Added Locations Connections list
  • Added direct menu entry and f-function/button to view 8 (adventure debug)
  • Improved detection of some paws adventures (like superlopez and abracadabra)
  • Improved detection of some daad adventures (like jabato)

Improved Debug CPU:

  • Now it highlights which registers will be modified by the opcode at the cursor position
  • New address breakpoint expression FPEEK, that can read contents in the range of the total machine address space
  • Added t-states counter on default view
  • Allow to have a decimal view of opcode decoding using key m (mode)
  • Added breakpoints actions to start and stop cpu transaction log

Improved Accessibility:

  • Added direct settings for inverse colours and gray mode
  • Added setting to disable Flash

Improved ZX Vision:

  • Reduced up to 5 times cpu usage on menu by using a cache
  • Improve window refreshing by disabling autoframeskip while moving or resizing
  • Allow to set a window always visible
  • Enlarge content size when resizing window without having to recreate it
  • Notify to the parent function when a window has been resized
  • Allow to avoid refreshing window when changing scroll
  • Added GUI styles: AmigaOS, Atari TOS, OS/2, RiscOS, ZEsarUX Plus (and this one is now the default style)
  • Improve RetroMac GUI style: striped title bar
  • Improve BeOS GUI style: buttons positions right after the title
  • Detect when video driver can not use the current GUI style and set to another one that can use
  • Added maximize window button
  • Background button on inactive windows is hidden by default
  • Bigger window resize indicator (bottom-right of the window)
  • Text windows enlarge/reduce line width when resizing windows
  • Text windows wider by default (40 characters instead of 32)
  • When sending a window to the background, and the setting "Background windows even when menu closed" is enabled, the menu will be closed
  • Improve accented characters on different charsets
  • Added translation of menu items to Spanish and Catalan
  • Added shortcuts helper to see hotkeys pressed
  • Added button preview when customizing ZX Desktop buttons or F-keys
  • Better detection of Spectrum screen file: any file size of 6912 bytes
  • Show when a menu has submenus using the ">" character
  • Preserve minimized and maximized state on windows
  • Remember size before minimize and maximize window
  • Added actions on menu Window Management to: switch to, minimize, maximize, move to bottom, set always visible, window information
  • Window management window can run on background
  • ZX Desktop: footer buttons to enlarge or reduce ZX Desktop, not just enabling or disabling
  • ZX Desktop: allow to set a background SCR file
  • ZX Desktop: added setting to disable ZX Desktop when going to full screen
  • Improved PC Speaker Driver: now there is a new driver "onebitspeaker" which can handle both PC Speaker and Raspberry PI GPIO speaker
  • Improved PC Speaker audio driver: better sound quality and high frequency filter
  • Improved OSD Adventure Keyboard: allow to send space, enter and quotation marks
  • Improved OSD Keyboard: allow to use mouse, preserve window geometry
  • Improved Keyboard Help: load image automatically when changing machine
  • Improved handling of individual colour palettes modifications (Red, Green, Blue)
  • Improved portability of shell scripts
  • Improved fbdev driver: added setting for double buffer to avoid flickering on menu (--fbdev-double-buffer)
  • Improved fbdev driver: added setting to avoid resolution change on Raspberry Pi full screen mode (--fbdev-no-res-change)
  • Improved ZX Spectrum Next emulation: added layer2 priority colour bit
  • Improved Audio Chip Piano and Wave Piano: can show all octaves and set piano zoom
  • Fixed Z80 halt behavior and PC location
  • Fixed disabling border when realvideo enabled on machines: Colecovision, Master System, MSX, SG1000, SpectraVideo
  • Fixed redrawing footer when fade out
  • Fixed showing character 127 on curses, stdout and simpletext video drivers
  • Fixed preserve breakpoints state when doing smartload
  • Fixed saving snapshot on some events that close ZEsarUX (F-key, AY Player, etc)
  • Fixed loading/saving TZX as Standard tape on Jupiter Ace
  • Fixed ejecting Spectravideo cartridge
  • Fixed segfault pressing F5 after pressing pause key
  • Fixed bug on OSD Adventure Keyboard when words of 5 characters lenght and setting sending final space enabled
  • Fixed crash when saving configuration file larger than 20kb
  • Fixed crash when browsing on a completely empty directory
  • Fixed bug emptying osd adventure text keyboard when debugging vocabulary
  • Fixed smartload from ZRCP
  • Fixed crash when exiting emulator and ZRCP enabled (usually failed on Raspberry Pi)

