[TOOLS] Romulus 0.042 14/03/19

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[TOOLS] Romulus 0.042 14/03/19

Pojawiła się kolejna wersja Romulusa, który podobnie jak ClrMAME pozwala porządkować i zarządzać romsetami emulowanymi przez MAME/MESS. Program jest w stanie importować pliki .dat (stary format i pliki XML), radzi sobie też całkiem dobrze z Messem, czyta także pliki spakowane w formatach ZIP, RAR i 7z. 



  • FIXED problems reading/writing files and sometimes crashes when managing long path filenames.
  • IMPROVED Speed at Offlinelist profiles updating/downloading pictures and less CPU usage.
  • ADDED Cache for Offlinelist profiles images updater.
  • ADDED Close button for tabs.
  • ADDED Polish language. Thanks to Michip
  • ADDED Polish O.S language detection when Romulus first run.
  • CHANGED Languages list from settings in native language country names.
  • MINOR Bug fixes.
NOWSZY [TOOLS] Romulus 0.049 06/12/20


  • FIXED Updater list extraction information.
NOWSZY [TOOLS] Romulus 0.048 15/11/20


  • ADDED Updater new DAT group. Antopisa - Progetto Snaps. Thanks to Rowlaxx
  • ADDED Updater new DAT group. Retroplay - Amiga. Thanks to Rowlaxx
  • FIXED Windows defender positive virus by unknow reason.
NOWSZY [TOOLS] Romulus 0.047 19/10/20


  • FIXED Updater displaying profiles list. Thanks to Rowlaxx
  • ADDED Information at bottom of Main form if window is set as stay on top or normal.
  • ADDED Updater new DAT group. Gruby's Adventure packs.
  • ADDED Updater new DAT group. Retroplay - English translations and MSU chips.
  • ADDED Updater new DAT group. Super Mario World Hacks.
  • ADDED to Updater an option to store downloaded DATs after imported it or delete it.
  • ADDED to Updater a button to display downloaded DATs folder in your file explorer.
  • ADDED to Updater popuplist. Select all and invert selection options.
  • ADDED to Updater popupmenu new option, download without prompts.
  • CHANGED Updater doubleclick in list now will download selected profile DAT.
  • FIXED Some minor visuals.


  • IMPROVED Speed at scanning when profile has big compressed sets with thousand of files inside folders.
  • IMPROVED Compatibility importing softwarelist DATs.
  • WRITED Native CHD header reader. No more CHDMAN binaries needed. Now CHDs detection is more fast.
  • FIXED Extract to option of Scanner details list popupmenu.
  • FIXED Popupmenu display when right click at Profiles treelist at a new node.
  • FIXED Import DAT from MAME based EXE option.
  • FIXED Lost displaying file extension when using generator in a not compressed files.
  • FIXED Locked folders when search files inside for scan/rebuild process.
  • FIXED Mousewheel function at lists when list is in a dissabled window.
  • FIXED Duplicated files copying files from Scanner - copy selection popupmenu option. Thanks to ToniBC
  • FIXED Some visuals.
  • RECODED All updater search dats process. Now is more accurate.
  • ADDED Description column to updater dats list.
  • ADDED Autodownload dats option at updater dats list. Including batch download process. Thanks to RowlaxX for his incredible work.
  • ADDED Tons of new dats groups like Connie, DatsSite, MAME, Dos Collections.
  • ADDED Statusbar information if main form is on stay normal or stay on top mode.
  • REMOVED Rawdump from Updater list. Seems Rawdump project is dead :(


  • CHANGED Romulus web host to https://romulus.cc
  • ADDED shutdown or hibernate OS when scan or rebuild process ends. From scanner/rebuilder window use the hourglass button to set this option.
  • ADDED support for longpaths at add DATs function.
  • ADDED support for longpaths at Builder option
  • ADDED support for XML DATs without header information. Thanks to ToniBC
  • ADDED Tagalog "Philippine" language. Thanks to Elijah067
  • ADDED Tagalog language OS autodetection on Romulus first run.
  • IMPROVED Speed at dislaying profiles list.
  • FIXED Copy file option from scanner list popupmenu when origin drive is same as destination drive doing a move operation not a copy. Thanks to ToniBC
  • FIXED Displaying header filename when batch process are running.
NOWSZY [TOOLS] Romulus 0.044 10/10/19


  • ADDED A lot of new code for Community module. Working hard to make this dream reality.
  • CHANGED Romulus web host to https://romulusrommanager.000webhostapp.com/
  • FIXED Popupmenu from Scanner-Profiles tabs.
  • FIXED Rare rendering problem when updating status icons of Scanner-Profiles tabs.
  • FIXED Notifications display in Windows 10.
  • FIXED Center on screen forms by compiler bug.
  • FIXED Visuals displaying forms.


