[TI99] Classic99 363 12/01/2013

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[TI99] Classic99 363 12/01/2013

Po długim okresie ciszy, tak długim, że przestałem nawet śledzić zmiany na stronie autora, pojawiła się aktualizacja emulatora Classics udającego komputer firmy TEXAS INSTRUMENT TI-99/4A .


Classic99 v. 363 (2012-01-12)


  • Made CPU a class object to support multiple instances
  • BUGFIX: 2-word X opcodes which executed a relative jump would use the wrong address offset (fixes Jumpy)
  • Fix startup hang when no cartridge selected (like a new install)

  • Video:
  • Implemented early (buggy) support for the F18A's 9900-based GPU. This emulation is not considered production quality yet. But you can step and debug code (while the main CPU incorrectly halts). No other F18A registers or graphics is implemented and the updated/unsupported opcodes are also wrong. Experimental/early use only.

  • Disk system:
  • Added AutoMap DSK1 option to disk system (lets you run many DSK1 centric titles from any disk index automatically)
  • New code to handle global disk option types
  • Warn in debug log if DSRLNK is called with any workspace other than GPLWS (>83E0)
  • Update VDP heatmap when reading records and programs from disk
  • Added some TODOs
  • Fix bug checking file type with OPEN on Image files - was causing the TI Assembler to throw a DSR error on COPY of a DV file

  • Cartridge System:
  • Added ability to recognize .C, .D, .G and .3 files in the User->Open menu (old format was only C.BIN, D,BIN, etc)
  • Also recognizes "(Part x of y)" in the file name and will search for up to 3 parts, because that was a dumb idea. ;)
  • Allows filenames longer than 31 characters
  • Allows filenames longer than 64 characters in the INI file


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