[tools] RomVault 2.1.22

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[tools] RomVault 2.1.22

RomVault pozwoli nam zachować porządek w co raz to bardziej chaotycznym (dla użytkownika) kolekcji dumpów dla MAME i MESS. Jest to całkiem interesująca alternatywa jeśli chodzi o możliwości tego programu w stosunku do clrMAME. 

January 27th, 2014, ROMVault 2.1.22


  • Fixed a couple of Bugs. Corrupt CHD's where missing some fix cases, so these should be handled correctly. Also speeded up rescanning directories that contain a lot of files. (not zips).


  • So it turned out that after fixing the CHD bugs in 2.1.21, I looked a little further into the code and fixed a couple more CHD fixing related issues. So here is the next update.


→ NOWSZY [tools] RomVault 2.2.7

June 27th, 2016

Had some good code feedback, big thanks to LnmVolbo on Github, so here are those fixes to rom reporting, fix reporting, and sorting by filesize, plus a small bug fix to the multi threaded file checking V2.2.7.

→ NOWSZY [tools] RomVault 2.2.6

May 19th, 2016

The Multi threaded checking is now getting to a good stable point so I have put out a new full release V2.2.6.

→ NOWSZY [tools] RomVault 2.2.0

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 30]

Author: gjefferyes | Date: 8 grudnia 2014 17:29:43

  • Cleaned up a little more, removed the frmRegistration code.
  • And ready for a first github release. so changed to version 2.2

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 29]

Author: gjefferyes | Date: 13 listopada 2014 16:54:31

  • remove service References

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 28]

Author: gjefferyes | Date: 13 listopada 2014 16:42:53

  • Merge pull request #8 from jwestfall69/mono-ui-fixes2
  • Additional Mono rendering fixes

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 27]

Author: jim.westfall | Date: 5 listopada 2014 22:51:51

  • Force all pTree.Tree.RTree to have aleast some width.
  • This fixes ToSort not having the "└" in the tree view.

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 26]

Author: jim.westfall | Date: 5 listopada 2014 22:15:20

  • ui rendering fixes for progress window
  • FrmProgressWindow.Designer.cs was setup for the windows being 591 wide,
  • but rv was forcing it to be 498 when the window was brought up. This
  • was confusing mono and it was causing rendering issues. This patch
  • makes it so the Designer and rv agree on the width of the window.
  • Additional adjustments were made to standardize the spacing between
  • window edge/progress bar/button, resulting in a width of 511.

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 25]

Author: jim.westfall | Date: 2 listopada 2014 01:05:14

  • Additional Mono rendering fixes
  • - on initial rendering mono likes to send a resize event where the width
  • is 0, ignore it. This was causing gbDatInfo to not render until a
  • manual resize was done.
  • - set AutoScaleMode to System.Windows.Forms.AutoScaleMode.None. This
  • fixes a number of rendering issues under mono and didnt seem to have any
  • negative effect under c#/windows builds.
  • - tweak some of the initial form sizes and locations on FrmMain. A
  • number of the setting didnt make sense based on the size of the panel
  • they were put it. This resolves an issue with the gbDatInfo and
  • gbSetInfo starting off with the wrong size under mono.

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 24]

Author: gjefferyes | Date: 13 listopada 2014 16:42:02

  • Merge pull request #7 from jwestfall69/mono-chdman
  • chdman mono/linux fixes and improvements

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 23]

Author: jim.westfall | Date: 30 października 2014 04:20:37

  • More CHD related fixes
  • - CHDReturnError was not handled and would cause an exception/crash
  • - CHD error/filename were swapped in ErrorGrid when scanning
  • - Use regex when parsing chdman stdout output

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 22]

Author: jim.westfall | Date: 29 października 2014 05:10:43

  • Fix parsing of chdman stderr output.
  • Makes it works under mono/linux and also corrects the displayed error
  • message in windows.

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 21]

Author: jim.westfall | Date: 29 października 2014 02:37:16

  • chdman fixes for mono/unix
  • - call chdman as chdman and not chdman.exe
  • - fix parsing issue with chdman stderr output

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 20]

Author: gjefferyes | Date: 13 listopada 2014 16:41:08

  • Merge pull request #6 from jwestfall69/mono-ui-fixes
  • Mono UI/Crash fixes

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 19]

Author: jim.westfall | Date: 8 listopada 2014 19:19:27

  • speed up populating GameGrid
  • These changes speed up how long it takes to populate the GameGrid after
  • clicking on a dat in the Tree. MAME 0.155 dat was used for testing.
  • Before the changes population times were
  • windows .net = 2.75 seconds
  • linux mono = 23 seconds
  • After the changes, both now take 300-400ms.
  • This was done using 2 main changes.
  • 1. Fully move populating the rows' Values to the CellFormatting function
  • 2. Determine the total number of rows we will need and use
  • GameGrid.rowCount to set the row count to that. This is much faster
  • then doing individual Add()'s for each row.

