[SEGA] Yabause 0.9.15

[1] @ !!! Czwartek, 25 Sierpnia 2016 23:53 CET [25-08-2016 23:00 CET]

Cud się stał pewnego dnia - a w zasadzie dziś, po prawie trzech latach otrzymujemy kolejną wersję emulatora SEGI SATURN Yababuse, co prawda ponoć testową ale cóż... nie ma co wybrzydzać;)  Emulator w stosunku do SSF, którego autor chce zachować zgodność z oryginalną konsolą, ma parę niezbędnych dodatków, które ułatwiają człowiekowi życie - np. możliwość korzystanie  z obrazów ISO, część gier, z którymi SSF sobie nie radzi, ten potrafi odpalić.

Emulator dostajemy w dwóch wersjach - QT i zwykłą pod Win32, proponuje korzystać z tej drugiej, pierwsza zawiesza się po paru sekundach emulacji (Win7/x64).

0.9.14 -> 0.9.15

Here’s a new Yabause version.
Arguably, the most notable features of this release are:

  • Low-level CD Block emulation
  • CloneCD file format support
  • High resolution for the software renderer

We also included code from other great projects:

  • Musashi 68K core (code by Karl Stenerud)
  • SSF sound format playing (code by R. Belmont, Richard Bannister, Neil Corlett)

As many of you should already be aware, Yabause was forked into a new project, uoYabause, by devmiyax. We included some of his fixes back into Yabause. Due to lack of maintainer, this release will be the last to include a gtk port.


  • Added CCD (CloneCD) file format support (CyberWarriorX)
  • Added missing scroll values to Vdp2 debugger (Guillaume)
  • Bug fixes for Panzer Dragoon games (Devmiyax)
  • HLE CD Block fix for Guardian Heroes (Devmiyax)
  • Improvements to screenshot feature (Guillaume)
  • Fixed Golden Axe controls (Devmiyax)
  • Fixes for Soukyu Gurentai (Devmiyax)
  • Control fixes for games such as Tempest, World Heroes, Chaos Control (d356)
  • Convert OpenAL core to YabThreads (Amon-X)
  • Added Put Sector support in the HLE CD block (CyberWarriorX)
  • Fixes for 68K reset instruction (CyberWarriorX)
  • Added Musashi 68K core (code by Karl Stenerud)
  • Sh2 cache emulation (Devmiyax, d356)
  • Low-level CD Block emulation (jhl, CyberWarriorX, d356)
  • Added optional timing for Sh2 and Scu Dma (d356)
  • Fixes for XInput controllers (CyberWarriorX)


  • Updated to use modern OpenGL (rdanbrook)
  • Added bilinear filtering (rdanbrook)
  • Fixes for Vdp1 outside clipping, line color screen and per-pixel priority (d356)
  • Added multi-threaded rendering (d356)
  • Added support for high-resolution video modes (d356)
  • Added support for Vdp2 sprite window, line scroll interval bit (d356)
  • Fixes for Scorcher, Dracula X, F1 Challenge, Sonic 2 interlaced mode (d356)


  • Numerous fixes and improvements (Devmiyax)


  • MIDI input/output support (CyberWarriorX)
  • Added "New Scsp" sound core with scsp dsp support and improved timing (d356)
  • Added SSF sound format playing (code by R. Belmont, Richard Bannister, Neil Corlett)

 scu dsp:

  • Fixes for Dragon Force 2 (CyberWarriorX)
  • Fixes for Dead or Alive (Devmiyax)
  • ALU / flag handling fixes, fixes Croc (d356)


  • OpenGL initialization fixes (CandyFace)
  •  android:
  • Interface improvements (Guillaume)
  • Added Multitouch support for the on-screen pad (Guillaume)
  • Added Pad support (Guillaume)
  • Added OpenSL sound core (Devmiyax)
  • Improved support for Android TV (Guillaume)
  • Show screenshot from savestates (Guillaume)


  • Fixed dumping selected memory bug, added save tab (esperknight)
  • Fixed SCU DSP step function (CyberWarriorX)
  • Fixed cheat search bugs (CyberWarriorX)
  • Added Scsp slot debug playing (CyberWarriorX)
  • Linux support for multiple joysticks (Guillaume)
  • Added Modem settings (CyberWarriorX)
  • Added integer pixel scaling option (d356)
  • Improvements for mouse emulation (CyberWarriorX)
  • Added Racing Wheel, Mission Stick and Double Mission Stick controllers (d356)
  • Added ability to toggle HLE Bios emulation (CyberWarriorX)

0.9.13 -> 0.9.14


  • Fixed crash when bin is not found in a bin/cue.
  • Added Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Added Japanese translation.
  • Added Russian translation.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Added inline SH2 assembler function to main emulation code.
  • Fixed miscellaneous memory leak/uninitialized variables.
  • Added Stunner/Virtua Gun emulation
  • Added USB Dev cartridge emulation
  • Added SDL2 support

 android port:

  • Added screenshot feature to Android port

 emulated bios:

  • Work around fix for games trying to change scu mask from slave sh2 when using hle bios. Fixes Astal.

 gtk port:

  • Added extra checks to resolution setting to avoid potential leaks or crashing.
  •  macos port:
  • A few fixes to the Xcode projects for OS X
  • Fixed fullscreen mode when compiled with a newer OS X SDK
  •  qt port:
  • Fixed an issue where coff/elf files weren't selectable when using memory transfer function.
  • Fixed a bug where qt volume slider wasn't showing the saved value on startup.
  • Mouse will now optionally auto-hide with no movement
  • Added gui for inline assembler.
  • Revised Mouse emulation handling, added sensitivity setting.
  • Other fixes

 dreamcast port:

