[TOOLS] Romulus 0.035

[4] @ !!! Czwartek, 8 Czerwca 2017 00:25 CET [08-06-2017 00:23 CET]

[TOOLS] Romulus 0.035

Pojawiła się kolejna wersja Romulusa, który podobnie jak ClrMAME pozwala porządkować i zarządzać romsetami emulowanymi przez MAME/MESS. Program jest w stanie importować pliki .dat (stary format i pliki XML), radzi sobie też całkiem dobrze z Messem, czyta także pliki spakowane w formatach ZIP, RAR i 7z. 


4- 06 - 2017

  • IMPROVED Hashing speed for uncompressed files using a new cache method. Thanks to Agus.
  • ADDED Speed hacks when scanning profiles with compressed files but must be scanned as uncompressed.
  • ADDED Support for hashlists *.hsi dat files.
  • ADDED Sorted Scan/Rebuild files in a non NTFS Drives.
  • ADDED For profiles and scanning lists a column sorted color with direction arrow, this visual can be removed from settings.
  • ADDED Support for XML new param <MAME> able to import last Connie Arcade and MAME dats. Thanks to Agus.
  • CHANGED Zip and uncompressed files in write mode access only when needed. Thanks to ErAzOr.
  • CHANGED Process screen with a indeterminated animation.
  • UPDATED Torrentzip to 0.8 version. Now no more problems with >4Gb ZIP files. Thanks to Serafín Villar.
  • UPDATED CHDMAN to 0.186 version.
  • FIXED Problems scanning different file types like ROMs, SAMPLES, CHDs in same profile. Thanks to Agus.
  • FIXED Problems sorting list at found duplicates Profiles window.
  • FIXED Minor bugs.
→ [TOOLS] Romulus 0.033

31 - 01 - 2017

  • ADDED In settings an option to apply registry fix to detect mapped drives at elevated applications as Romulus.
  • ADDED To XML dats new param at "<HEADER>".The new "<HEADERFILE>" node contains filename of needed header for the profile. This param don´t take effect in other rom mamangers.
  • ADDED Saving current header xml file when creating XML dats from Database and fixdats.
  • FIXED Problems detecting inside Zip files with especial attributes.
  • FIXED Problems with inverted CRCs and correct CRCs in same profile. Rebuilding correct CRC when inverted CRC exists in same place.
  • FIXED Detecting ROMs scan or rebuild hidden files or folders. Thanks to Agus.
  • FIXED Detecting folders inside compressed files when profile has single folders information. Thanks to Agus.
  • FIXED Reading and creating baddumps when MD5 and/or SHA-1 checksums are filled with zeroes.
  • FIXED Zero bytes creation baddumps when MD5 and/or SHA-1 checksums are filled with information.
  • FIXED Problems displaying master games list end at Offlinelist profiles with filters.
  • FIXED Open URLs in Richedits using OS default web browser when in settings is enabled the option to do it.
  • FIXED Visuals non rectangle hints on Windows 8 and laters.
  • FIXED Taskbar preview size problems for Windows 7 and laters.
  • CHANGED Importation security code to prevent files information with final backslash when really has checksums converting it to files and not folders. Thanks to Agus.
→ [TOOLS] Romulus 0.032

02 - 10 - 2016

  • ADDED From profiles list popup menu an option to create XML Dats of selected profiles.
  • ADDED To report option exportation to CSV format. Thanks to Special-T.
  • ADDED Some rebuilding files optimizations.
  • FIXED Ignored setting compression level option from scanner window and not always using the general defauls settings. Thanks to Executer.
  • FIXED Problem in generator option creating checksums when compressed file has folders and MD5 and/or SHA1 is activated.
  • FIXED Freezing when using extract option from scanner in a uncompressed files method and is saving in a different drive from files source.
  • FIXED Wrong Profile type displaying when an old dat is updated and new one has different type.
  • FIXED Problems detecting updated profiles at Updater option in Trurip group.
  • CHANGED Fixdat creation no asks for fixdat filename in batch mode. Romulus automatic name it.
  • REMOVED try to open as compressed file when rebuild if file has no compression extension like .zip .rar .7z .001. This will increases a lot rebuilding speed in no compressed files.
→ [TOOLS] Romulus 0.030

Here are the changes :