Fixed ZX Vision:

  • Fixed hang when pressing cursor up/down on any tabbed menu with only one line (like Audio Waveform)
  • Fixed glitches resizing some windows: AY Registers, Debug CPU, etc...
  • Fixed flickering when resizing Keyboard Help window
  • Fixed reducing all windows
  • Fixed bug restoring windows on startup when a previous error was generated
  • Fixed drawing scroll bars when window is not at the top of all windows
  • Fixed drawing close button on background windows
  • Fixed showing input tape insert state on menu and zx desktop icon when tape can't be opened
  • Fixed window Hex Editor while moving or resizing
  • Fixed view sensors when clicking on the scroll bars
  • Fixed refreshing Visual Real Tape window when enabled Top Speed

Some other minor bugfixes and improvements

NOWSZY [zx] ZEsarUX 10.0 Clive Sinclair edition 04/10/2021
Horizon Demo Cassette (1982, Horizon)

Version 10.0 - Clive Sinclair edition. 4 October 2021

There are lots of changes in this version, but some of them are remarkable:

  • New machine emulated: Sega Master System
  • "Time machine" features: Automatic Snapshots to RAM + Rewind feature, backwards debugging, backwards run
  • Realtime translation of text adventure games in a ZEsarUX window
  • Can render any image from a Speccy Text Adventure (supported parsers: Quill, Paws, Daad, Gac)
  • Added Visual Real Tape. Now you can have an audio render of your tape, see tape blocks and rewind or move forward the cassette player
  • Can now browse Basic variables on ZX Spectrum, ZX81 and ZX80
  • Allow customize upper buttons to actions
  • Added Window View Sensors to graph internal emulation sensors, performance, statistics, etc
  • Added menu language selection between default (English) and Spanish. Only some texts are translated to Spanish

The full changelog for this version 10.0 is:

