[VCS] Stella 6.0.2

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[VCS] Stella 6.0.2

Nowa wersja Stelli - wieloplatformowego emulatora jednej z najważniejszych maszynek lat osiemdziesiątych - Atari 2600 (Video Console System).

Pursuit of the Pink Panther (XXXX, Probe)
Pole Position (1983, Atari)

6.0.1 to 6.0.2: (October 11, 2019)

  • Updated properties database for Pink Panther ROM.


→ NOWSZY [VCS] Stella 6.1
Jawbreaker (Tigervision, 1982)

Stella 6.0.2 to 6.1: (22/03/2020)

OK, it's finally time for another major release. This is a big one, with changes all across the board:


    • Because of major event remapping changes, all remappings will be reset to defaults; if you had custom mappings, they will need to be re-entered again.

    • Because of major internal changes, all state files are now invalid.

    • Support for Windows XP has been discontinued as of this version. WinXP is now completely out of support from Microsoft, so we are doing the same.

  • Major improvements to display mode handling in NTSC vs. PAL. The window is now the same size for both modes, and scaling is applied to simulate the height of scanlines (in PAL mode, there are more scanlines and hence each is narrower). This more properly emulates how the display would look on a real TV.
  • Removed the 'Display_Height' property, changing it to 'Display_VCenter'. This new feature, along with the display mode changes above, almost completely eliminate having to manually tweak each ROM so that it will not have part of the image cut off.
  • Removed the 'Display_YStart' property and all automatic detection of ystart. It caused problems on some ROMs, and was not the way a real console would work anyway. Related to this, ROMs now load much faster.
    • Major improvements to event remapping:
    • Allow mapping of modifier-key and button-direction combinations
    • Physical controllers can map the same action to different events on different virtual controllers
    • Many more events can be remapped
    • Events can be filtered by type in UI
  • Paths have been simplified:

    • The following file/directory locations are no longer configurable
      (statedir, nvramdir, cheatfile, palettefile, propsfile); they are now all under the base directory
    • Removed cfgdir; Distella config files are now placed with their associated ROMs
    • Added 'basedir' commandline argument, which allows to change the base directory where almost all config-related items are stored; related to this, discontinued the 'basedir.txt' functionality
    • Added 'baseinappdir' commandline argument, which sets the base directory to the application folder (Windows only for now); this replaces the functionality of 'basedir.txt'
  • Added automatic controller detection.

  • Controllers can be changed during emulation (no ROM reload required anymore).

  • Added support for Light Gun controller.

  • Added limited KidVid support (8, 9 and 0 start the games).

  • Removed superfluous controller option 'PADDLES_IDIR'.

  • Added configurable paddle dejittering.

  • Key-repeat mode improved; entering Time Machine by holding down a key combo continues to send events (previously, you had to release and then press the combo again).

  • Certain buttons in the UI can now be activated repeatedly by holding down the mouse button (Time Machine, debugger step/trace/frame advance, etc.)

  • Added option to configure mouse double click speed.

  • Added option to configure controller input repeat speed.

  • Added high quality scaling.

  • Made scanlines better aligned to scaling.

  • Added 'HiDPI' mode, which scales the UI by 2x when enabled. This is meant for 4k and above monitors, but can actually be used at any lower resolution that is large enough to display the scaled UI.

  • Fixed TIA 'Center' option, Stella now remembers the last windowed position.

  • Added fractional (25% increments) TIA zooms.

  • Removed 'tia.fsfill' option, replacing it with 'tia.fs_stretch'. This new option allows to preserve TIA image aspect ratio in fullscreen mode, or stretch to fill the entire screen.

  • Added configurable 'Overscan' option for fullscreen modes.

  • Fullscreen TIA modes no longer assume that desktop taskbars, etc are present, hence they are scaled to the proper fullscreen size.

  • Added option to display dialogs in screen corners.

  • Added hotkey for sound on/off.

  • Enhanced 'Command' menu to display current state and more commands.

  • Added option to save and load all TimeMachine states at once.

  • Added option to automatically load/save states when entering/exiting emulation.

  • Added option to change pitch of Pitfall II music.

  • ROM Info Viewer size is not limited to fixed zoom steps anymore.

  • ROM Info Viewer can now display multiple lines per property and the bank switching type.

  • In file listings, you can now select directories by holding 'Shift' on the first character entered. Entering characters in lowercase still selects files, as before.

  • Fixed bug when starting ROMs via MacOS finder.

  • Added various developer options for oddball TIAs:

    • stuffed player, missiles and ball move
    • delayed playfield bits and color
    • delayed players and ball VDEL swap
  • Disabled some developer options for 'Player settings'.

  • Writes to RAM read ports are ignored now.

  • Added Developer setting, which breaks on writes to read ports.