  • ADDED Option in Settings - Advanced to enable RAR5 format compression for new created RAR files. This option is dissabled by default. Thanks to James O'Grady
  • ADDED Cache save on uncompressed files on rebuild."No need to scan again to save cache"
  • ADDED Euskera/Basque language by Agus and Mikel and Laura.
  • ADDED Euskera/Basque OS language detection at startup Romulus first time and set it as default.
  • ADDED to Updater option "Rawdump".A new dumpers group with normal options like detect new, updated or outdated profiles.
  • OPTIMIZATION Loading profiles gain up to 15% of speed.
  • OPTIMIZATION Updater search profiles function. Now is up to x3 more fast.
  • FIXED Offlinelist sorting by clicked column when filters are enabled.
  • FIXED Broken loaded profile search by fields option.
  • FIXED Random memory problem that cause wrong center Forms when showing.
  • FIXED Report saving report information using Scanner - report button.
  • FIXED Cache deletion when user add new files to rebuild and set skip scan when done.
  • FIXED Cache lost previous results when new scan/rebuild is stopped by user.
  • FIXED Delay when trying to launch an open/save file dialog and some rare times a complete freeze.
  • FIXED Problem hide to tray when user tryed last time to hide application when a file dialog was displaying.
  • FIXED Delete file error when rebuilding Zip files but file is handled as a single one.
  • FIXED Error when a destination ROM is trimmed and a rebuilded one has correct size and destination file is compress in Zip with only one file inside.
  • FIXED Invisible scan window when minimized application and log window is visible.
  • FIXED Quick show and hide log window when finish a batch process.
  • FIXED Flicker effect for progressbar percent displaying.
  • FIXED Community Form stayontop params. Now always is upper of Romulus but not other apps.
  • FIXED Wrong display in profiles columns list. Column path information when drag'n drop a profile to other left side treepath and is displaying All profiles at same time.
  • FIXED Manual extraction in loaded profile list when multiselect.
  • FIXED Send to generator problem when source profile has only one set.
  • FIXED More colors update problems when user changes system colors and themes when Romulus is running.
  • FIXED Minor bugs.
→ [TOOLS] Romulus 0.028

Here are the changes :

  • ADDED Possibility to stop process when Builder or Scan/Rebuild option is used when searching files.
  • ADDED Detection of hyperlinks at Richedit component. Not very usefull at moment but will be interesting in future.
  • ADDED Automatic checking of file before rebuild if is compressed or not when has a wrong compression extension.
  • ADDED Manifest GUID Declaration for Windows 10 Compatibility.
  • ADDED Error.log when Romulus has an internal exception.
  • ADDED Portuguese translation by Caboteta & Silius.
  • ADDED Portuguese OS Detection at first run and set Portuguese as default language.
  • CHANGED Paused taskbar status when a process is running and a question message is displayed.
  • OPTIMIZATION Loading profiles to display. New algorith is up to 150% more fast.
  • OPTIMIZATION Scanning files up to 10% more fast using different speed hacks.
  • OPTIMIZATION Extracting files to use it when compressed file has a big number of files inside.
  • OPTIMIZATION Rebuilding method finding coincidences and adding files to compressed files now is up to 500% more fast.
  • OPTIMIZATION Managing of Zip files now is fully embedded without need to external files to compress and uncompress. Btw is more fast.
  • OPTIMIZATION Builder option checking and unchecking big lists now is very fast.
  • OPTIMIZATION Deleting files inside compressed files more fast too.
  • OPTIMIZATION Importation DATs new hacks. Up to 10% more fast.
  • OPTIMIZATION Reading and displaying history when user types on URL text bar.
  • OPTIMIZATION Send to construtor option speed from an existing profile up to 500%.
  • IMPROVED detection of internet protocols at Integrated Webbrowser when middle mouse button is pressed under a link.(ftp:,news:,mailto…)
  • UPDATED CHDMAN to 0.160 version,
  • FIXED Importation problem for Offlinelist DATs without ROM sizes information. Thanks to Silius.
  • FIXED Detection of Zip multivolume files flag.
  • FIXED Deletion of non needed files when compressed archive has more than one to file for delete and Header XML is enabled.
  • FIXED Creating baddumps and duplicates when files contains Unicode characters.
  • FIXED Problems displaying progressbar percentage indicator and statistics values when system decimal separator is different of a dot.
  • FIXED Release of romspath that locks an external drive to extract with security.
  • FIXED Some visuals when user forze to dissable vistual themes using compatibility properties options.
  • FIXED minor bugs.


