[X68] XM6 Pro-68k

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[X68] XM6 Pro-68k

XM6 Pro-68k jest rozszerzeniem podstawowego emulatora XM6 w wersji 2.05, wykorzystywanego m.in w projektach XM6 Type G or the WinX68k High-Speed, czy też XM6i, wzbogaconego o sporą ilość narzędzi do debuggowania i śledzenia emulowanej maszynko X68000. Całkiem rozwinięte ustrojstwo z interfejsem po angielsku może być całkiem dobrym pomysłem na rozszerzenie swojej bazy emulacyjnej dla tej zaskakującej miejscami japońskiej konstrukcji. Autor pomimo, że głównym celem był raczej debugging niż sama emulacja, poleca go jako lepszy zamiennik dla oficjalnego XM6 2.06.

Major features include:

  • fast forward key
  • partial .zip file support
  • RAM dumper / inserter
  • memory search function
  • ability to save disassemblies
  • CPU state logging ("tracing")
  • support for loading V2.06 state files
  • "branch prediction" in disassembly window
  • loading file system directories as disk images
  • high-priority mode for listening to music in the background
  • disassembly window is now almost a lite interactive disassembler
  • step over, step out, and a smattering of similar debugging features
  • tons of new keyboard shortcuts, mouse controls, and menu commands
  • one command to open all processor debugging windows in logical locations
  • no longer overwrites certain config options when loading state files (very annoying)
  • English documentation (a first for X68000 emulators!)
  • some input finagling so you can type correctly with an American keyboard (partially) 
  • automatically sets SRAM for Western-style features (e.g. backslash as directory separator)
  • new patriotic logo/icons representative of the preceding convenience features
  • lots of other fixes/changes/improvements/silliness

Release 2 (120321)

  • Directory-as-image loading is now more tolerant of bad file names and has slightly better error handling.
  • Fixed a harmless but annoying bug in the RAM dumper: Some code was temporarily inserted for experimental purposes but was never removed.
  • Added an important note at the end of the manual.

Release 3 (120425)

  • Improved single-line backwards scrolling for the disassembly window.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing forward single-line scrolling to miss the correct address for the next line in some circumstances.
  • Improved error reporting when directory->image building fails.
  • Improved disassembly window's address stack. Current address will now be pushed onto the stack for most explicit address changes.
  • Memory window input handling changed such that the Left/Right keys no longer cycle through the display unit types but instead navigate through a history buffer of views that correspond to addresses which have been explicitly selected in the memory window.

Release 4 (130511)

  • Added commands to take screen shots. (Use Alt-Q or the menus.)
  • Added a command to clear RAM and reset the virtual machine.
  • Improved invalid file name rejection when building a directory image.
  • Full Screen mode no longer switches the display settings if the current resolution is already 800 x 600. Avoids unnecessary wear on the monitor.
  • A new menu option called Full Screen Stretch has been added. It changes the behavior of Full Screen mode to better serve those with large, high-resolution displays, as well as those who don't like having their screen mode changed, even temporarily. Refer to the Reference Manual for all the gory details.

Release 5 (140316)

  • Run to Cursor (Ctrl-F10) will now work even if the cursor corresponds to the current PC. This is useful for iterating loops and other periodic
    sequences without setting an explicit breakpoint.
  • Branches with negative offsets are now marked in the disassembly window.
  • A (visible) branch target that will be taken this cycle is also marked.
  • The destination of a branch that will be taken during the next cycle will be marked, as long as it is visible in the disassembly window.
  • Fixed a minor bug in the Full Screen Stretch redrawing routines.
  • Added an option called "Full Screen Rescale". When enabled, the standard resolution multipliers will be ignored in Full Screen Stretch mode.
  • This improves the aspect ratio of a few games, mostly arcade ports.
  • VGM logging is now available under the tools menu. Based on code changes submitted by Mihai Draghicioiu.



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