[Z80] CPCEC/ZXSEC XIII 17/11/2019

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[Z80] CPCEC/ZXSEC XIII 17/11/2019

CPCEC to projekt Cesara Nicolas-Gonzaleza dwóch emulatorów ZXSEC - czyli emulator maszynek Sinclaira (48k, 128k,
+2/Plus 2 i +3/Plus 3) i CPCE pozwalający na emulację Amstrad - Schneider (model 464, 664 i 6128).



  • 20191117 -- thirteenth public release. More precise emulation of type 1 CRTC (by default instead of 0) in CPCEC ("From Scratch", "Pinball Dreams"...) and 48K memory contention in ZXSEC ("Starion", "Black Lamp"...). CPCEC also allows choosing the length of the V-hold signal (for example "Thunder Blade" needs a short signal) and whether horizontal sync must be flexible ("Batman Returns", "Pinball Dreams"...) or not ("CPC 30th Anniversary Megademo", "PhX"). Unfortunately, some demos that worked well in past versions now suffer problems that cannot be solved by selecting another CRTC. Removed third joystick button in CPCEC, no real joystick ever included it. The ZXSEC joystick is Sinclair 2 by default.


→ NOWSZY [Z80] CPCEC/ZXSEC XIII 30/11/2019


  • 20191130 -- minor patch fixing a bug when running CPCEC and ZXSEC on a screen shorter than 600 px, another one when recording a WAV file, and another one in the port logic of CPCEC ("Knight Rider", OUT &0088,&88 must not reach the Gate Array, but "Hero Quest", OUT &00C0,&C0 must reach it). The CRTC types 0 and 2 have improved ("Face Hugger Ultimate Megademo": "Tantrum", "5KB Megademo 3", "Power System Megademo": "Glooms"...) but cannot handle "Pinball Dreams" yet, unlike CRTC 3 and 4, that together with CRTC 1 support this game now.


→ [Z80] CPCEC/ZXSEC XIII 04/10/2019


  • 20191004 -- minor patch making the debugger options set with V and M stick between sessions.
  • 20191003 -- twelfth public release. Precise (albeit not perfect yet) memory contention and ULA noise ("snow") on Spectrum: "48K Timing Tests" passes all tests but 36 and 37, and "128K Timing Tests" fails on just six tests. "Mask 3: Venom Strikes Back" draws the attribute and border effects on their precise locations on all platforms (48K, 128K/Plus2, Plus3) and Software Creations' "Black Lamp", "LED Storm" and "Sly Spy" behave well on 128K machines. Improvements in the debugger: fixed disassembly panel invalid cursor locations, added optional tall characters, avoided debug+pause clashing, new key M toggles memory dump ROM+RAM and RAM-only modes. Improved ZIP handling (ZIP archives are no longer locked, files within archives are filtered by extension), user interface fixes.


→ [Z80] CPCEC/ZXSEC XIII 31/08/2019


  • 20190831 -- minor patch fixing several bugs (booting two-sided discs with FLIP SIDE option on, recording snapshots or tapes after loading a snapshot or tape from a ZIP archive), improving several details (loading snapshots with memory compression, emulating up to 576 kB RAM) and redefining the menus (Edit is divided into Edit and Settings, Image and Sound become Video and Audio, new video filter functions...) and the command line: "-+" now limits the zoom to integer values; "-!" inherits the option of hiding the menu.
→ [Z80] CPCEC/ZXSEC XIII 17/08/2019


  • 20190817 -- minor patch fixing a crash when booting tapes right when the automatic frameskip kicks in.
  • 20190809 - minor patch restoring the "silent" discarding (i.e. without error codes) of write operations in read-only discs and allowing the automatic booting of IBM-formatted discs.


→ [Z80] CPCEC/ZXSEC XI 31/07/2019
Chicago '30 (1988, TopoSoft)


  • 20190731 -- eleventh public release. Added a new UI-based debugger (typing commands is no longer needed) and support for ZIP archive reading based on PUFF.C from the ZLIB project, upgraded GCC to 5.1.0 and removed all `inline` tags (they did more harm than good), and generally reworked all internals to make them OS-independent. Several details improved as well: the file selector fixes a bug in Win10, "browse tape" dialog shows the file name, Spectrum +3 automatically becomes +2A to load tapes, `auto rewind` shows up in Edit menu and fixes bugs in CSW files, and sound emulation has improved, for example "Terminus" on CPC plays sound and "Agent X II" on Spectrum is no longer noisy.
→ [Z80] CPCEC/ZXSEC X 26/05/2019
Dan Dare 3: The Escape (1989, Virgin Software)


  • 20190526 -- minor patch fixing a bug in autorun mode: opening     menus and switching windows cancelled the automatic keyboard.
  • 20190524 -- tenth public release. Added support for CDT/TZX     file blocks 0x24 and 0x25 (loop start and ending) (cfr. BATMAN.TZX), fixed bugs in the handling of weak sectors in DSK  files (cfr. "Titus Classiques"), YM file recording is reentrant,     fixed a bug in INI files with empty fields and added the option  "autorewind <0|1>" to rewind (or remove) a tape when playback reaches the end.
→ [Z80] CPCEC/ZXSEC IX 31/04/2019
Sly Spy (1989, Data East) - ZXSPEC
Sweevo's World (1986, Gargoyle Games) - CPCEC

CPCEC Version log

  • ???

ZXSEC Version log

  • 20190430 -- ninth public release. Softer B/W Spectrum palette; fixed bug in FDC sector size calculation if GAP datas are stored (Loriciels' discs); added simple memory contention to ZXSEC ("Amaurote", "Black Lamp", "Puzznic", "Sly Spy", "Zub"...).
  • 20190419 -- eighth public release. Added options for image and sound interpolation; tape automatically rewinds itself when it reaches the end (à la FUSE); fixed a bug in TZX files that store 0 instead of 8 in the "used bits" field, another bug in CUSTOM INFO blocks in TZX files, and another one when ZXSEC loads a 48K SNA file in Plus3 mode (users should manually switch to a safe model beforehand anyway). INI files now remember the names of the last used files.
  • 20190408 -- seventh public release. Fixed a bug in the YM3 file recording, another one in the ZXSEC internal timings, and one more in the debugger commands with optional parameters.
  • 20190404 -- sixth public release. Fixed a Z80 emulation bug in IRQ logic. Configuration (computer model and file paths) is kept across sessions in a INI file.
  • 20190331 -- fifth public release. Tapes can be browsed, either by file position (WAV and CSW) or by block (CDT, TZX and TAP).
  • 20190325 -- fourth public release. Onscreen indicators (hide them with -O); fixed bugs in ZXSEC that slowed emulation down when the frameskip wasn't zero, and another bug in audio recording on WAV files.
  • 20190318 -- third public release. By default the window shows a menu; new option -+ hides it.
  • 20190317 -- second public release. Fixed Win32 joystick bugs: JoyGetPos returns ZERO on OK, not on ERROR.
  • 20190314 -- first public release.

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