[zx] Fuse 1.3.5 Windows

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[zx] Fuse 1.3.5 Windows

Jeden z ciekawszych emulatorów ZX Spectrum - Fuse (Free Unix Spectrum Emulator), powstający natywnie pod linuksa, doczekał się także portu pod "okienka".

Heroes of the Lance (Strategic Simulations, Inc., 1988)

Fuse 1.3.5 released. 2017-04-28

Emulation core improvements:

  • Disable tape traps when playing/recording RZX files (thanks, windale) (Sergio Baldoví).

Miscellaneous improvements:

  • Fix typo in LOG disk format (Sergio Baldoví).
  • Replace old ticket numbers from Trac to Allura (Sergio Baldoví).
  • WidgetUI: Fix memory leak in file selector (thanks, clang) (Sergio Baldoví).
  • Fix allocator sizeof operand mismatch and remove dead assignment (Sergio Baldoví).
  • Remove prototypes of old plus3 disk functions (thanks, Andre  Leiradella) (Sergio Baldoví).
  • Increase allocated memory to keep GCC7 happy (Sergio Baldoví).
→ [zx] Fuse 1.5.6 Windows

Fuse 1.5.6 2018-08-07

Emulation core improvements:

  • Z80 flags register is now correct after SCF and CCF (Sergio Baldoví).

Miscellaneous improvements:

  • Factor out common paths code between Linux and generic UNIX (Alberto Garcia and Fredrick Meunier).
  • More improvements disabling phantom typist after finishing loading TAP or standard ROM TZX files (thanks, Alberto Garcia) (Fredrick Meunier).
  • Saving and loading binary data no longer increments tstate count or triggers breakpoints (thanks, Sergio Baldoví) (Philip Kendall).
  • « Variant » Alkatraz loaders (e.g. Gauntlet 3 and Shadow Dancer), « Variant » Search Loader programs (e.g. Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge and Space Crusade) and Dinaload loaders (e.g. Astro Marine Corps) are now accelerated (Philip Kendall).
  • Stop RZX playback/recording on machine reset/change (Sergio Baldoví).
  • Various minor bugfixes.
→ [zx] Fuse 1.5.5 Windows

Fuse 1.5.5 2018-07-01

Emulation core improvements:

  • Improve sound accuracy on Unix 64 bits systems (thanks, Fredrick Meunier) (Sergio Baldoví).

Miscellaneous improvements:

  • Allow the use of real joystick hats/dpads in the SDL joystick code (thanks, Sarah) (Fredrick Meunier).
  • Rename compat_get_home_path() to compat_get_config_path() (Alberto Garcia).
  • Various minor bugfixes.
→ [zx] Fuse 1.5.4 Windows
The Duel: Test Drive II (a.k.a. Test Drive 2) (Accolade, Inc., 1989)

Fuse 1.5.4 2018-06-03

Miscellaneous improvements:

  • Add *.FMF as an allowed filetype to file selectors (Sergio Baldoví).
  • Save SCR from current display file (thanks, Einar Saukas) (Fredrick Meunier).
  • Use 44.1KHz as default sound frequency (Fredrick Meunier).
  • Various minor bugfixes.
→ [zx] Fuse 1.5.3 Windows

Fuse 1.5.3 released. 2018/04/29

Emulation core improvements:

  • Disable inactive peripherals after loading a snapshot (Sergio Baldoví).

Miscellaneous improvements:

  • Distribute strcasecmp autoconf macro (Sergio Baldoví).
  • Re-enable sound after phantom typist finishes loading TAP, standard ROM TZX or +3 DSK images (thanks, Alberto Garcia) (Fredrick Meunier).
→ [zx] Fuse 1.5.2 Windows

Fuse 1.5.2 2018-03-27.

Emulation core improvements:

  • Emulate ROM bug loading zero length blocks when using tape traps (ub880d).

Machine specific improvements:

  • Fix the format of double-sided +3 disks (Sergio Baldoví).

Miscellaneous improvements:

  • Spectrum reset is accelerated when phantom typist is enabled and a file is loaded from the menu (Fredrick Meunier).
  • Add options UI for phantom typist (Fredrick Meunier).
  • GTK+ 3 UI: Memory browser dialog allows to go to specific offset (Sergio Baldoví).
→ [zx] Fuse 1.5.1 Windows

Fuse 1.5.1 (the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator) 2018/02/25

Debugger improvements:

  • Prevent crash when we try to disassemble an instruction with many DD or FD prefixes (Philip Kendall; thanks, Miguel Angel Rodríguez Jódar).
  • Fix crash when setting debugger variables (Gergely Szasz).

Profiler improvements:

  • Prevent crash when we try to profile an instruction with many DD or FD prefixes (Philip Kendall; thanks, Sergio Baldoví).