  • Added Sega Master System emulation
  • Added .sms file viewer
  • Added midi output and .mid support for QL and SN audio chips (Master System, SG1000, etc)
  • Added Automatic Snapshots to RAM + Rewind feature
  • Added new improved real tape loading algorithm
  • Added setting to disable TZX pauses
  • Added zsf to scr support for Next, ZX-Uno and TSConf snapshots
  • Added Jupiter Ace 51 KB RAM emulation
  • Added Fuzix ide image on the zesarux-extras package
  • Added TK90X v3 roms by Rodolfo Guerra on the zesarux-extras package
  • Added ZSF snapshot support for Jupiter Ace, Z88
  • Added --slotcard-num setting to insert a Z88 card in a numbered slot (1, 2 or 3)
  • Added ZEsarUX logo on the window footer
  • Added setting to disable ZX80/81 tape traps
  • Added wav/rwa/smp tape audio browser, to view Spectrum/ZX80/ZX81 tape blocks from audio file
  • Added Visual Real Tape. Now you can have an audio render of your tape, see tape blocks and rewind or move forward the cassette player
  • Added menu language selection between default (English) and Spanish. Only some texts are translated to Spanish
  • Added ZRCP commands:
    • mmc-reload: reload MMC image
    • snapshot-inram-get-index: Returns index to a RAM snapshot position
    • snapshot-inram-load: Loads the RAM snapshot from position
  • Added file converters:
    • wav/rwa/smp to tap
    • wav/rwa/smp to p
    • wav/rwa/smp to o
    • rwa to wav
  • Improved Debug CPU Window:
    • Added backwards debugging, backwards run
    • Added cpu history menu to see registers in the past (same as you already had on ZRCP)
    • Mouse accions: click (toggle breakpoint, change registers), scrolling up/down by using the mouse wheel
    • Improve window refresh when pressing keys on non-step mode
    • Preserve step mode when assembling
    • Added new key to set PC=PTR
    • Added new key to go to next breakpoint type PC=dir
    • Allow to define up to 100 breakpoints (same that you could define using ZRCP)
  • Improved Debugging:
    • Can now browse Basic variables on ZX Spectrum, ZX81 and ZX80
    • Added setting to show location address of every basic line and current line on menu View Basic
    • Added Window View Sensors to graph internal emulation sensors, performance, statistics, etc
    • Added command line setting to load source code
  • Improved ZX Vision menu interface:
    • Added GUI styles: BeOS, Bloody, Grass, Ocean, Sunny, Panther, Sky
    • Added actions for reinsert, rewind, ffwd real tape
    • Added setting to pause cpu emulation on menu when multitask active
    • Added Degraded ZX Desktop Fill Type
    • Added button on footer to switch ZX Desktop
    • Added Accessibility->GUI settings as a quick way to enable some GUI enhancements: high contrast style, hotkeys, etc
    • Added item to reduce+rearrange windows
    • Added some graphical meters on AY Registers, Core Statistics
    • Added setting to disable boxes around lower and upper ZX Desktop Buttons
    • Added support for accentuated characters
    • Allow customize charset
    • Allow customize upper buttons to actions
    • Real tape icon now is animated when playing tape
    • Reorganized GUI Settings and Window Settings menu: "GUI Settings" menu is now called "ZX Vision Settings", "Window Settings" menu is now called "General settings"
    • Machine manufacturer list is now sorted by name (instead of some kind of mixed age and type)
    • Show in file selector when a file can be expanded
    • Improved screen file previews: any file size of 6912 bytes is guessed as Spectrum screen
    • Maximizing windows now take care of size of ZX Desktop, when setting "Open menu on ZX Desktop" is enabled
    • Handle when clicking a window when menu closed
    • Colour palette window now shows all colours that fit in the window
    • View sprite legend now adapts to size
  • Improved Next emulation:
    • Turbo setting: make it by default limited on NextZXOS
    • ZSF snapshots include all info from port 123b (previous TBBlue .zsf snapshots are incompatible with this version, sorry!)
    • Added a splash message when changing Layer 2 modes
  • Improved Text Aventure Features:
    • Improved detection of Daad aventures on debugging
    • Now you can render any image from a Speccy Text Adventure (supported parsers: Quill, Paws, Daad, Gac)
    • Now you can use a text speech script which can translate text from the game and show the translated text on ZEsarUX window
  • Improved Find menu: now can find several bytes and open Hexadecimal Editor on the results list
  • Improved Audio to .mid exporter: allow changing instrument
  • Improved configuration file: increased maximum allowed size to 256kb and 2000 parameters
  • Improved curses driver on ZX80/81: now realvideo mode can use extended utf-8 blocky characters
  • Fixed file previews on corrupted files: pzx, tap
  • Fixed rearranging windows and using total window height
  • Fixed Next ULA Scroll to use registers 0x26 and 0x27
  • Fixed Next tbblue port 123b behaviour: 48kb ram paging, shadow display, 3bit offset, read access
  • Fixed cpu-step behaviour the first time it's executed
  • Fixed cursor keys up/down on Jupiter Ace
  • Fixed --help and --experthelp settings: do not parse configuration file when showing help
  • Fixed autoload on spectrum 48k+ spanish
  • Fixed loading ZX80/81 Snapshots/Tapes when filename has more than one extension
  • Fixed wave shape type "Scroll" on View WaveForm
NOWSZY [zx] ZEsarUX 9.2 - Cliff Hanger edition 05/04/2021

Version 9.2 - Cliff Hanger edition. 05 April 2021

  • Added SamRam Gerton Lunter interface emulation
  • Added new ZX-Uno Prism video mode
  • Added Dandanator storage button icon
  • Added alternate Jupiter ACE rom
  • Added another fourth easter egg ;)
  • Added read only setting for esxdos handler
  • Added setting to redefine joystick fire key
  • Added midi output instrument selector
  • Added Debug action to set PC register to zero
  • Added command line setting --copy-file-to-mmc to be able to copy files to a mmc image before starting ZEsarUX
  • Added ZRCP command realtape-open

