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Speccy, jak nie trudno się domyślić jest jeszcze jednym emulatorem całej gamy mikokomputerów Sinclaira/Amstrada a także ich klonów począwszy od oficjalnych Timexów a skończywszy na produkcja za wschodniej granicy. Posiada całkiem rozbudowaną listę peryferiów jaki możemy podpiąć do naszego wirtualnego spektruma i po pierwszym, uruchomieniu przynajmniej jeden niewybaczalny problem, który w tej wersji go dyskwalfikuje  - co jakiś czas ekran tego emulatora mruga, co jest wybitnie irytujące (Win7 x64, Ati5770). 

Ciekawostką jest fakt, iż autor Marat Fayzullin tego emulatora głównie zajmuje się pisaniem płatnych/darmowych (okrojona funkcjonalność i/lub reklamy) emulatorów pod Androida i Symbiana (fMSX, VGB, VGBA, iNES, MG, ColEm, Speccy, AlmostTI), z którymi jest ciut lepiej niż ze Speccy, jednak i one (przynajmniej w wypadku Speccy) nie powalają.

Spokojnie - to tylko dość egzotycznie rozwiązany full screen;)

New in This Version

  • Added state saving, with automatic retrieval on startup.
  • Added support for the ZX128 printer.
  • Now automatically starting BASIC tape loader when using a tape.
  • Switched Windows version to use Direct3D in full-screen mode.
  • Added proper Windows joystick support.
  • Ported Speccy to Android platform.
  • Ported Speccy to Harmattan platform.

New in Version 1.7

  • Fixed WD1793 READ-ADDRESS command so that it no longer sets NOT-READY status bit.
  • Added .Z80 file saving/loading for Scorpion and Pentagon.
  • Added "Green CRT" palette selection.
  • Made built-in configuration menu accept mouse input.
  • Ported Speccy to Maemo5 (aka Fremantle).
  • Added accelerometer based tilt controls to Speccy-Maemo5.
  • Added Maemo-specific configuration menu to Speccy-Maemo5.
  • Added customizable key mappings to Speccy-Maemo5.
  • Added fast-forwarding with [Ctrl]+[Space] to Speccy-Maemo5.
  • Added fast-forwarding with unused screen corners to Speccy-Maemo.
  • Multiple other small fixes and additions to Speccy-Maemo.

New in Version 1.6

  • Created Speccy-Unix port, currently available in binary form for Ubuntu Linux.
  • Extended Speccy-Symbian port to support UIQ3 phones from Sony Ericsson and Motorola. As I only have a key-operated Motorola Z8, testers with pen-based SE phones are badly needed.
  • Added support for Russian Pentagon 256 computer, including RAM mapper, TURBO mode, HiColor, HiRes, and 16Color graphics modes.
  • Added support for Czech Didaktik Gama computer.
  • Added support for Scorpion TURBO mode.
  • Added RealSpectrum and monochrome color palettes.
  • Added palette selection to built-in menu.
  • Fixed exit from Scorpion MONITOR menu.
  • Fixed Spectrum +2 support (was loading the wrong ROM file).
  • Changed Scorpion port mappings to <NNx1xxxxxxxx1101>.
  • Fixed a bug that made all hardware other than ULA ignore accesses to <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx0> ports.
  • Added emulation for the 128kB/+2 Spectrum bug where reading from port 0x7FFD made hardware write the floating bus value into this port.
  • Made 0x8000..0xFFFF address space return 0xFFs in 16kB Spectrum mode.
  • Moved NMI and REWIND button handling inside the core Speccy code.
  • Improved Symbian sound code, although sound problems still persist on some UIQ3 phones.
  • Split Speccy-Symbian/S60 configuration menu into four tabs, making "Video" and "Audio" settings separate.
  • Added "Audio Latency", "Skip Frames", and "Sync Updates" settings to Speccy-Symbian.
  • Added to Speccy-Symbian ability to use Nokia E61/E62 [FUNC] key in the built-in menu.
  • Fixed a Speccy-Symbian bug where pieces of virtual keyboard remained on screen after closing it.
  • Pressing [8] key on Speccy-Symbian now invokes virtual keyboard, if enabled, for the phones which do not have the [EDIT] key.