  • Improved breakpoints to now consider the banks.

  • Improved debugger's TIA display and zoom windows.

  • Improved hotkeys, now many emulation keys work in debugger too.

  • Fixed display of negative values in debugger; sometimes they were shown as positive.

  • Reworked ROM properties database, making it load faster in certain cases.

  • Updated internal ROM properties database to ROM-Hunter version 16 (thanks go to RomHunter for his tireless research in this area). Related to this, updated the snapshot collection.

  • Fixed 'Dancing Plate (Unknown) (PAL)' to use joystick.

  • Fixed cheatcode handling in 2K and 4K ROMs.

  • Fixed bug where ROMs smaller than 64 bytes were not recognized.

  • Fixed bug where frying one ROM was continued with the next ROM.

  • Fixed not working 7800 pause key.

  • Enhanced UA bankswitching to support certain Brazilian carts.

  • Fixed WD bankswitching.

  • Added FC bankswitching for Amiga's Power Play Arcade Video Game Album.

  • Added auto-detection of display format based on filename.

  • Auto-detection of bankswitch scheme by file extension now includes more human-readable formats (not restricted to DOS 3-char length). See the documentation for the new names.

  • Fixed bug in DPC+ scheme; 'fast fetch mode' was enabled at startup, when it should be disabled by default.

  • Some more work on DPC+ playfield 'jitter' effect for certain older DPC+ driver versions; more ROMs are now detected properly. Special thanks to SpiceWare for his research in this area.

  • Added proper Retron77 port.

  • Added proper libretro port, and fixed display for OpenGLES renderers.

  • PNG/ZIP image support is now conditionally compiled into Stella. All major ports (Linux/macOS/Windows) have it enabled by default.

  • SDL/GUI support is now conditionally compiled into Stella. All major ports (Linux/macOS/Windows) have it enabled by default. This is currently needed by the libretro port.

  • Updated included PNG library to latest stable version.

  • Updated UNIX configure script to work with the gcc version 10 and above.


→ [VCS] Stella 6.0.1
Epic Adventure (2010, Byte Knight, Homebrew)

June 6, 2019

  • Added support for CDFJ bankswitching type (Galaga, Wizard of War, etc).
  • Allow the DPC+ scheme to not enable playfield 'jitter' effect for certain older DPC+ driver versions; this allows 'Epic Adventure' ROM to finally work in Stella.
→ [VCS] Stella 6.0.0
IXION (1984, Sega)

5.1.3 to 6.0: (December 23, 2018)

Note: because of major TIA sound changes, the state file format has changed, and old state files will not work with this release.

  • New cycle exact audio core based on work by Chris Brenner (crispy); greatly improved audio emulation accuracy (i.e. E.T., Ms. Pacman).
  • Full rewrite of the audio subsystem; resample TIA output to target sample rate directly in Stella.
  • Added option to force stereo sound for all ROMs, or to use the setting on a per-ROM basis.
  • Threading: decouple emulation from frame rendering.
  • Main loop rewritten; emulating speed and timing is now much more faithful (i.e. speed in Pick'n'Pile).
  • Added preliminary support for 'CTY' bankswitching scheme and recently released 'Chetiry' ROMs. Special thanks to SpiceWare for adding music support to this scheme.
  • UI modernization (new widget look, dialog titles added, dialogs refactored).
  • The bankswitch scheme can now be forced by naming the ROM with a specific extension (ie: .f8s for F8SC, .fe for FE, etc). The supported extensions are the same as the ones from HarmonyCart and UnoCart.
  • Audio settings replaced with new 'audio.xxx' settings.
  • FPS setting replaced with speed setting for adjusting emulation speed.
  • Extra functionality for Time Machine dialog (start/stop recording; minor fixes).
  • When logging messages to the System Logger, condense similar messages that arrive in batches into fewer messages (including timestamps).
  • Fixes for collision corner cases (during HBlank).
  • Fixed excessive CPU usage while in UI modes (ROM launcher, debugger, etc).
  • The 'launcherexts' option has been replaced by a true/false option named 'launcherroms', which specifies to show only ROMs or all files in the ROM launcher.
  • Changes in 'Game Properties' dialog
    • 'Default' button now affects only current tab like in all other dialogs.
    • 'Display' and 'Console' tab changes are now immediate.
    • Fixed bug when selecting 'Auto-detect' format for 50Hz ROMs
  • Fixed bug in autodetecting Genesis controllers.
  • Fixed bug with 'thumb.trapfatal' commandline argument; sometimes Stella would lock up when encountering a fatal error instead of entering the debugger and displaying a message.
  • Fixed bug in reading from settings file with entries that were empty; the parsing was failing. This affected the 'cpurandom' argument; when all options in it were turned off, they were all turned on again during the next program run.
  • Fixed bug with 'hold' events; they are now released a short time after starting a ROM.
  • When starting Stella for the first time, the first ROM selected will determine which path to use by default for subsequent runs.
  • Fixed emulator crash when starting SaveKey ROMs from commandline with SaveKey messages enabled.
  • Fixed missing TV format update in frame stats dialog when switching display type.
  • Fixed missing debug color update when switching display type.
  • 'Fill to scanline' now works for scanlines above current scanline too.
  • The debugger 'uhex' command is now honoured in CDF and BUS schemes.
  • When switching screenmodes, the sound is now paused and later resumed. This fixes popping and cracking sounds apparent on some systems, notably OSX when toggling windowed/fullscreen mode.
  • State file format has been optimized to be smaller, and faster loading and saving. This affects both the files saved to your computer as well as Time Machine functionality.
  • The ROM name saved in a PNG tEXt chunk now honours the 'snapname' setting.
  • Improved snapshots when phosphor is enabled.
  • Updated PAL palette.
  • Added 'Cartridge.StartBank' ROM property, to force a ROM to use a specific bank for its reset vector.
  • Added Developer setting, which breaks on reads from write ports. It now detects such conditions in many more cases. This new way of detecting RWP errors obsoletes the old '_rwport' debugger command, which has now been removed.
  • Added recently released 'Arkyology' prototype ROM to the database.
  • Added 'Amoeba Jump' and 'Flappy' ROMs (from the Retron77) to the database.
  • Fixed 'Street Racer' and 'Video Olympics' ROMs to use paddles in both ports.
  • If using SDL 2.0.5 or above, the calculated desktop size now takes the taskbar/dock into account (so windows should no longer overlap those areas).
→ [VCS] Stella 5.1.3
Atlantis (Imagic, 1982)