→ [TOOLS] Romulus 0.027

Here are the changes:

  • ADDED Percentage indicator to progressbars.
  • CHANGED Importation automatic overwrite for same name profiles. If more than one profile exists with same name, will ask again.
  • FIXED Windows XP compatibility. Now can run on XP again :)
  • FIXED Windows 8 Hint styles again.
  • FIXED Importation CHD filenames duplicated file extension.
  • FIXED Directory maker wrong counter displaying.
  • FIXED Error reading DATs set as readonly.
  • FIXED XML Headers load when offsets has HEX format.
  • FIXED some problems rebuilding files already existing in Romspath with XML Headers activated causing a read error problem.
  • FIXED MS-DOS command line unicode bug when is used a not TrueType font. Thanks to xTMODx to discover this bug.
  • FIXED Detection of inverted CRCs when Headers are enabled.
  • FIXED Inverted CRCs when scanning in no compression option.
  • FIXED Save log option. Bug report by xTMODx
  • FIXED Search in google option complex query encoding
  • IMPROVED Rebuild files with XML Headers activated. Now duplicate and unneeded files are removed.
  • IMPROVED Speed of generation MS-DOS Commands.
  • IMPROVED Detection of desktop available region without taskbar to set position of forms.
  • - IMPROVED Speed of application launch.
  • - UPDATED CHDMAN to 0.158 version.
  • - FIXED minor bugs.
→ [TOOLS] Romulus 0.026

23 - 11 - 2014

  • - ADDED to Portable Executable header flag support up to 4Gb of RAM Usage instead of 2Gb as default.
  • - ADDED Decimals to Statistics completion percent status.
  • - ADDED Windows 8 correct hint styles.
  • - FIXED Importation duplicates roms and sets names detection.
  • - FIXED Importation problem detection clones when no merged files exists.
  • - FIXED Importation problem with last Softlists DATs where in some cases displays duplicated Set names.
  • - FIXED Importation. Add .chd extension if not exists in CHD filename.
  • - FIXED Importation some mixing filenames in sets at some last MESS CHD Softlists DATs
  • - FIXED Wrong displaying scan results introduced in 0.024 version when fixing files in some special cases.
  • - FIXED Creating duplicates ROMs at end of scan when profile contains baddumps or records without CRC information.
  • - FIXED Creating duplicates with compressed unicode filenames.
  • - FIXED Problems locating correct file to jump to directory using Scanner sets list popupmenu.
  • - FIXED "AGAIN" Flashing and lost focus problem when scan/rebuild with Romulus hidden in tray.
  • - FIXED Updater option random bug when trying to download updates list and never finish a loop.
  • - FIXED Updater random no display profiles problem.
  • - FIXED Fixdat creation using Scanner section button when main profiles list is empty.
  • - FIXED Savedialog autohidden folders list when displaying.
  • - FIXED Wrong icon display in detail set list of Scanner of folder icon.
  • - FIXED Updater displaying information random lost information.
  • - FIXED Some recovery and lost Community window focus events.
  • - IMPROVED Download function. Now connects more fast. For example getting Offlinelist images.
  • - IMPROVED Importation indexation for new imported DATs. Now for rebuild process is up to 50% more fast.
  • - IMPROVED Importation detection of duplicate filenames and checksums. If filename in a set is same now checksum is checked if same rom is ignored if different renamed.
  • - IMPROVED Speed autocomplete Urls when typed at Webbrowser navigation Edit.
  • - IMPROVED Speed displaying Scanner main tab when moving inside main Form tabs.
  • - IMPROVED Integrated webbrowser memory usage.
  • - UPDATED Integrated Web browser with default user agent as "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT X.Y; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko" that increases compatibility with some Urls.
  • - UPDATED Torrent7zip to 0.9.2 version fixing some problems found by MrTikki. Thanks.
  • - FIXED minor bugs.
→ [TOOLS] Romulus 0.025

28 - 08 - 2014 Romulus 0.025 version is here and this are the changes ...

I wish to remember to Romulus users possibility to Donate. Romulus has over 4 years of development and a small donation is always good news for me and a recognition of my hard work.

Here are the changes:

  • ADDED Importation check for correct checksum sizes.If is wrong then is saved as empty.
  • IMPROVED Scan speed hacks. Now sets with thousand and thousand of ROMs runs scan fast and general performance too.
  • IMPROVED Rebuilding files with some speed hacks.
  • IMPROVED importation speed up to 50%
  • IMPROVED Decreased database size by imported profile up to 20%
  • IMPROVED Recount roms/sets function speed up to 200%
  • IMPROVED speed of fixdat creation.
  • FIXED Flashing and lost focus problem when scan/rebuild with Romulus hidden in tray.
  • FIXED Importation Reading first ROM NAME description with some XML created using DIR2DAT.
  • FIXED custom temporal directory in Settings directories option. Now can be set and remember it. Thanks to Executer.
  • FIXED Torrent7z option, now works fine. Thanks to MrTikki
  • FIXED Go to file option from popupmenu at Scanner master list.
  • FIXED Move form effect when batch scan/rebuild opening window.
  • FIXED some problems displaying forms on a multimonitor systems.
  • FIXED minor bugs.