Improved ZX-Uno emulation:

  • Updated BIOS, Flash and ESXDOS (ESXDOS now runs 0.8.6 final version)
  • Added command line setting --zxuno-initial-64k to allow loading a initial 64kb block in bootm mode, bypassing the normal boot rom

Improved TBBlue emulation:

  • Added .snx snapshot support
  • Added debug window to enable/disable individual sprites
  • Added relative sprite type composite/unified on sprite navigator
  • Added Sprites Debug memory zone
  • Optimize sprite rendering (saving 1% cpu on my computer)

Improved CPC emulation:

  • Added video scanlines rendering (A.K.A. Real Video)
  • Joystick emulation
  • Stereo emulation

Improved File utilities Browser:

  • Added support for browsing inside FAT filesystem disk images (.img, .mmc, .ide, etc)
  • Detect when source and target directories are the same when moving or copying
  • Show more info in some file viewers (.sna, .p, .o, etc)
  • Added .nex file viewer
  • Added copy and delete entire folder
  • Added SCR to TXT file converter

Improved Debug CPU Window:

  • Can load a source code
  • Tell when a condition is satisfied or not
  • Detecting when running a esxdos call, using the esxdos handler, and doing step over

Improved ZX Vision menu interface:

  • Added Turbo Vision GUI style
  • Added ZEsarUX Matte GUI style
  • Added GUI Style Selector menu
  • Added GUI Test Style
  • Added key Shift+Cursor Right to switch to another window
  • Added action to minimize all windows
  • Added setting to ignore mouse click to open the menu
  • Added more utf-8 characters support
  • Added setting to show files in hexa+ascii using file viewer

Improved all-to-pixel text rendering:

  • Allow 1:1 scale
  • Allow to set window size and offsets in characters

Improved Speccy online browser:

  • now uses ZXinfo API V3
  • uses SSL SNI when downloading files
  • Improved Frameskip algorithm
  • Improved Core statistics: Add info about frames drawn & dropped
  • Improved Hex Editor: can now be backgrounded
  • Improved Debug I/O ports window: can now be backgrounded and it's reloaded continuously
  • Improved File spooling: delay can now be any value between 20 and 2000 ms (in increments of +20)
  • Improved File Browser: added file size information
  • Improved cocoa (Mac) driver: allows distinguish between left and right Ctrl key, and left and right Alt key
  • Improved panic screen: added countdown timer, extended to ZX Desktop

Fixed ZX-Uno bugs:

  • Fixed bugs on mmc and flash storage layer which prevented to update bios, esxdos rom or entire flash from the BIOS
  • Fixed chloe mmu mapping: bootm has priority. If bootm=1, can't map chloe. If bootm=0, can be chloe or +2a

Fixed TBBlue bugs:

  • Fixed relative sprites: when anchor sprite is not visible, negative coordinates, detecting unified/composite, mirror, rotation
  • Fixed 4bpp sprites: pattern calculating, transparency, anchor
  • Fixed clipping (affected scrollnutter demo in the right round corners)
  • Fixed writing on divmmc memory when layer2 active

Fixed CPC bugs:

  • Fixed vsync and hsync interrupts
  • Fixed border colour
  • Fixed AY chip register selection
  • Fixed CRTC interrupts. After a CRTC interrupt with Z80 interrupts disabled, they were not fired when enabling Z80 interrupts
  • Fixed setting bit 4 of the "Select screen mode and rom configuration" register of the Gate-Array and interrupt request
  • Fixed RETURN key

Fixed IDE commands which affected almost all IDE firmwares: fatware, mdos, etc:

  • Fixed IDE command ECH Identify Drive
  • Fixed IDE command 91H Initialize Drive Parameters