New in Version 1.5

  • Added network play option to Speccy-Windows and Speccy-Symbian!
  • Added support for "EXTENDED CPC DISK" .DSK files (ZX Spectrum +3).
  • Added -verbose bit for illegal memory accesses.
  • Now polling joystick once per screen update to save on CPU cycles and network traffic.
  • Fixed a bug in Z80 OUTDR/OUTD/etc. opcodes where B register was decremented after performing OUT operation. ZX Spectrum +3 disk writes work now.
  • Fixed uPD765 IRQ-STATUS command to return "invalid command" when no IRQs pending. CP/M-80 now boots on Spectrum +3.
  • In ZX Spectrum 128kB mode, only paging in TR-DOS from BASIC, but not from BIOS.
  • Made [BACKSPACE] key generate [CSHIFT]+[0], i.e. Spectrum key combination to delete a character.
  • Continued working on the DISCiPLE/+D disk drive support.
  • Added new, much better, scanline simulation and video softening effects to Speccy-Windows.
  • Speccy-Windows full-screen mode now runs in 640x480 resolution.
  • Added "Scorpion 256kB" option to the Speccy-Windows menu.
  • Added -sync/-nosync option to Speccy-MSDOS to sync screen updates to the timer (use -vsync for VBlanks).
  • Added -zoom/-nozoom option to Speccy-MSDOS that will zoom Spectrum display to fill the whole screen, using image softening algorithm.
  • Speccy-MSDOS now runs in 640x480x15bpp VESA screen mode when -zoom or -tv options used, otherwise it runs in 320x200x15bpp screen mode.
  • Switched Speccy-MSDOS from outdated DOS4GW to more up-to-date DOS32a extender.
  • Added [CONTROL]+[F8] key combination to Speccy-MSDOS to toggle display zoom on/off.
  • Added new "Fill & Soften" zoom mode to Speccy-Symbian. It is rather slow though.
  • Added ability to use virtual keyboard in Speccy-Symbian to enter filename when saving a snapshot from the built-in menu.
  • Added Spectrum +2 and +3 ROMs to Speccy-Symbian installation.
  • Fixed problem with gameplay being too fast in Speccy-Symbian.
  • Fixed possible source of instabilities in the S60 open file dialog in Speccy-Symbian.
  • Fixed exit via Symbian-specific menu.
  • Fixed premature termination of the emulation thread when exiting Speccy-Symbian, soundtrack recording and config saving work again.
  • The [C] ("Clear") key is not longer used to toggle sound in Speccy-Symbian. It acts as [BACKSPACE] instead.

New in Version 1.4

  • Added support for uPD765-based disk drives found in ZX Spectrum +3. Speccy will now accept .DSK disk images in the CPCEMU format.
  • Added support for POKE files (.POK) usually containing game cheats. Speccy will automatically try loading a corresponding .POK file for every .Z80 or .SNA snapshot.
  • Added a built-in menu options to load and manage game cheats.
  • Built-in menu now shows and loads GZIPped disk images.
  • Added virtual keyboard to Speccy-Symbian, invoked by pressing [EDIT] or left [SHIFT] key. The keyboard can work in three modes: "Off", "Single Key Entry", and "Multiple Keys Entry".
  • Added configurable display orientation and backlight control to Speccy-Symbian.
  • Finally fixed opendir() problem on Symbian. All built-in file dialogs work now!

New in Version 1.3

  • Inlined WrZ80() for better performance.
  • Added support for multiple disk drives.
  • Improved support for DISCiPLE and +D interfaces (still incomplete).
  • DISCiPLE/+D and ZX Printer can't be used at the same time.
  • Split disk image handling from the FDC emulation.
  • Added support for GZIPped disk images.
  • Now freeing floppy disk buffers on exit.
  • Now setting NOT-READY WD1793 flag when the disk drive is empty.
  • Improved file type detection.
  • Added menu options to save .MGT and .IMG disk images.
  • Further extended and optimized Symbian screen rendering routines.
  • Fixed and optimized TV scanline simulation in Speccy-Symbian.
  • Made scanline effect stronger in Speccy-Symbian.
  • Added frame rate display option to Speccy-Symbian.
  • Added "fill screen" zoom option to Speccy-Symbian.
  • Added MIDI soundtrack logging to Speccy-Symbian (saved into E:Sounds and can be used as ringtones).