→ [TOOLS] Romulus 0.024

13 - 06 - 2014 Romulus 0.024 version is here and this are the changes ...

I wish to remember to Romulus users possibility to Donate. Romulus has over 4 years of development and a small donation is always good news for me and a recognition of my hard work.

  • FIXED 7z file validation problem. Causing a read file error in some cases.
  • FIXED Rebuilding files with CRC FFFFFFFF, other hashes are forced and checked. Bug found at UnRenamed ISOs - PC Compatibles [ISO] [MSDN] Dat.
  • FIXED Importation XML files with symbol "<!--" to exclude inside content.
  • FIXED Error when making report using Scanner option in TXT format.
  • FIXED Displaying problems with modified Windows settings fonts. Like 125 %.
  • FIXED XML importation conversion chars based in numbers using this param&number;
  • FIXED Writing in disk very random problem caused by Windows creating a file read error when scan/rebuild files.
  • FIXED Send to requests list problems for Community option using Scanner menus.
  • FIXED In Generator processing checksums with multivolume compressed files and forzed to get info inside compressed files.
  • FIXED Correct displaying windows on extended desktops.
  • FIXED Restore and bring to from Romulus when is trying to run a Romulus second instance.
  • ADDED Screensnap "magnetic desktop borders" to Romulus windows.
  • REMOVED "No disk in drive" Windows error when a Drive is not ready.
  • UPDATED CHDMAN to 0.153 version.


→ [TOOLS] Romulus 0.022

Version 0.022 version is out. QUICK BUG FIX. 

  • This time the more important change is the FULL SUPPORT FOR UNICODE CHARACTERS IN ALL APPLICATION. Yeeeees!! I did it, it was very difficult but now is done.
  • FIXED Folders list of scanner window lost focus and problems to set the folder to scan.

Here is the full log of 0.021 changes.

  • ADDED FULL UNICODE support to Romulus. All functions and procedures are recoded to support UNC characters.
  • ADDED Windows version check. Now Romulus is not longer compatible with Windows versions without UNC support. Like Win95, Win98, etc.
  • ADDED Delete from compressed files check for file is set as read only and automatic set attributtes to read/write to able to delete files inside compressed.
  • ADDED Support for import DATs with diferente codepages (UNC, UTF-8, ANSI). Thanks to MrTikki for testing.
  • ADDED Possibility for batch DATs importation with existing profiles, automatic overwrite, ignore or cancel for all batch. Thanks to MrTikki for the great idea.
  • ADDED Security check. New database can not created or opened a new one if Community module is connected.
  • ADDED to Community. Peers accumulative check to increase speed of connections.
  • ADDED to Community. Port mapping check at start of server and sends a message if port is closed.
  • ADDED to Community automatic file transfers. "Experimental at moment"
  • -IMPROVED XML decoder. Now is 5% more fast.
  • IMPROVED OEM and UNC inside zip filenames again. Now detection of filenames compressed with different methods are detected.
  • IMPROVED Low level events hook.
  • FIXED Flashing taskbar now is not forzed to be displayed as the top system window.
  • FIXED extraction of some Zip files caused by unknow compression method.
  • FIXED problem that can not able to add new records to requests lists.
  • FIXED Problem setting images path for Offlinelist DATs using Updater when profile is not loaded.
  • FIXED Wrong display of Scanner profile when a Offlinelist DAT is loaded and updated with Updater option and is not the current profile tab displayied.
  • FIXED Invisible progress window when main form is set as stayontop.
  • FIXED Hungarian translation to UNC support. Thanks to Thallyrion.
  • CHANGED Offlinelist profiles automatic update never will ask for select overwrite old profile again.
  • CHANGED to Community Chat and Events log from Font Bold style to normal style.
  • REMOVED temporally Richedit hyperlink feature because detected some problems.
  • REMOVED Richedit left mouse click + mouse wheel change font size effect.
  • REMOVED Popupmenus shortcuts.
  • REMOVED Community module activation at moment because has a lot of bugs.
  • UPDATED RAR engine to 5.00beta8.


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