  • Fixed annoying flickering in menu using XWindows video driver
  • Fixed Mac OS retina display window
  • Fixed Mac OS full screen
  • Fixed loading General Sound rom
  • Fixed segfaults on fileselector +3 DSK screen previews using Speedlock protected disks or bad disks
  • Fixed segfaults on fileselector TRD screen previews using protected disks or bad disks
  • Fixed receiving large snapshots on ZRCP/ZENG
  • Fixed pixel color on text all-to-pixel text rendering (color inversion)
  • Fixed DivIDE/DivMMC mapram behaviour
  • Fixed some GUI style colours
  • Some other minor bugfixes and improvements
NOWSZY [zx] ZEsarUX 9.0 - Turbo Esprit edition 17/08/2020
Turbo Esprit (Durell Software Ltd., 1986)

Version 9.0 - Turbo Esprit edition. 17 August 2020

Added new emulated machines:

  • MSX1
  • Spectravideo 318/328
  • Colecovision
  • Sega SG-1000
  • Added new compiled version: FreeBSD
  • Added support for compilation on Haiku
  • Added emulation of AY chip MIDI registers 14 & 15 and route them to an external MIDI device
  • Added browser for quicksave snapshots
  • Added save screen to bmp feature
  • Added menu to download ZEsarUX extras
  • Added Windows icon
  • Added F key to toggle top cpu speed
  • Added F key to pause/unpause tape
  • Added setting to rotate output tape when selecting tape that already exists
  • Added setting to resample audio output to 1 bit
  • Added showing yesterday ZEsarUX users
  • Improved emulation: use a slightly less cpu on every scanline
  • Improved compilation script: allow to set different C compiler
  • Improved compiler versions: now all releases are compiled with optimizations, they use lot of less cpu than before

Improved menu:

  • Allow some windows to be running on the background, all at the same time. This makes the menu environment more powerful!
  • Active windows are saved and restored on startup
  • Pressing the menu key (F5 by default) when menu is open, it will send you back to the main menu. Also pressing over Z logo on ext desktop
  • Some window hotkeys can be pressed with mouse click (example: Debug CPU Window, File utilities, View Sprites, Hex Editor, Disassemble)
  • Improved some interface fonts in sizes smaller than 8 pixel width
  • Added GUI Styles: MSX, Solarized Dark & Light
  • Added setting to select machine by name instead by manufacturer
  • Added setting to disable showing cpu temperature, or FPS on footer
  • Added keyboard help window for all machines
  • Footer FPS warns in red colour when FPS low

Improved Visualmem:

  • added MMC Read/Write views
  • added "Defrag style" setting

Improved debugging:

  • Added breakpoint action "reset-tstatp"
  • Added SEG0, SEG1, ... SEG7 variables to match TBBlue MMU pages
  • Added IN() function to read a port in the breakpoint parser
  • Added key to execute a RET

Improved ZRCP:

  • Allow to write commands in "". Not all commands support this
  • Added save-binary command, to save binary data to a file
  • Added save-screen command, to save machine screen to a file

Improved Esxdos handler:

  • Added f_mkdir function
  • Added configuration setting to save local work directory

Improved TBBlue emulation:

  • Added Layer2 modes 320x256 and 640x256
  • Added 4bpp sprites
  • Enable Timex video by default
  • Legacy hi-res and border effects disabled by default. Reduces up to 13% cpu use or gain 17 FPS on my environment
  • Reduced a bit cpu usage (2% cpu less on my environment) when rendering scanlines
  • Added altrom feature: now 48k and 128k mode works again
  • Emulate register 0x8E (142) => Spectrum 128K Memory Mapping
  • Allow to download a 512 MB TBBlue SD official card (allowed download sizes: 32MB, 128MB, 512MB, 2 GB)
  • Allow paths with backslashes on esxdos handler

Improved Chloe emulation:

  • Supports CPU speed setting via the ZX-Uno SCANDBLCTRL register
  • Load unodos3.rom as the default divmmc firmware
  • Added chloehd.mmc in the extras package
  • Fixed rom loading: no more cpu panic when the rom is not found
  • Fixed SCF/CCF undocumented flags emulation. Not enabled by default on compilation because almost no one is using this
  • Fixed saving "Show CPU usage" setting on footer
  • Fixed using tab and backspace keys in curses driver
  • Fixed segfaults when using some memory zones and changing machine
  • Fixed segfaults when setting breakpoints from config file and machine is QL
  • Fixed segfaults when changing machines and resizing windows
  • Fixed segfaults on Esxdos handler when using a file handler that was a directory
  • Fixed loading zsf snapshot and ay registers
  • Fixed network bug when downloading file and redirecting to another url
  • Fixed Visualmem window size when char size < 8
  • Fixed Accessibility bug reading transparent windows

