[X68] XM6 3.13 L50 Type G 20141024

[1] @ Czwartek, 23 Października 2014 22:22CET

[X68] XM6 3.13 L50 Type G 20141024

XM6 TypeG jest kraczkolubiącym emulatorem komputerów PC SHARP X68000, które nigdy jakoś nie zdobył mojego zainteresowania, jednak nie można odmówić tej platformie paru naprawdę interesujących tytułów.  Changelog jak zwykle chaotyczny, bo mało, że google translator to jeszcze wrzucany przez autora na twittera... bleee...

Changes XM6 TypeG3.12 L50 is as follows [google translator].

Improved emulation accuracy and significant enhancements have been made ​​to 3.12L50 is XM6 TypeG 3.13. Only point so tedious to write and too many too.

  • The accuracy improvement by a large renovation of interrupt timing of the CPU core  (Do not skip on its own) a significant improvement in frame rate
  • The implementation of the world's first seriously CSM mode of YM2151 (OPM)
  • The refurbishment of the BUSY flag YM2151 (OPM)
  • The merge most of the functionality of xm6p humbly made co's You may want to try a person sensitive eyes especially! It survives joystick input delay and 3 frame delay should have been improved, but with earn the impressions because I do not know much.
  • (Also work Sosariaso) for up to 1024x1024 the BG surface
  • (To abolish the clock down HD access) stabilization of the SCSI
  • The separate management of the clock mode and X68030 EXPERT mode, the amount of memory


→ [X68] XM6 3.1 TypeG 20140523
X68000 GameBase:Soukou Hohei Butai Cannon Sight
Soukou Hohei Butai Cannon Sight. Fot@GameBase x68000


I have a minor version up X680x0 EMULATOR XM6 TypeG.  Modified contents are as follows.

  • Rewrote back to the source code of the original sasi / scsi / disk SCSI-related
  • Avoidance of the phenomenon of ADPCM, volume may be smaller, fluctuates
  • Bug fixes DMAC
  • Other.
→ [X68] XM6 3.1 TypeG 20130511


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