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 18]

Author: jim.westfall | Date: 29 października 2014 01:42:33

  • GetFiles() for mono was missing initializing the Length

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 17]

Author: jim.westfall | Date: 27 października 2014 04:27:10

  • Make drawn text look better in GameGrid's CCorrect

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 16]

Author: jim.westfall | Date: 27 października 2014 03:58:01

  • Move (Rom|Game)Grid CellFormatting functions to be in the right #region sections

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 15]

Author: jim.westfall | Date: 27 października 2014 03:52:29

  • Need cellbounds to be the full wide and not just the visual.

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 14]

Author: jim.westfall | Date: 27 października 2014 03:07:05

  • Replace *CellDraw classes with CellFormatting functions.
  • This fixes rendering and crashing issues in (Rom|Game)Grid with mono.

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 13]

Author: gjefferyes | Date: 24 października 2014 15:43:38

  • Merge pull request #4 from jwestfall69/master
  • Couple bug fixes for mono/linux, additional cleanup from file renames

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 12]

Author: jim.westfall | Date: 24 października 2014 07:04:01

  • remove needless Console.ReadLine(), causes ui to stall waiting for input on console/tty

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 11]

Author: jim.westfall | Date: 24 października 2014 06:59:09

  • Fix classes to match up with recent file renames

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 10]

Author: jim.westfall | Date: 23 października 2014 02:56:46

  • Don't attempt to read Length/LastWriteTimeUtc if the file/dir doesn't exist

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 9]

Author: gjefferyes | Date: 22 października 2014 17:50:41

  • Fix bug:
  • DatMaker truncates filenames containing periods

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 8]

Author: gjefferyes | Date: 22 października 2014 17:37:47

  • re-added .NET File IO support, to try and get closer to RomVault working on Linux/Mono.

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 7]

Author: gjefferyes | Date: 21 października 2014 15:55:16

  • Merge pull request #3 from jwestfall69/master
  • Standardize the case of file names and how they are referenced in ROMVault2.csproj

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 6]

Author: jim.westfall | Date: 19 października 2014 05:34:06

  • should be semi-colon separated list, not comma. Remove
  • unneeded System.Deployment include (mono doesnt support it).

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 5]

Author: jim.westfall | Date: 19 października 2014 01:36:00

  • Standardize the case of file names and how they are referenced in
  • ROMVault2.csproj so its possible to compile on a case sensitive
  • filesystem (ie mono on linux)

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 4]

Author: gjefferyes | Date: 10 października 2014 01:29:50

  • added LICENSE

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 3]

Author: gjefferyes | Date: 23 września 2014 21:08:11

  • removed outputPath

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 2]

Author: gjefferyes | Date: 23 września 2014 21:06:15

  • First Public Release.

ROMVault 2.2.0[SVN 1]

Author: gjefferyes | Date: 23 września 2014 21:02:59

  • Initial commit
→ NOWSZY [tools] RomVault 2.1.24

April 22th, 2014, ROMVault 2.1.24

  • Quick update today, Fixed a couple of bugs in DAT loading, and added a couple of new Meta Data Items for Trurip DATs


→ NOWSZY [tools] RomVault 2.1.23

March 4th, 2014, ROMVault 2.1.23

  • Happy Fat Tuesday, and here is a quick bug fix update, fixed a couple of bug that caused the fix engine to crash when fixing files.
  • Fixed renaming a file if it was needing the case of some characters changed.
  • Fixed moving files out to ToSort


→ [tools] RomVault 2.1.20

ROMVault 2.1.20  January 7th, 2014

And after much searching and trouble I believe I have finally tracked down 'comparing null ulong?' error.

You had to have:

  • a) a missing CHD file that did not give a SIZE in the CHD DAT
  • b) a missing ROM file that was zero length and so no CRC supplied in the DAT
  • c) have a fix for the CHD
  • d) have the order of things so that the CHD would be fixed before the ZERO length file.
→ [tools] RomVault 2.1.19

ROMVault 2.1.19

A few more bugs have been coming in with the new version, so a new fix release is already here.


  • Handles Missing DATRoot directory cleanly now.
  • Added some better error handling to find the ulong null problem
  • Ignored files being set to incorrect status on Cache Load
  • Error opening CHD file (): decompression error


→ [tools] RomVault 2.1.18

ROMVault 2.1.18

  • Already fixed one bug caused by not having a ROMRoot directory setup when you try and run RV, and trying to track down another bug.
    If you have been getting the error message 'comparing null ulong?' please download and run this version.


→ [tools] RomVault 2.1.17

ROMVault 2.1.17

  • The big new feature of 2.1 is CHD file support. You will need to have chdman.exe in the same directory as RomVault21.exe for the full CHD support to work. But there have been many more smaller fixes and improvements made, such as continuing to scan passed locked files. (Files locked by other applications accessing them.) There is also improvements made to the ZIP reading code, that should be compatible with a few more rare zip formats.
    A few other notes:
    The cache file has changed in this release, so your old cache files will not work!! You will have to re-scan all of your files with this release!!
    ROMVault 2.1 will make a new cache file called: RomVault2_7.Cache (This is actually my internal version 7 of this cache file, so that explains the 2_7)
    If ROMVault does crash is does send me a log of the crash report, this has helped me track down many bugs in the past, this is also why I ask you to enter your name and email before using ROMVault for the first time. This way I can contact you back to try and find out more details about crashes I see. .


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