Fixed ZRCP bugs:

  • Fixed possible crash when disconnecting socket
  • Using cpu-history ZRCP command no longer fires additional MRA conditions

Fixed tbblue bugs:

  • Fixed 8 first lines of tiles on border not shown
  • Fixed text mode (1 bit tile)
  • Fixed reading palette colours. That fixes returning from multiface nmi
  • Fixed reading clipping values
  • Fixed screensaver
  • Fixed tbblue memory priorities
  • Fixed tbblue diviface - mmu priority
  • Fixed layer2 mode 2 scroll
NOWSZY [zx] ZEsarUX 8.1 - The Great Escape edition. 25/02/2020

[zx] ZEsarUX 8.1 - The Great Escape edition. 25/02/2020

  • Added ZEsarUX Network Gaming protocol (ZENG), which allows you to play to any emulated game, using two ZEsarUX instances,located each one on any part of the world or in a local network. Games doesn't have to be modified, you can use any existing game
  • Added Spectrum and ZX81 online game browser. You can search & play almost any game for these machines!
  • Added real joystick support on Windows
  • Added Pentagon 16C colour mode emulation
  • Added 1024 KB RAM emulation for Spectrum & Pentagon
  • Added ZIP files support: no more need to use external unzip program
  • Added SCL files support: can be converted from file selector menu pressing space
  • Added SNA saving support
  • Added PZX tape file support
  • Added SCR to TAP file converter
  • Added total run time statistics
  • Added checking for updates
  • Added sending anonymous statistics use
  • Added setting --disablemenuandexit: it closes the emulator when the menu is going to be opened.
  • It's the same behaviour as previous --disablemenu. Now --disablemenu only disables the menu but does not close the emulator
  • Added setting to disable looking for alternate character sets from sysvar 23606/7 on ocr functions
  • Added DataDrive HiLow emulation (beta)
  • Added Borland Gui Style
  • Added setting to reset configuration file to default values
  • Added setting to choose cpu type

Added ZRCP commands:

  • cpu-code-coverage: working with code coverage
  • cpu-history: working with cpu history
  • extended-stack: having an internal stack for debugging stack value types
  • get-ui-io-ports: to get keyboard state and joystick
  • get-snapshot: get a ZSF snapshot from ZRCP
  • print-footer: print message on footer
  • put-snapshot: put a ZSF snapshot from ZRCP
  • send-keys-event: simulates key press/release
  • set-ui-io-ports: to change keyboard state and joystick
  • write-port: write value to a port

Improved TBBlue emulation:

  • New Wizard to automatically download and configure TBBlue official SD images
  • optimized ula,lores render routines: 2% less cpu
  • added scroll x,y on ula layer
  • added 1-bit tile mode
  • added tbblue register 63H: copper 16 bit write
  • added tbblue register 69H: display control 1 register
  • added tbblue registers 0x35-0x39, 0x75-0x79
  • added copper opcodes NOOP, HALT
  • increased tbblue.mmc MMC bundled image size to 64 MB
  • updated to the latest tbblue SD distribution.
  • enable real video by default
  • added zsf snapshot support
  • supports setting Core ID to ZX Dos
  • supports changing Core version

Improved Debugging:

  • added setting to dump .zsf snapshot when a cpu panic is fired
  • debug CPU window: can now resize height and have more debug lines, legend keys expand as width increases, registers located at the most right position
  • cpu transaction log: faster when opening transaction log file
  • added key 'n' for "run" on debug cpu. Does the same as closing all menus and returning back to emulation
  • debug CPU window: show interrupt routine pointer on im2 mode

Improved Hex editor:

  • can now copy to a different memory zone
  • shows the memory pointer when editing memory