NOWSZY [TOOLS] Romulus 0.043 19/07/19


  • ADDED Cache for compressed files. Up to 5000% speedup reading compressed files after 1st scan. Thanks to Agus for his insistence.
  • ADDED Cache for rebuilding uncompressed and compressed files. Up to 5000% speedup process after 1st rebuild. Thanks to Agus for his insistence.
  • ADDED At Updater DATs option popupmenu to select to open URLs with integrated navigator or default system navigator.
  • ADDED Copy to clipboard option at popupmenu in lists. With this you can copy to clipboard under mouse text.
  • ADDED detection of param at importation DATs.
  • INCREASED Cache compression.
  • REWRITED Cache for Offlinelist updating images. Now is more accurate.
  • FIXED Reading 7z files with some special compression methods. Thanks to Agus
  • FIXED Rebuild results when a compressed file is manually removed and is added again using rebuild function.
  • FIXED Close tab button position.
  • FIXED Saving default XML header filename when a new DAT is imported.
  • FIXED incorrect behavior in some parts when mouse buttons are swapped.
  • FIXED Sorting profiles and games list on column click.
  • UPDATED CHDMAN binaries to 0.211 version.
  • UPDATED 7z binaries to 19.00 version
  • UPDATED RAR binaries to 5.71 version
→ [TOOLS] Romulus 0.041 04/01/19


  • FIXED batch scan/rebuild start problem from profiles list option

I would like to remind you that it is possible to add more languages to Romulus with your help. Just only have to edit the translation file found at downloads section.

→ [TOOLS] Romulus 0.040 01/01/19


Happy new year and happy new Romulus.

Here are the changes :

  • FIXED problems getting information from CHDs in paths with "%" chars.
  • FIXED rebuilding files in profiles with CHDs and no ROMs.
  • IMPROVED recovering last focus when closing forms to go back.
  • NO MORE flickering when batch run for rebuild or scan. More speed added because is not necessary to close and reopen window for every profile.
  • REWRITED saving cache by some problems. Now old cache files won't work you must rescan again to save new cache files.
  • REMOVED Trurip dat group for Updater. Trurip is dead ?
  • UPDATED CHDMAN binaries to 0.205 version.
→ [TOOLS] Romulus 0.039 11/09/18

11 - 09 - 2018

Finally a new Romulus version is out.

Here are the changes:

  • ADDED A copy files option from Scanner master list. Now you can select sets and use this option to copy to a folder without extract them. Thanks to Michael Lachmann
  • FIXED bug releasing Zip file(s) after extract them from "extract selected files to..." option from scanner main menu.
  • FIXED Importation problems when Clone/s has same file/s of Master set with different checksums.Now this is detected and the Master/Clone relationshing must be dissabled.
  • FIXED Problems managing compressed files in RAR and 7z format that contains "%" chars.
  • FIXED XML param <homepage> to <homeweb> in DAT files.
  • FIXED Problems reading PNG images with unicode path at Windows 10 and maybe other last OS.
  • FIXED Bugs releasing vars when closing Romulus.
  • SPEED new hack for uncompressed files scan.
→ [TOOLS] Romulus 0.038 27/04/18


  • FIXED Problems with invert selection and mark and unmark option at Constructor. Thanks to Agus
  • FIXED Problems with minimization/maximization with Modal Forms. Thanks to Teo Teorex
  • FIXED RTF encoding problems again to display messages.
  • FIXED Problems executing commandline problems with non ASCII characters in Asian Windows versions. Thanks to xlmldh.
  • FIXED Samples detection at Clrmamepro old DATs format. Thanks to zousizhe
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