[TRS] TRS80gp v2.4.9

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[TRS] TRS80gp v2.4.9

Emulator "szarej" serii maszynek Tandy Radio Shack (Model I, II, III i IV) został zaktualizowany. Ten mocno rozbudowany program jakoś bokiem uchodzi mojej uwadze, cóż maszynki TRS są praktycznie mi obce. Dla chcących potestować emulator odsyłam do strony projektu a po soft dla modelu III warto odwiedzić ten adres.

Version 2.4.9 - 11 Oct, 2022


New Features:

  • Disk drive and other sound effects.
  • Japanese Model 1 emulation (-m1j)
  • LDOS DiskDISK floppy disk image support.


  • .bds symbols and loading works on all CPUs, including the 68000.
  • 68000 debugger upgraded to 18 breakpoints.
  • Disassembly windows show symbolic names for memory locations when available.
  • Memory view windows independent of debugger.
  • Orchestra 85 and 90 now play in stereo on Windows.
  • Various auto turbo modes now per-model perferences; settable on command line.


  • Bus use for MC-10 and Electric Crayon now functional.
  • Bus use no longer clearing loaded flag returning it to usefulness.
  • Corrected various 6803 instruction timings for MC-10.
  • Corvus hard drive emulation improved, added debugger (Windows only).
  • Edit → Copy crashed in Videotex, Electric Crayon and MC-10 graphics mode.
  • F12 now activates turbo on linux.
  • Low probability .bds file loading hang/crash bug fixed.
  • MC-10 implements SG6 display mode properly.
  • Model I RS Doubler ignores side select commands which didn’t really exist.
  • Model 1,3,4 unmapped printer port bits now correctly float high.
  • Model 4 can be set up with 16K memory. Or 0K as if no RAM is installed.
  • Slightly green text background for Electric Crayon, Videotex and MC-10.

Version 2.1.2 - July 16, 2019

T80-FS1 Flight Simulator (19xx, subLOGIC)
  • CP/M Plus 1.00 for Model 4 now boots.
  • Improve formatted track conversion for IMD disk images.
  • Model I LDOS diskette 2 now inserted in drive 2 instead of diskette 1.
  • Handle .jv1 isk images with more than 40 tracks.
  • -frehd supports file writing so EXPORT2/CMD works.
  • Internal disk images loadable on command line with :name or "-d :name"
  • Added internal utility diskettes :tu1, :tu2, :tu3, :tu4, :lu1, :lu2, :lu3, :lu4 for TRSDOS/LDOS Model 1 .. 4 containing import2, export2 and vhdutl.  And :t4u2 for TRSDOS 4 Model II.
  • Added pre-formatted internal diskettes :tb1 .. :tb4, :lb1 .. :lb4 and :t4b2
  • for TRSDOS and LDOS and TRSDOS 4 Model II.
  • Aculab Floppy Tape emulation for Model I.
  • Don't allow load or run to overwrite ROM.
  • Check for reasonable BASIC program start address when loading BASIC programs.
  • Remove spurious complaint about lack of entry point when running BASIC programs.
  • Super Utility for Model I and Model 4 boot (A1_REPAIR enabled).
  • Menu items deleted and checked as required when started in full screen.
  • Border colour now defaults to black and can be changed with -vb option.
  • Add Ctrl+Alt+R and Ctrl+Alt+L shortcuts for File -> Load and File -> Run
  • Relative T-state times in bus trace now reflect actual memory/IO access times.
  • Also some clean up of NMI and IRQ details.
  • Bus trace outputs nested curly braces to help track subroutine calls.
  • Toggling Z-80 flag checkboxes in debugger updates F register value and vice-versa.

Version 2.1.1 - March 13, 2019

  • LDOS and LS-DOS can now format .imd disk images.
  • Volume control with slider in Controls dialog box and -vol N option.
  • Some menu checkmarks (e.g., Record -> Audio) were not being updated.
  • Added -mute, -m4ga flags.
  • FreHD can be enabled/disabled with Diskette -> FreHD
  • -d now selects the first free drive instead of drive 0 erroneously.
  • Release notes now available in trs80gp itself via Help -> Release Notes.
  • Built-in double-sided (and unformatted) disk images added (e.g., -d dmk-ds)
  • And tracks beyond the default with #N (e.g., -d imd#44).
  • Preliminary trsnic emulation via -trsnic.
  • Corrected frequency of beep in Model 2.
  • EXTIO enable was incorrectly required for FreHD access on Model 1 and 2.

Version 2.1.0 - February 17, 2019

  • Numerous bug fixes in floppy emulation especially around formatting.
  • .cmd files now loaded under TRSDOS/LSDOS rather than ROM BASIC.
  • Sound mute menu entry and auto-muting paused or using menus.
  • Full screen and new sharp rendering mode. (perfectly square pixels with scaling)
  • See -vf, -vs, -vi command line options and new View menu.
  • Reassigned and new hot keys:
    •     Alt-F5 - reset (also in File menu)
    •     Ctrl-Alt-F5 - cold reset (also in File menu)
    •     F9 - pause (also in File menu)
    •     F11 - screenshot
    •     Shift-F11 - clean shot (screen shot without beam conflict dropouts)
    •     F12 - turbo mode while held
    •     Shift-F12 - turbo mode (also in File menu)
    •     Alt-Enter - toggle full screen mode
    •     Ctrl-Alt-C, Ctrl-Insert - Copy
    •     Ctrl-Alt-V, Shift-Insert - Paste
  • Right-click context menu for easier cut/paste and exit of full scren mode.
  • Disk files recognized by .dmk, .imd, .dsk suffix so can be listed without
  • -dN on command line.  Or with just -d if suffix unknown.
  • Can insert unformatted blank disks with "-d dmk" and "-d imd".
  • Printer menu to turn off pop-up and turn off printer (also -poff).
  • Reset button and RAM badge added to soft keyboard.
  • Added IM mode, WZ register, EX latches and Z-80 instruction state to debugger.
  • BASICG and hires graphics utilities now on built-in Model II TRSDOS boot disk.
  • Handling of reset button and HALT instruction fixed on Model I.
  • Clock automatically set for Model 1, 3, 4 built-in TRS-DOS, LDOS and LS-DOS.
  • Added -is, -ics, -id, -itime, -im trackdump  and -showframe for automatic input "scripting".
  • Add "Replace" to diskette menu for quicker eject + insert workflow.
  • Now have -m3n for Norcom emulation (99% just a different character ROM).
  • Bug fixes in screenshot when paused.
  • Beam debug now defaults to blue for conflict colour and shows the data that would have been displayed if the conflict did not occur.
  • Display and beam conflict colours selectable on command line with -vc, -vd.
  • Built-in Model 4 LDOS now configured for 4 floppy drives (it had only 2).

Version 2.0.4 - August 27, 2018

  • Major update featuring Model II emulation.
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