  • Fixed compilation


  • Fixed a bug where coordinate y increment wasn't being initialized under a specific set of circumstances. Should fix hang in Radiant Silvergun using OpenGL rendering.
  • Fixed Special Color Calculation mode 2

0.9.12 -> 0.9.13


  • Removed Carbon, PSP, Wii and Windows ports
  • Removed autotools based build
  • Removed autopackage
  • mdf/mds images support (CyberWarriorX)
  • Safeguard to reject unsupported cue files (CyberWarriorX)
  • CD+G support (CyberWarriorX)
  • Improved "manual mode" (Guillaume)
  • Made it possible to build Yabause to ouput 16BPP (Guillaume)
  • Hat support in SDL joystick code (anonymous)
  • gdb stub (Guillaume)
  • Improved emulated bios (CyberWarriorX)
  •  sound:
  • Fixed most of the distorted cd audio issues with the scsp core (CyberWarriorX)
  •  video:
  • Improvements to the software renderer (transparency, frameskip,  (Guillaume)
  •  qt port:
  • Memory editor and search (CyberWarriorX)
  • Improvements to the SH2 debugger: Back trace support, step over, step out (CyberWarriorX)
  • Infinite loop tracking (CyberWarriorX)
  • Don't restart emulation after every settings change (AmonX)
  • Made Yabause compilable with Qt5 and SDL2 (CyberWarriorX)
  • Log window can now be hidden (Guillaume)
  • Save and restore window position (Guillaume)
  • Can use .ini files in the application dir (Guillaume)
  • Mouse and 3D control pad support (CyberWarriorX)
  • Made drives and languages settings more user friendly (CyberWarriorX)
  • Changing to fullscreen now updates resolution too (CyberWarriorX)
  • Shortcuts editing (CyberWarriorX)

0.9.11 -> 0.9.12


  • Fixes to the dynamic recompiler (Ari64)
  • Added ARMv5 support to the dynarec (Ari64)
  • New OSD system (Guillaume)
  • Added "built-in" DDK to make it easier to compile on Windows (Guillaume)
  •  sound:
  • Improvements / Fixes in both SCSP and SCSP2 (Cwiiis)
  •  video:
  • Major improvements to the OpenGL renderer (Devmiyax)
  • Major improvements to the software renderer (Guillaume)
  • Some fixes to register emulation (Guillaume)
  • Improvements to line drawing functions in the software renderer (Cwiiis)
  • Fixed endianess bugs (Guillaume)

 cocoa port:

  • Added "load image" feature (BlueCrab)
  • Fixed the resize bug (BlueCrab)

 qt port:

  • Added shortcuts to toggle vdp2 layers (Benjamin Siskoo)
  • Fixed the "mute sound" feature (Guillaume)
  • It's now possible to compile the Qt port in "full software" mode (Guillaume)
  • Added an autostart option, disabled by default (Guillaume)
  • Now using a XDG compliant location for config file (Guillaume)
  • Added a debugger to the Qt port (CyberWarriorX)
  • DirectX cores can now be used in Qt port (CyberWarriorX)
  • Cheat search function (CyberWarriorX)
  • Option to show/hide menu and toolbar (Guillaume)
  • Close button in pad settings (guillaume)

0.9.10 -> 0.9.11


  • Now using CMake as the default build system.
  •     For now, autotools based build and "custom" build systems are still supported.
  • New Cocoa port
  • Added a dynamic recompiling SH2 core for x86 and ARM
  • New SCSP implementation
  • Major update of the software renderer from the yabause-rr team
  • Added an option to allow to execute from the cache
  • Improvements to the OpenGL renderer

 carbon port:

  • Improvements

 gtk port:

  • Added command line option to enable/disable frame skipping / limiting.
  • Added frame skipping/limiting configuration in settings.
  • Added --autoload command line option
  • Vdp2 layers can be toggled from the Vdp2 debug window

 psp port:

  • Added support for Media Engine CPU
  • Improvements to the PSP port

 qt port:

  • Added command line support

 wii port:

  • Merged some stuff from the wiibrew fork, mostly related to SH2 emulation

 windows port:

  • Fixed the XBox controller driver
  • Fixed the "open iso then cancel bug"

0.9.9 -> 0.9.10


  • Added code to make SCSP emulation frame-accurate (optional,
  •     enabled with --enable-scsp-frame-accurate configure switch).
  • Added a new 68000 emulation core.

 software video core:

  • Added line scroll emulation.
  • Improved user clipping.
  • Added some basic vertical scroll emulation, enough to get
  •     Sonic Jam working.

 gtk port

  • Gtk port is now compiling on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed full software screenshots.
  • Fixed store function in transfer dialog.

 windows port:

  • Added 12 player support.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the memory transfer dialog
  •     to register the wrong filename after pressing "Browse".
  • Fixed bugs in Goto Address dialog.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the vdp2 viewer dialog
  •     to register the wrong filename after pressing "Browse".
  • Added MD saving in SCU DSP debug dialog.
  • Added new Ram Watch dialog.
  • Added video recording feature.
  • Added move recording feature.


  • Added Lithuanian translation.
  • New sound core using OpenAL.
  • Added joystick core for Mac OS X.
  • Added a joystick core for Linux.
  • Added a PSP port.
  • Added support for loading ELF binaries.
  • Now using gettimeofday when available for better resolution.
  • Fixed save states.


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