[SNES] Oficjalny Snes9x 1.55

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[SNES] Oficjalny Snes9x 1.55

Poprawki do oficjalnej wersji emulatora Super Nintendo - Snes9x. W zasadzie wszystko znamy już z poszczególnych wersji testowych dodanie MSU-1, BS-X i poprawki w działaniu programu. Ale i tak nowy numerek cieszy.

Radical Rex (Activision, Inc., 1994)

Snes9x 1.55 20/11/17

  • Added support for the MSU-1 coprocessor. (qwertymodo)
  • Added support for MSU-1 distribution pack. (qwertymodo)
  • Added support for BS-X Satellaview memory packs and data (LuigiBlood) files.
  • Improved BS-X memory mapping accuracy. (LuigiBlood)
  • Fixed APU error causing issues with some games. (byuu, qwertymodo)
  • Added option to ignore patch checksums. (qwertymodo)
  • Fixed build warnings / undefined behavior. (bonimy)
  • Correct pixel placement in hires. (BearOso, OV2)
  • Fixed RAM mapping for Light Fantasy. (hex_usr, BearOso)
  • Added Circuit USA APU timing hack. (BearOso)
  • libretro: Merged some changes from downstream repository. (OV2)
  • GTK+: Allow use of XDG config directory. (BearOso)
  • GTK+: Add 10th save slot. (YamashitaRen)
  • GTK+: Updated Spanish translation. (jristz)
  • Win32: Switched to Studio 2017. (OV2)
  • Win32: Fixed problems when minimized in d3d. (OV2)
  • Win32: Split Patch/Rom directory. (OV2)
  • Win32: Simplified compilation by removing or including some dependencies (included CG headers, completely removed FMOD and FMOD_EX, moved direct draw to compile switch) and reworking solution/configurations. (bonimy, OV2)
  • Win32: Fixed crash with movie dialog (OV2)
  • Win32: Changed hotplugging (OV2)
→ [SNES] Oficjalny Snes9x 1.56.2

Snes9x 1.56.2 22/06/2018

  • Fixed IRQ corner case that caused Umihara Kawase's water to cover the whole screen. (BearOso)
  • Adjusted IRQ timing slightly. Fixes Dragon Ball Z - Super Butouden 2. (BearOso)
  • Clear WAI when IRQLine is active. Fixes Top Gear 3000. (BearOso)
  • Fix reading the wrong tile data in mosaic drawing. Gets rid of glitch at top of FF6 battle transitions. (BearOso)
  • Break a specific opcode into cycles. Fixes Little Magic. (BearOso)
  • Win32: Don't mix garbage into the last line with NTSC filter. (OV2)
  • Win32: Allow disabling scanlines in NTSC filter. (BearOso)
  • GTK+: Added an undo load state option. (BearOso)
  • GTK+: Fixed compilation on big-endian systems. (OV2)
  • Win32, GTK+: Added integer scaling option. (BearOso)
  • GTK+, Unix: Preserve current joypad state when rewinding. (BearOso)
→ [SNES] Oficjalny Snes9x 1.56.1
Jim Power: The Lost Dimension in 3D (Electro Brain Corp., 1993)

Snes9x 1.56.1 7/06/2018

  • Automatic input rate now only works for close multiples of 60Hz.   (BearOso)
  • Win32: Cheats are now shown in the correct order in the list view.  (BearOso)
  • GTK+: Check for version greater than 3.22 when using GTK+ 3 (BearOso)
  • GTK+: Don't resize code and description field in GTK+ 2.  (BearOso)
→ [SNES] Oficjalny Snes9x 1.56
The King of Dragon (Capcom U.S.A., Inc., Apr, 1994) z dodatkiem GLSL