5.1.2 to 5.1.3: (June 10, 2018)

  • Fixed crash in OpenBSD when quitting the app, which can also be happening on other systems (no reports yet, but the problem is now fixed for good).
  • Fixed configure/build scripts to work natively under OpenBSD.
→ [VCS] Stella 5.1.2
Donkey Kong (Coleco Industries, Inc., 1982)

5.1.1 to 5.1.2: (May 20, 2018)

  • Fixed bug with SaveKey autodetection; some ROMs were not correctly detecting that a virtual SaveKey device was plugged in. This notably fixes issues in "Super Cobra" and "Scramble" ROMs.
  • Make previously mentioned ROMs use the SaveKey device by default.
  • Fixed bug in UI navigation with joystick hat movement.
→ [VCS] Stella 5.1.1
Stargunner (Telesys, 1982)

5.1 to 5.1.1: (February 21, 2018)

  • Fixed bug in Stargunner ROM starting with a blank screen.
→ [VCS] Stella 5.1
Prototype of Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures in the Park (a.k.a. Cabbage Patch Kids) (Coleco, 1984)

5.0.2 to 5.1: (February 4, 2018)

  • Added "Time Machine" mode, which automatically creates save states in user-defined intervals. The user can navigate back and forth within these states inside the emulator and the debugger.
  • Huge improvements to the disassembly view in the debugger and disassembly files created:
    • reformatting in debugger for better space utilization
    • much improved code and data detection
    • access tracking and indicators for TIA/IO/RAM adresses in disassembly
    • break vector is tracked (if used)
    • improved cycle count (page penalties, sums created in disassembly)
    • improved handling of instruction masking opcodes (e.g. BIT)
  • Fixed change tracking bug during rewind; changes were accumulated instead of being displayed only for the last rewind step.
  • Extended 'rewind' to take a second parameter which allows rewinding multiple states.
  • Added 'unwind' command, which undoes the latest rewind(s)
  • Added '<' (unwind) button to debugger.
  • Thumbulator support is not conditional any more.
  • Moved various developer related settings in new Developer Settings dialog. These settings now come in two groups (player/developer) and allow switching all settings at once.
  • Don't trap write accesses to the datastream pointers in CDF and BUS. This fixes -dev.thumb.trapfatal 1.
  • Complete rework of TV mode and ystart autodetection. The new implementation is more robust and reduces startup time.
  • Add two "grace lines" of black to the top of the frame when autodetecting ystart.
  • Fixed Genesis controller autodetect (Stay Frosty 2, Scramble, etc).
  • Fixed a bug in ystart autodetection that could cause screen jumps.
  • Fixed several bugs in holdselect, holdreset and holdjoyX commandline arguments; these now work as expected.
  • Fixed bug in TIA collision handling; it is now disabled in VBlank.
  • Improve TIA PF collision handling during hblank; this fixes a bug in Thrust ROM.
  • Fixed wrong display of HM values in debugger after 'HMCLR' has been executed.
  • Fixed bug with the debugger 'savedis' command in Windows; it wasn't actually saving the files at all. This has never been reported before, so I guess it shows how many people use that functionality.
  • The debugger 'savedis', 'saverom' and 'saveses' now save files in a default, user-visible directory (see the documentation for more information). In the case of 'saveses', the filename is now named based on the date and time of when the command was entered.
  • Fixed bug with saving snapshots in 1x mode; there was graphical corruption in some cases. Such snapshots also now include any TV effects / phosphor blending currently in use.
  • Fixed regular-sized snapshots when phosphor effect was enabled; sometimes the image was 'double-blended', resulting in a snapshot that was too dark.
  • Fixed crash when selecting 'CompuMate' as a controller type for a non- CompuMate ROM; this controller type can no longer be manually selected, and will be used automatically used for CompuMate ROMs.
  • Fixed cheat codes, so 7 digits codes are now accepted as described in the doc.
  • Fixed swapped ports being displayed wrong in System Logs and debugger.