New in Version 1.2

  • Changed the way Z80 NMI interrupt works to comply with the standard.
  • Changed Z80 HALT instruction to always terminate on an IRQ request, even when interrupts are disabled.
  • Fixed several bugs in the ExecZ80() function (thanks go to Martin Fiedler).
  • Added working WD1793 emulation (TR-DOS now works).
  • WD1793 I/O ports are only enabled when the TR-DOS ROM is paged in.
  • Kempston and other I/O ports interfering with WD1793 are now disabled when the TR-DOS ROM is paged in.
  • In Scorpion mode, setting upper kempston port bits to ones.
  • Fixed DISCiPLE/+D trapdoor mechanism.
  • Added support for .TRD, .SCL, .FDI, and .$ (Hobeta) disk images.
  • Added builtin menu options to save .TRD, .SCL, and .FDI disk images.
  • Split "Input Devices" menu from the "Peripherals" menu.
  • Now resetting Spectrum when a trapdoor addon like Multiface or TR-DOS has been enabled or disabled.
  • Now trying to load ZXS128TR.ROM BIOS file when both 128kB and TR-DOS options are enabled.
  • With TR-DOS enabled, Speccy will now automatically start in TR-DOS mode.
  • Added more debugging message options (-verbose).
  • Added error messages to Speccy-Windows.
  • Added key remapping configuration to the Speccy-Symbian application menu.
  • Speccy-Symbian application menu is now split into three pages.
  • Speccy-Symbian now saves settings on exit.
  • Extended this documentation.

New in Version 1.1

  • Added Timex Sinclair HiRes and HiColor modes (HiRes currently downscaled to 256 pixels).
  • Fixed Timex Sinclair PSG-based joystick interface.
  • Added an option for playing tape sounds.
  • Added Windows joystick support.
  • Added joystick button configuration.
  • Inlined RdZ80() function for better performance.
  • Replaced "updates per VBlank" (-uperiod) with "percentage of skipped frames" option (-skip).
  • StretchBlt() slowdown problem in Windows 2000/XP solved.
  • [ALT]+[F4] now quits application in Windows, as it should.
  • Properly saving CPU time when inactive, waiting for a key or display sync.
  • Properly checking sound track logging menu option on [F2].

New in Version 1.0

  • Emulating 16k, 48k, 128k, +2, +2A, and +3 Spectrums, Timex TC2048 and TS2068. Incomplete Pentagon emulation (no disks yet).
  • Loading and saving 48k and 128k .SNA files.
  • Loading and saving .Z80 files versions 1..3, with or without compression.
  • Loading .TAP and .TZX tape images.
  • Loading and saving .SCR screenshots.
  • Emulating Cursor/Protek/AGF, Kempston, Fuller, and Interface II joysticks.
  • Emulating Kempston mouse. AMX mouse support isn't finished yet.
  • Emulating AY8910 PSG, both in 128k-compatible mode and Fuller mode.
  • Emulating ZX Printer, Timex TS2040 printer, and Alphacom32 with ASCII art written to a file.
  • Emulating some Centronix ports, output written to the same file as ZX Printer output.
  • Emulating Multiface, Multiface 128, and Multiface +3, depending on the Spectrum model selected.
  • Incomplete emulation for DISCiPLE, +D, Betadisk (aka TR-DOS), Sinclair Interface I (no disks, serial ports, or microdrives yet).
  • Beeper sounds can now be automatically converted to melodic tones and saved to a MIDI file, together with PSG soundtrack.
  • Moved both Windows and MSDOS versions to a new framework.
  • Added framebuffer-based runtime menu which should work on all platforms.
  • Added new framebuffer-based Z80 debugger which should work on all platforms.
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