[z80] CoolCV 0.6.6

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[z80] CoolCV 0.6.6

CoolCV to kolejny emulator całkiem udanej i popularnej konsoli z początków lat '80 ColecoVision/Coleco Adam/Sega SG1000. Oprócz multiportowości od Pc, po Rassberry Pi a przez to wymagną bibliotekę SDL2 CoolCV oferuje np. możliwość rejestracji audio i video.
Całkiem sympatyczny program i jak w większości jego konkurentów całkowicie pozbawiony jest GUI:) Może w przyszłości...


v0.6.6 Nov/30/2017  

  • Added Ctrl+Fn+F4 tsave a memory snapshot.
  • Added Ctrl+Fn+F9 tallow logging PSG state.

v0.6.5 May/25/2017  

  • Corrected bug where Sammy Lightfoot would get stuck after title screen.
  • Adjusted timings for several Z80 instructions.
  • Added VDP 4K mapper emulation.
  • Added VDP register access in range 0xc000-0xffff.
  • Added undocumented VDP modes, now covered all combinations of mode setting (R0 1 bit + R1 2 bits)
  • Windows version now can switch tfull screen using Alt + Enter.
  • Mac OS X version now have shortcut Cmd + Ctrl + F tswitch tfull screen.
  • Allows tconfigure joysticks for controllers.
  • Saves full screen state (when used with shortcut)

v0.6.4 Feb/15/2016

  • Now ADAM keyboard is fully configurable.
→ [z80] CoolCV 0.6.3
Colecovision CoolCV:Princess Quest:2015
Princess Quest (Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez, 2015)

v0.6.3 Jan/11/2016

  • Enhanced Z80 emulation, the emulator ran too fast. (reported by Armando Perez). This solves the pitch in synthetized voice in Sewer Sam and Squish'Em.
  • Keys F4 and F7 are now configurable.
  • Expertype and ADAM Bomb 2 now are working.
  • Fixed some keys for ADAM in Windows version.
  • Added 64K RAM expansion for ADAM.
  • Fixed bug in joystick support. (still untested)

v0.6.2 Nov/27/2015

  • Enhanced Z80 emulation for special interruption cases.
  • Enhanced VDP emulation for special collision case.
  • New Ctrl+Fn+F4 to create debugging snapshots (experimental), these go into your Documents folder oryour home directory.
  • Support to use two keys in mapping to activate one buttonor action.
  • Support to use two independent keys to activate same button or action.
  • Raspberry now shows status messages (including the key codes show by F7)
  • More keys are configurable: video recording, audio recording, screenshots, enable/disable roller controller.
  • When using Roller Controller now sensitivity has beenadjusted.

v0.6.1 Nov/05/2015

  • Pause and Reset key couldn't use joystick.
  • Better compression for AVI and safeguard if 2GB limit is reached.
  • PAL switching didn't update BIOS European byte.
  • Able to exit using # and * key at same time (only Raspberry)

v0.6.0 Nov/04/2015 o Added fast startup of Colecovision BIOS.

  • Roller controller enabled/disabled with only fn-F5.
  • Video recording, pressing fn-F6 to start/stop. Youcan playback the video using VLC Player.
  • Support for right Shift + Enter exit on Raspberry PI.
  • All versions of CoolCV updated (Mac, Windows, Linux and Raspberry PI)

v0.5.5 Oct/14/2015

  • Added configurable Pause key (fn-F3)
  • Added configurable Reset key (<- Backspace)
  • Changed NTSC/PAL switch to fn-F4

v0.5.4 Sep/23/2015

  • Added Super Action Controller support. (buttons 3 and 4 not configured, you need to edit mapping)
  • The key mappings are taken from the file Documents/coolcv_mapping.txt created when you run the emulator for the first time. (check Fn+F7)

v0.5.3 Sep/01/2015

  • Allows to save screenshots in PNG using Fn+F10 It goes to your Pictures folder.
  • Now you can feed it with ZIP files containing the Colecovision game ROM.

v0.5.2 Aug/31/2015

  • Allows to record audio using Fn+F9. It goes to your Music folder.

v0.5.1 Aug/25/2015

  • Now it can run in Raspberry Pi (highly experimental) See below for notes on running it.

v0.5.1 Aug/08/2015

  • Solved bug in collision bit of VDP
  • Deactivates SGM while running Super Donkey Kong prototype of 1983 (caused crash)
  • Now controllers should feel smoother.

v0.5 Aug/01/2015

  • Compiled for Windows/Linux.

v0.5 Jul/31/2015

  • Experimental support for Coleco ADAM.

v0.4 Jul/30/2015

  • Compiled for Windows/Linux.

v0.4 Jul/29/2015

  • Support for controller 2 in keyboard.
  • Changed * and # keys in keyboard for controller 1.
  • Added support for up to 2 joysticks (not tested)
  • Higher output volume.
  • Press Fn+F7 to switch joystick buttons.
  • Now configure your ROM files using context menu and
  • Get Info, change application to CoolCV and make change for all. Now a double click in your ROM file will open the ROM with CoolCV :)

v0.3 Jul/25/2015

  • Compiled for Windows (in this platform the ROM file must be dropped over main window)

v0.3 Jul/24/2015 o Now Mac OS X app, run it.

  • To load ROM files drag and drop over the CoolCV icon in the task bar while running.
  • As there is no command line, -sgm option is always active.
  • Now libsdl2 is integrated.
  • Now coleco.rom is integrated.
  • Experimental support for Roller Controller.
  • Show current ROM in title bar.

v0.2 Jul/23/2015

  • Allows window resizing and full screen.
  • Slightly higher output volume.
  • New option -pal for PAL VDP (also patches BIOS)
  • Support for snapshots.

v0.1 Jul/22/2015

  • First release
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