  • Added options to erase the AtariVox/Savekey flash memory, either for all ROMs or only the current one. Also added a message (configurable) when the flash memory is accessed.
  • Access to the AtariVox/SaveKey can be signaled with a message.
  • Added new interface palette 'Light'.
  • Frame stats display made transparent. Also it now displays the real frame rate and if the developer settings group is enabled.
  • Improved tab auto-complete in debugger.
  • Added conditional traps and savestate creation to debugger.
  • Added 'Options...' button to debugger which gives access to the options menu during debugging.
  • Added debugger pseudo-register '_cyclesLo' and '_cyclesHi', which give the number of CPU cycles that have occurred since emulation started.
  • Added debugger pseudo-register '_fcycles', which gives the number of CPU cycles that have occurred since the frame started.
  • Added debugger pseudo-register '_icycles', which gives the number of CPU cycles of the last instruction.
  • Extended debugger 'dump' command to take a second argument, indicating the end of the range to dump data.
  • Improved change tracking; more values are tracked and change tracking now works in case of a break too.
  • Added widgets for trackball and SaveKey/AtariVox controllers.
  • Improved emulation of 'FE' bankswitch scheme (no user-visible changes, but internally the emulation is much more accurate compared to the real thing). Related to this, improved the debugger support for this scheme (you can now switch banks in the debugger view).
  • Added emulation of 7800 initial RAM values and Pause key.
  • Added ROM properties for 'Scramble' ROMs, and updated info for all "Champ Games" ROMs.
  • Added ROM properties for 'Zippy the Porcupine' ROMs, and updated info for all "Chris Spry (Sprybug)" ROMs.
  • Support UNIX style builds (configure / make) on OSX with both XCode / clang and g++.
  • Fixed error when building with uClibc-ng for ARM (thanks to Sergio Prado).
  • Updated included PNG library to latest stable version.
→ [VCS] Stella 5.0.2

Stella 5.0.2 20 Aug 2017

This is another point release, but a few extra updates this time before the next fairly major release of 5.1:

  • Improved emulation of Trakball controller, eliminating bias in left/right directions. Thanks to Thomas Jentzsch for the idea and code. Related to this, added 'tsense' commandline argument and associated UI item, to allow changing sensitivity of mouse trackball emulation.
  • Added preliminary support for multi-threading in the Blargg TV effects code. This is still a WIP; more improvements are coming. Related to this, further optimized the TIA rendering code. Also added 'threads' commandline argument and associated UI item to enable/disable multi-threading. Thanks to Thomas Jentzsch for the bulk of the work in this area.
  • Blargg TV effects now no longer cut off the right side of the image (by several pixels) in certain cases.
  • Updated CDF scheme to latest version from Spiceware. In addition, this scheme now supports versioning, so older and newer ROMs will continue to work.
  • Fixed an annoying bug in Linux, where Alt-Tab'ing out of a window and then back again would pass a 'Tab' key event to the app, which in most cases would navigate to the next UI element.
  • Fixed potential issue with state file saving and the debugger; under certain circumstances a rewind would give a different state than before (note that the state file format has changed because of this).
  • Fixed lockups when entering the debugger under certain circumstances.
  • The debugger 'listtraps' command now shows all traps set, not just the first one(s).
  • Reverted joystick changes for Decathlon ROMs from last release, as it was added by mistake.
→ [VCS] Stella 5.0.1

Stella release 5.0.1 July 23, 2017

  • Fixed issues in keypad, Genesis and various other controllers that use INPTx registers; the emulation is now much more accurate in this area.
  • Various 'Bumper Bash' and 'Decathlon' ROMs are marked as always having all 4 directions on a joystick enabled, since they can't be played properly otherwise.
  • Added 'Hunchy II' from Chris Walton (cd-w) to ROM properties database.
  • Codebase now uses C++14 features.

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