Snes9x 1.56 07/06/2018

  • [BearOso] Increased the speed of SA1 emulation to match hardware more closely.
  • [BearOso, Jonas Quinn] Fixed negative SA1 division
  • [Brunnis, BearOso] Changed the location where we poll input to potentially reduce lag.
  • [BearOso] Fixed the interlace fields being swapped after skipping frames.
  • [LuigiBlood] More updates for BS-X support.
  • [zenju, OV2] Updated xBRZ to version 1.6.
  • [OV2] Added a DMA timing hack for rpgone's Koryu no Mimi translation.
  • [BearOso] Updated HDMA to not update indirect addresses until after transfers are completed.
  • [BearOso, OV2] Improved cheats support. This stores cheats in a human- readable and editable format as gamename.cht. Cheats are converted from the old format on load. They can be added in many different formats, but they will convert to the simple address=condition?byte format. Also, now included is mightymo's cheat database, and the ability to match a game and automatically load cheats from it.
  • [furrykef] Don't reset a pending NMI on vblank end. Fixes Super Punch-Out.
  • [BearOso] Redo NMI timing. Fixes Secret of Evermore (PAL).
  • [RedGuy(yyy)] Test for transparency before dithering on SuperFX. This fixes some graphical artifacts in Star Fox.
  • [BearOso] Change some of the SDD1 guesswork mapping. Fixes a Tales of Phantasia hack.
  • [BearOso] Return PPU1 MDR for reads of $2137 instead of CPU MDR. Fixes Mario's Time Machine graphical glitch.
  • [Nebuleon] Memset less memory for sprite calculations.
  • [BearOso] Don't spuriously update register 14 when running SuperFX. Fixes graphical glitches in Doom.
  • [BearOso] Added a SuperFX clock modifier variable.
  • [BearOso] Write CPU MDR during some DMA and HDMA transfers. Fixes Speedy Gonzales and Funaki Masakatsu Hybrid Wrestler.
  • [BearOso, OV2] Calculate next IRQ time in advance instead of continously checking for it.
  • [BearOso, OV2] Added some IRQ timing quirks. Fixes at least Marko's Magic Football.
  • [BearOso] Fixed wrong tile selection in offset-per-tile mode.
  • [kps501] Advance the VRAM pointer even if VRAM writes at the time are invalid.
  • [kps501] Return 0x80 instead of 0xff in DSP1 simulation. Fixes Powerfest '94 Mario Kart.
  • [kps501] Initialize controllers on reset. Fixes Looney Tunes B-Ball multitap.
  • [BearOso] Attached APU instruction tracer and made some additions to debugging output.
  • [kps501] Fix line doubling in interlaced mode.
  • [kps501] Added support for M.A.C.S. rifle peripheral.
  • [qwertymodo] Fixed a bug where the MSU1 channels were reversed.
  • [OV2] Win32: Added dynamic rate control support for XAudio2
  • [OV2] Win32: Added different volume level configuration for regular and turbo speed.
  • [OV2] Win32: Added option to disable EPX scaling for messages
  • [OV2] Win32: Improve multi-rom loading.
  • [qwertymodo, OV2) Win32: Add libpng and zlib dependencies as submodules for easier compiling from source.
  • [OV2] Win32: Fixed icon registration.
  • [OV2] Win32: Better support for running while unfocused.
  • [BearOso] Win32: Changed icon.
  • [BearOso] Win32: Report hidpi support.
  • [OV2] Win32: Added mute hotkey and hotkeys for saving/loading from file.
  • [OV2] Win32: Disabled hotplugging in favor of a menu option to reconfigure joysticks.
  • [BearOso] Win32: Added a reduce input lag option.
  • [OV2] Win32: Added ability to use GLSLP shaders with OpenGL, including a dialog to tweak custom parameters.
  • [BearOso] GTK+: Added dynamic rate control support for audio to reduce buffer overflows and underflows.
  • [BearOso] GTK+: Increased SDL requirement to version 2.0. This improves joystick compatibility.
  • [BearOso] GTK+: Improved GTK+ 3.0 support and made it the default.
  • [julien2512] GTK+: Added ability to start from a snapshot on the command line.
  • [BearOso] GTK+: Added automatic input rate handling.
  • [BearOso] GTK+: Use 16-bit 5-6-5 pixel format for better colors.
  • [BearOso] GTK+: Now disables the compositor in fullscreen mode.
  • [BearOso] GTK+: Changed icon.
  • [BearOso] GTK+: Require libepoxy for OpenGL support.
  • [BearOso] GTK+: Add full compatibility with GLSLP shaders, with a parameters dialog to configure them.
  • [Francesco149] Unix: Add xinerama support and window position hints.
→ [SNES] Oficjalny Snes9x 1.54.1

Snes9x 1.54.1

  • GTK+: Properly use --std=c++11 when compiling xBRZ.       (BearOso)
  • Win32: Save window position when toggling fullscreen.     (OV2)
  • Win32: Do not assign down-left binding to down-right.     (OV2)
→ [SNES] Oficjalny Snes9x 1.54
Super Nintendo:SNES:Snes9X:The Lost Vikings:Interplay Productions, Inc.:Silicon & Synapse, Inc.:1992:
The Lost Vikings (Interplay Productions, Inc., 1992)

Snes9x 1.54

  • Changed the S-SMP core module to one written by byuu. (byuu, BearOso)
    This has the effect of increased accuracy, fewer speed hacks, but also regresses a few speed-hack games.
  • Improved IRQ emulation in several cases.(OV2)
  • Added rewind support. (Themaister, OV2)
  • Included libretro port. (OV2, libretro team)
  • Added bps soft-patching support (OV2)
  • Fixed MMC bank register bit 7, restored 64mbit ExLoRom map (FuSoYa)
  • GTK+, Windows: Added xBRZ filter (Zenju, OV2, nmagre)
  • GTK+: Fixed several issues with GTK+3. (BearOso)
  • GTK+: Added extra aspect ratio options. (BearOso)
  • GTK+: Added option to mute sound when using turbo mode. (BearOso)
  • GTK+: Fixed expose handling to reduce overdraw and improve performance (BearOso).
  • GTK+: Updated and universalized Spanish translation. (jristz)
  • Unix: Added Xv support and fixed several bugs. (greg-kennedy)
  • Win32: Added CG meta shader support (OV2, Themaister)
  • Win32: Added support to detect joypad changes (OV2)
  • Win32: Fixed unicode command line parameters,
  • Fixed controller command line parameters (OV2)
  • Win32: Added quit hotkey (OV2)
  • Win32: Fixed custom rom dialog (OV2)
  • Win32: Fixed various cheat dialog issues (gocha, OV2)
  • Win32: Added hotkey for fast forward toggling (gocha)
  • Win32: Added drag and drop support for movies (gocha)
  • Win32: Fixed blargg filter for regular width hires (OV2)
  • Win32: Fixed snapshot loading from unicode paths (OV2)
  • Win32: Changed open-with file-association method, should no longer change explorer icons for otherwise unassociated extensions; removed legacy extensions (OV2)
→ [gfx] Snes9x 1.53 + xBRZ
Nintendo Super Nintendo:Snes9X:xBRZ:SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron:Hudson Soft USA, Inc.:AIM:1995:
SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron (Hudson Soft USA, Inc., 1995)

Snes9x + xBRZ scaler [2015-01-28]

  • Support Windows-XP

Usage: Start Snes9x, go to menu -> Video -> Display Configuration and select xBRZ for "Output Image Processing"

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