Improved menu:

  • added more cyrillic characters support
  • can now use PgUp,PgDn to jump menu pages
  • added setting to disable File Utilities menu
  • Splitted source code repository: now extras folder has been moved to another repository. See:https://github.com/chernandezba/zesarux-extras
  • Improved assembler: added defs command
  • Improved AY Sheet: now you can select which AY Chip to show
  • Improved Waveform: new scroll type
  • Improved file selector: when asking for a directory, only shows directories, not files
  • Improved curses driver: symbol @ simulates ESC on menu
  • Improved snapshot loading: now setting "--sna-no-change-machine" becomes "--snap-no-change-machine" and applies to .sna and .z80
  • Improved curses driver: now can use utf "blocky" characters and have 64x48 resolution
  • Improved accurate Z80 timing: IM mode 0 is 1 t-state shorter than IM mode 1
  • Improved real tape loading: acceleration is disabled by default, added setting to save configuration
  • Improved cpu speed change: now it's a lot faster

Improved accesibility:

  • disabled menu items (the ones in red) are now called as "unavailable" instead of "disabled"
  • selected item menu is called now "Selected item" (was called "Active item" before)
  • say when a selected menu item is not available
  • pressing F4 key on a window menu, it will read that window again
  • Mac OS speech filter doesn't fail anymore when message has "-"
  • when an error is generated on stdout driver, the message is sent to text-to-speech
  • Fixed Pentagon border: now ukflag demo is perfect
  • Fixed Spectrum 128k machines border: now ula128, scroll2017 demos are perfect
  • Fixed segfault error when using breakpoints like peek/opcode in config file
  • Fixed segfault error when trying to open a directory with no permissions
  • Fixed error when trying to open user files on MacOS Catalina
  • Fixed bug on zxuno changing video ram 5/7 when paging was disabled by bit DI7FFD
  • Fixed average cpu statistics when footer is not enabled
  • Fixed kempston mouse emulation on Next machine: wheel bits always return 0
  • Fixed bug extracting PAWS words when a word is a pronoun
  • Fixed undocumented opcode ED76: I had IM0 but it's IM1
  • Fixed RETI behaviour
  • Fixed Real Joystick support: buttons to event table is not set to defaults automatically anymore
  • Fixed loading and saving +3 .z80 snapshots
  • Fixed placing menu windows when using zx desktop and machines TSConf, TBBlue, CPC and QL
  • Fixed bug loading .sna files when rom 1 paged in
  • Fixed bug on return flags from tape load trap. It only affected Rocman game and enabling "any flag loading" setting
  • Fixed setting a configured memory breakpoint like this "--set-mem-breakpoint 0000H 2" which was fired on startup
  • Fixed f_seek call on esxdos handler
  • Fixed showing memory banks on debug cpu for Z88 machine
  • Fixed menu issues:
    • fixed generic message splash: wait until key is released (if any pressed)
    • fixed opening the menu on stdout driver on the first start of ZEsarUX
    • fixed bug closing menu on Z88 machine and Real Video disabled
  • Fixed tbblue emulation:
    • fixed clipping in 80x32 mode
    • fixed error when paging rom in ram, on case pages 0,1,2,3
    • fixed "bit 7 = Disable ULA output (soft reset = 0)" on register 0x68
    • fixed turbosound and dac activation when tbblue fast boot mode
    • added turbo mode x8 (28 MHz)
    • fixed reading register 7
    • fixed RTC emulation
    • fixed autoload tape
  • Fixed Accessibility bugs:
    • now menu settings (anything between square brackets []) are played at the end of the menu line
    • now menu settings ([ ] and [X]) are played as "enabled"/"disabled"
  • Some other minor bugfixes and improvements
NOWSZY [zx] ZEsarUX 8.0 - World Destruction edition 19/07/19
World Desctruction (1985, Ventamatic). Photo@WOS

