[TI99] Classic99 398 04/09/2017

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[TI99] Classic99 398 04/09/2017

Pojawiła się aktualizacja emulatora Classics99. Classic99 pozwala na emulację komputerów firmy TEXAS INSTRUMENT TI-99/4A . 



  • Allow mid-instruction VDP updates


  • make the breakpoint on disk header corruption an option in the debugger menu (off by default)
  • NV file option ('N') is now allowed for cartridge memory space in non-banked cartridges only
  • minimemory RAM is now non-volatile (weakly tested)
  • emulator now sets the current folder to the same as classic99.exe by default


→ NOWSZY [TI99] Classic99 399.009 26/09/2019

Classic99 388.009 (2019-09-26)

  • Fix for F18A max sprite register - F18A software that didn't set it would have no sprites at all ;)

→ NOWSZY [TI99] Classic99 399.008 07/09/2019
Moonsweeper (1983, Imagic)

Classic99 388.008 2019-09-07

  • updated fbForth and replaced XB256 with Isabella
  • CF7 emulation updated
  • gigaflash emulation (disabled, for the most part)
  • Many 9901 fixes: interrupt status bit, clock registers, wraparound from zero, and proper reset behaviour. This makes both CamelForth and cassette work with the same code, finally.
  • fix high-DPI scaling for heatmap
  • fix GPU instruction fetch, was buggy
  • add drag and drop support for cartridges - just drag the file onto the window and it will load and reset
  • F18A features added: text mode attribute colors, second tile layer, sprites per line, text mode sprites
  • VDP now resets differently for warm start vs cold start (mostly to preserve F18A palette on warm)
  • fix disk path history by allowing longer entries in the edit box
  • fixed a typo in the audio volume table


  • fix user carts so more than 100 could be loaded
  • change cartridge memory from static to allocated
  • fix large cartridge types
  • minor AMS tweaks
  • add ability to disable bitmap layers
  • read windows text files without line feeds (like xas99 emits)
  • allow headerless files to open as DF128 or IF128
  • additional debug for some exotic disk tracking methods
  • then later the same day, fix the 9901 timer reset so CS1 works again


→ NOWSZY [TI99] Classic99 399.004 12/10/2018
E.T. (1982, TI) @ Gamebase

2018-10-13 v399.004

  • reset more of CRU on menu-reset
  • add 9901 timer to the debug register panel
  • don't reset the 9901 timer every time you leave timer mode (fix for CamelForth)
  • more disk DSR warnings (hate that disk DSR so much...)
  • allow the disk corruption break option to catch the DSR warnings too
  • update manual for 9901 line


  • fiddled with AVI audio, but no improvements. AVIs updated to 60hz otherwise.
  • fix strange speedups - code that read the VDP status register was giving about 50% bonus cycles to the VDP. The more often you read it, the faster you went ;)
  • change waitable timer to a smaller value
  • remove the forced time on CPU_MAXIMUM. Now it actually runs maximum speed. And stays in sync.
  • add some comments to remind myself what the heck I was thinking in the 'full frame' update for overdrive
→ NOWSZY [TI99] Classic99 399.2 18/08/2018
Robotron 2049 (@GameBase)


  • Added hotkeys for Paste (control-F1), Debugger (control-Home), and copy screen (Control-F2)
  • added copy screen function (hold SHIFT for BASIC offset)
  • added Tape menu and added STOP and PLAY functions (sorry, not tested)
  • debugger adds view->ASCII Add Screen Offset for BASIC checkbox (not saved)
  • fix display of active GRAM pages when opening dialog
  • 32MB AMS implemented - enabled it for now (we already used to reserve 16MB as it was)
  • re-arranged VDP gettables to be more convenient and less redundant
  • added NOCR or NOLF options to clipboard - if you open it as "CLIP.NOLF" or "CLIP.NOCR", automatic line endings will NOT be appended, you must add them yourself. NOCR and NOLF are identical, only one may be specified, and you can use either CR (13) or LF (10) when you write.
  • fix opening new files in APPEND mode for image disks and FIAD disks - should work okay now
  • → NOWSZY [TI99] Classic99 399a 20/17/02/2018


    • Fix build options to work on Windows XP again


    • updated manual
    • updated to Visual Studio 2017
    • added CS1 read support
    • flagged manifest as hidpi aware
    • fixes for 9901 timer handling, found via CS1 in BASIC and EasyBug
    • fix for "windowshade" mode where Classic99 started as just a title bar
    • allow debugger to write more than 1 or 2 bytes at a time (to CPU, VDP or GROM)
    • display last accessed GROM address next to the hardware register
    • fix current directory changing when breakpoints were loaded or saved
    • allow an interrupt to trigger immediately even if there aren't quite enough cycles left
    • fix VDP scanlines to draw more correctly regardless of such things as overdrive and breakpoint
    • add 'unsupported operation' debug to the file handlers so they don't silently fail when it's deliberately not supported
    → [TI99] Classic99 396 21/07/2017


  • Fix for reading status of PROGRAM file images
  • Related code shuffled
  • → [TI99] Classic99 395 11/07/2017


    • added cartridge eject to the menu
    • added CPU and GPU separate debug options (not certain they are 100%)
    • fix certain reset issues by enabling a forced breakpoint
    • throttling updates to improve consistency
    • added tests for VRAM file buffers to aid debug of code that overwrites them
    • fix disk access that writes right up to >3FFF (pCode card in particular)
    • disable F18A status register select debug
    • add warning on odd PC address being set
    • add support for F18A GPU: CALL,RET,PUSH,POP,SLC
    • updated HQ4X filter - new filter code and should fix corrupted graphics in DIB blit mode
    • reduce duplicated debug when setting top of VRAM
    → [TI99] Classic99 394 26/02/2017
    Go'in Ape



    • fix bug with multi-bit CRU instructions - byte flag was set wrong way around and broke register auto-increment
    • add support for F18A SPI flash interface (upgrade program runs now)
    • also means that CKON, CKOFF, LDCR and STCR on the F18A work now
    • fix sector allocation when writing to disk image files to more closely match original TI controller
    • add support for more of the F18A status registers and reading them from the host
    • move source to Github - https://github.com/tursilion/classic99


    → [TI99] Classic99 393a 14/01/2017


    • Minor bugfix - image disk file allocation performed more like the TI disk controller, doesn't overwrite copy protection on Bubble Plane


    • rewrote speech synth CPU halt system, but this didn't fix anything that I could see
    • bugfix in image disk sector allocation that would leave empty holes on the disk
    • bugfix in image disk writing cluster list that only wrote one sector per cluster ;)
    • change image disk sector allocation - FDRs at the beginning, data at the end. Makes for nicer layout
    • disabled VDP warning, it's still not quite right


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