Miscellaneous improvements:

  • GTK+ UI: Improve behaviour of default button on dialogs (thanks, atom-atom) (ub880d and Sergio Baldoví).
  • GTK+ and win32 UIs: Support hex numbers in load/save binary and pokefinder dialogs (thanks, Allan Turvey) (Sergio Baldoví).
  • SDL UI: Allow to select the video mode used in full-screen (Gergely Szasz).
→ [zx] Fuse 1.5.0 Windows

Fuse (the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator) 1.5.0  10/12/2017

Debugger improvements:

  • Ensure conditional timed breakpoints work correctly (Philip Kendall).

Miscellaneous improvements:

  • Autoload snapshots replaced by a "phantom typist" which types LOAD "" or similar.
  • Alkatraz loaders (e.g. Cobra and Fairlight) are now accelerated (Philip Kendall).
→ [zx] Fuse 1.4.1 Windows

Fuse (the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator) 1.4.1 10/10/17

Emulation core improvements:

  • Improvements to the loader acceleration code to reduce errors - Blood Brothers, City Slicker, Driller, Dynamite Dan, Games Compendium (by Gremlin), Joe Blade II, Kokotoni Wilf, Powerplay, Saboteur, Trapdoor and Zanthrax now all load successfully (thanks, windale and ub880d) (Philip Kendall).
  • Multiface 3 returns values stored from ports 0x1ffd and 0x7ffd (thanks, Fredrick Meunier) (Sergio Baldoví).
  • Set contention for DivIDE/DivMMC EPROM memory and clear data to 1's (Sergio Baldoví).

Debugger improvements:

  • Allow an exit code to be specified when using the "exit" command (Philip Kendall).
  • Add new "tape:microphone" and "spectrum:frames" system variables to allow access to the current tape level and frame count since reset (Philip Kendall).

Deprecated features removed:

  • All Z80 variables in the debugger must now be referenced as "z80:NAME" rather than just "NAME" e.g. "set z80:af 0x1234" rather than just "set af 0x1234" (Philip Kendall).


  • Miscellaneous improvements:
  • Support XCode 9 SDK in CoreAudio driver (Fredrick Meunier).
  • Correct enabling of ide slave menu item (Fredrick Meunier).
  • Add *.mlt as an allowed filetype to file selectors (thanks, jonesypeter) (Fredrick Meunier).
  • Add null UI for use in automation tests (Philip Kendall).
  • Ensure null UI is not overridden by GTK+ UI (Sergio Baldoví).
  • Fix detection of libspectrum capabilities (Sergio Baldoví).
  • Remove C11 typedef redefinition of divxxx_t (Fredrick Meunier).


  • Add DivMMC emulation
  • Add ZXMMC emulation
  • Add support for MLT format screenshots


  • Add workaround for Multiface One and 128 clash
  • Limit RZX sentinel warning to once per playback
  • Disable Melodik interface on 128K machines
  • Correct the list of machines for Multiface One
  • Document --mdr-len and --mdr-random-len options
  • Document support for the Recreated ZX Spectrum
  • GTK UI: Destroy tape browser dialog on close
  • Fix Z80 snapshot writing when +D is enabled
  • Fix offset of keyboard mappings in Z80 v3 snaphots


  • Add Multiface One/128/3 interface emulation
  • Restore +2A/+3 ALL_RAM mode from snapshots
  • SDL: Hide cursor when UI runs on a console (Raspberry Pi)
  • Fix crash when saving CSW tapes
→ [zx] Fuse 1.3.7 Windows

Fuse 1.3.7 released 2017-07-02

New features:

  • Add Multiface One/128/3 interface emulation (Gergely Szasz and Sergio Baldoví).

Machine specific improvements:

  • Restore +2A/+3 ALL_RAM mode from snapshots (Sergio Baldoví).

Miscellaneous improvements:

  • SDL: Hide cursor when UI runs on a console (Raspberry Pi) (Sergio Baldoví).
  • Switch to using autoreconf (Fredrick Meunier).
  • Use silent builds by default when available (Fredrick Meunier).
  • Use explicit AM_SILENT_RULES macro as libspectrum does (Sergio Baldoví).
  • AC_PROG_RANLIB is rendered obsolete by LT_INIT (Sergio Baldoví).
  • Remove unnecessary include glib.h (Sergio Baldoví).
→ [zx] Fuse 1.3.6 Windows

Fuse 1.3.6 2017-06-01

Emulation core improvements:

  • Add Covox interface emulation (Fredrick Meunier).
  • Disable accelerate loader while recording RZX files (thanks, windale) (Sergio Baldoví).

Miscellaneous improvements:

  • Fix typo in Opus Discovery option (thanks, Stuart) (Sergio Baldoví).
  • WidgetUI: Disable RollbackTo menu option for widget UIs (thanks, Ian) (Sergio Baldoví).
  • Update description of speed option (Sergio Baldoví).
  • List Melodik as supported interface and rearrange audio interfaces as a separate item (Sergio Baldoví).
  • Document --volume-covox option and update bash completion (Sergio Baldoví).
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