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Ukazała się nowa wersja emulatora 8 bitowej konstrukcji SHARP MZ-800. Mikrokomputer, który był dość interesującą konstrukcją pod względem ilości peryferiów (miał m.in. wbudowany magnetofon i plotter (mz-810)), niestety w Polsce był konstrukcją całkowicie nieznaną. Teraz możemy dzięki pracy Michała Hucika przyglądnąć się bazie softwarowej udawanej maszyny. Sam emulator, pisany pod Linuksa i Windows, wymaga od nas skorzystania z bibliotek GTK3

Sporo softu akceptowalnego przez emulatorem znajdziecie np. SCAV.CZ


2018-09-16     Released version 1.0.4

In this released emulator version is integrated a huge amount of bugfixes,   improvements, features and new bugs, which I gradually collected over the last two years. Thanks to some improvements was the emulation be significantly accelerated and      this achieved performance was instantly used for the new features, which this     slows down a bit :)    Some peripherals have revealed new secrets and all of that has been integrated  into emulation.

 Just in the short:

  • virtual CMT now supports a multiple file formats (MZF, MZT, TAP, WAV) and allows the save into WAV
  • added a virtual keyboard and creation tools for DSK and QD images
  • added a simple simulation of the "Unicard" and IDE8 (supported by NIPOPS cp/m)
  • implemented both types of MemExt (supported by MZIX - Unix)
  • many many improvements in the debugger..., added new memory browser / editor,  memory dissassembler, etc...
  • better synchronisation in the Linux, some changes about ROMs, and lots of other little things in the different places
  •  added online check for new versions. Emulator sometimes at the startup checks the my web site and if they discover a new version of the emulator, then show the information window - this feature  can be turned off and version checks can be performed manually.

If you want to ask about some emulator features or peripherals of the MZ-800,   do not hesitate and ask me on the SourceForge, or by email.

→ NOWSZY [Sharp] MZ-800 Emulator 1.0.6

2021-10-27 - Released version 1.0.6

  • bugfix in HW scroll
  • added the ability to assemble project via cmake (thanks Ysblokje) - see cmake_README.md
  •  small bugfixes
  • in top menu added experimental option HW compatibility -> MZ-700 (PAL) VRAM timing
  • This option allows slow VRAM read/write acces like real MZ-700 hardware.

2020-08-09 - Released version 1.0.5

  • new function: Auto Type Keyboard
  • BUGFIX: vkbd keybord mapping
  • BUGFIX: added 20ms sleep to the main cycle, when emulator is paused
  • Debugger settings: added options for auto forced full screen refresh (without dependency on beam position).       May by called manually by CTRL+R from debugger window.
  • several improvements and bugfixes in the memory browser
  • CMTHACK: added option "Fixing FNAME terminator"
  • bugfix: in "fast" version of CTC0 on MODE2 (Madonna2 demo did not work)
  • bugfix: changed initialization of virtual CMT output sig. (ESC key in Turbo Copy now works)
  • display: added "Lock window aspect ratio" (default off, working only in Windows)
  • display: Alt+W, Alt + H - fix window aspect ratio by width, or by height
→ [Sharp] MZ-800 Emulator 1.0.2

2015-09-23 Released version 1.0.2

  • a little improved emulation speed
  • inline assembler bugfix: fixed instructions with relative
  • inline assembler bug fixed of generating instruction with relative value (JR %, DJNZ %, etc.)


  • trivial bugfix: locale encoded errors and warning messages in console
  • trivial bugxix: step mode in debugger sometime stepped over multiple lines
  • 2015-09-20 Released version 1.0.1
  • Bugfix: localized file names and paths are now fully supported.
  • This is tested only in my Czech localization of Windows 7.

Is it works in other codepages? For example in the Japanese localization of Windows? PLEASE anybody: can you send me any report about this? To discusions on the SF, or to my email hucik@ordoz.com


  • trivial bugfix in memory allocation
  • added loging into error.log

2015-09-17 Released version 1.0

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