ZEsarUX Version 8.0 19 July 2019 - World Destruction edition

  • Improved menu interface:
    • Program Window can be extended horizontally and have a right region to place menu zxvision windows (called ZX Desktop)
    • Draw engine: now it allows transparency
    • Menu windows can be placed and resized to the whole program window
    • Some windows geometry (position, size) are saved in the configuration
    • Hotkeys now show right capitalization (lowercase or uppercase)
    • Edit box now has a key to delete all input (cursor down)
    • Edit box can now move cursor left and right and write text in the middle
    • Enabling kempston mouse no longer disables mouse on menu
    • GUI color bars depend on current style
    • Added support for more cyrillic characters on menu
    • Added RetroMac Gui Style
    • Improved memory zone selector
    • Improved footer:
      • Footer now completely follows GUI Style
      • Reordered cpu use, numbers in red when cpu use > 85%
      • Now shows cpu temperature on Linux (and not only on Raspbian as before)
  • Added Real time playback from AY Chip sound to external MIDI device
  • Added menu to export AY chip music to midi (.mid) file
  • Added AY Sheet: showing a sheet with the notes being played
  • Added AY mixer menu
  • Added ZXUno UART Bridge emulation
  • Added TSConf UART Bridge emulation
  • Added DAAD, PAWS and Quill debugger, for Spectrum and CPC (CPC only supports Daad debugger)
  • Added text adventure keyboard also on CPC
  • Added colors to ncurses driver and Chloe machine
  • Added Chloe MMU to ZX-Uno
  • Added Derby+ and Derby++ roms
  • Added hdf to ide/mmc raw converter
  • Added hdf support to MMC emulation
  • Added ZRCP commands: ayplayer, cpu-transaction-log
  • Improved breakpoint parser:
    • full expression parser: parenthesis, functions, sums, multiplications, etc. Can be used as a full calculator!
    • now it's a lot more faster. Up to 7 times faster, so it uses 7 times less cpu than the old version
  • Improved watches:
    • using new expression parser
    • up to 10 watches on screen
    • watches are saved on configuration file
    • Improved tbblue emulation:
    • updated to the last Next Version files
    • can load .nex snapshot files from the command line or the ZEsarUX menus, without having to boot NextOS
    • added UART Bridge emulation
    • increased maximum sprites per line to 100
    • increased total sprites to 128
    • fixed full ink mode border colour
    • fallback (transparency) colour is now a 9-bit value
  • Improved Adventure Text Extractor: now it supports Daad games too. So it supports Daad, Paws, Quill and Gac
  • Improved Visualmem: now you can see all 3 different access (write, read, opcode) at once, generating a RGB color
  • Improved Waveform window: now the wave adjusts automatically to the zxwindow size
  • Improved Hexadecimal editor: now it resizes view to zxwindow height
  • Improved TSConf layers menu: Added "reveal" setting to view which pixels are used by a layer
  • Improved Scale 0.75 function: now it has antialias
  • Improved Cpu Transaction Log: now logfiles can be rotated automatically
  • Improved debugging: added a breakpoint action "putv" to write values on a Debug Memory Zone
  • Fixed Pentagon interrupt handling: now effects on border and hi-res work almost perfect!
  • Fixed interrupt bug behaviour where last opcode lasts >=32 t-states and interrupt in the middle
  • Fixed "Jeff Braine" manufacturer to "New Horizons". Changed Prism machine name to "Prism 512"
  • Fixed bug having more than 256 text to adventure keyboard words
  • Fixed bug on CPC vertical scrolling
  • Fixed segmentation fault bug when drawing CPC machine
  • Fixed segmentation fault bug when displaying first aid messages
  • Fixed bug redrawing zx80/81 display, with realvideo disabled, and menu char width less than 8
  • Fixed bug drawing menu window boxes when char width less than 8
  • Fixed zxvision left button handling: no longer sends enter when the user is dragging the window
  • Fixed machine names to be completely right: for example, "Spectrum 48k" becomes "ZX Spectrum 48k", etc
  • Fixed saving sprites when memory zone is not default zone
  • Fixed bug when writing divmmv memory on Chloe machine and underlying RAM in space 0000-3fffh become overwritten
  • Fixed bug crash when a message error was generated from ZRCP and menu had a tooltip open
wstecz17/07/2016 22:06
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