[SEGA] SSF 0.12 r9 Test Version 11/12/19

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[SEGA] SSF 0.12 r9 Test Version 11/12/19

Kolejne zmiany w wersji testowej emulatora SEGI SATURN - chyba najwierniejszego emulatora tej konsoli wśród obecnych projektów.  Poprawki obejmują tylko wersję pod PC - poprawki pracy biblioteki VULCAN.

SSF wymaga instalacji DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)

SSF Test Version (12/12/19) :

  • Fixed a bug that the screen is not drawn correctly when using Vulkan
  • I changed to use Waveform Audio for sound playback. So Waveform Audio is the default. Almost no change in speed. However, the optional volume setting does not work in Waveform
  • Switch with XAudio2 as an option. I do not know why the XAudio2 DLL is unloaded
  • There is no change in the Android version
→ NOWSZY [SEGA] SSF 0.12 r13 Test Version 28/12/19

SSF Test Version (28/12/19) :

  • 描画周りのタイミングを調整してみました WHIZZはVDP1描画スレッドOFF きゃんきゃんバニー・エクストラは1BlockClockを20くらい
  • CDアクセスタイミングも調整してみました ラストブロンクススペシャルディスクの自己紹介で音声ループが直ってます
  • Waveform Audioでも音量アップできるようにしました
  • CreateCDImageも更新しました トラック1インデックス1の開始位置が00:00:00にならないことがある不具合を修正してあります 以前に作成したイメージで起動しているものは問題ありません
  • あ、今回はAndroid版も更新してあります

Google Translator

  • I adjusted the timing around the drawing WHIZZ turns off VDP1 drawing thread KyunKyun Bunny Extra takes about 20 BlockClocks
  • I also adjusted the CD access timing Voice loop has been fixed by introducing the Last Bronx Special Disc
  • Waveform Audio can be increased in volume
  • CreateCDImage also updated Fixed a bug where the start position of track 1 index 1 might not be 00:00:00 There is no problem running with the image created earlier
  • Oh, this time the Android version has also been updated
→ NOWSZY [SEGA] SSF 0.12 r12 Test Version 16/12/19

SSF Test Version (16/12/19) :

  • I uploaded R12 which adjusted the frame buffer switching timing
  • Enables the CD Image in the configuration file and overwrites the CD image path. It is troublesome to open a CD and change options to switch the CD image, so if you specify a CUE file on the command line, it will use that CD image at startup.
  • When specifying from the command line, please specify an absolute path or a relative path from the folder where SSF.exe is located
  • It is easy to create a shortcut of SSF.exe on the desktop etc and drag & drop the CUE file
→ [SEGA] SSF 0.12 r9 Test Version 26/11/19
Pandemonium (Crystal Dynamics, Inc., 1997)

SSF Test Version (26/11/19) :


  • Fixed:
    • Cannot be full screen when using Vulkan
    • Vulkan doesn’t yet have a full screen feature, so use borderless if you want to play full screen.
    • Borderless switching is F12 key by default
→ [SEGA] SSF 0.12 r9 Test Version 12/11/19
Hang-On GP (SEGA of America, Inc., 1996)

SSF Test Version (12/11/19) :

  • After all default is left as DirectInput. Because there is a controller setting in the setting file for each game ...
  • Fixed a bug that falls when DSP Dynamic Recompile is turned off
  • PCM resampling default changed to fixed point
  • Also removed from optional items
  • It will remain the same unless you create a new SSF.ini or edit it with a text editor. Note that if the resampling process is changed, the previous state save data cannot be used.
  • Compatible with XInput
  • There is an item in the Program1 tab of Option By default, DirectInput is used
  • Try using XInput for pads that are suspicious with DirectInput. Please note that if you redefine the controller without restarting after changing Use XInput, it will not be reflected. Since it is decided whether to use DirectInput or XInput at startup, it will not be set correctly unless it is restarted
  • There is no particular change in the Android version (maybe)
→ [SEGA] SSF 0.12 r9 Test Version 07/10/19

SSF Test Version (07/10/19) :

  • Fixed the drawing process of the rotating surface.
  • Fixed mesh translucency processing during GPU rendering.
  • The contents of the state save data have been changed.
  • Previous data is not available.
  • Fixed a bug that the index information of the index software was not output properly with CreateCDImage. In addition, only the Taito Chase H.Q and Purikura Daisaku operations have been confirmed for the software that uses the index. There may be others.
→ [SEGA] SSF 0.12 r8 Test Version 18/09/19
Soviet Strike (1996, Electronic Art)

SSF Test Version (18/09/19) :

Google Translator:

  • Fixed a bug that the start position of index 0 area is shifted in CreateCDImage.exe
  • Slightly faster (should have been) by changing the compile options for both Windows and Android versions
  • Added -fomit-frame-pointer to the option passed to clang.exe of CreateObject.exe (maybe it should be faster)
  • Fixed STV configuration file name after LLVM introduction
  • Fixed a bug that STV does not start when there is no CD drive.
  • 64-bit Android version of VDP1 drawing processing is accelerated
  • Accelerate DSP processing for Android
  • Slightly faster VDP1 drawing process for Android 64-bit version
→ [SEGA] SSF 0.12 r7 Test Version 08/09/19
Sega Rally Championship (1994, Sega) i to z obrazu ISO

SSF Test Version (08/09/19) :

Google Translator:

  • Fixed a bug that might fall when overwriting with backup hook
  • Tenkai Makai is now overwritten and saved in the 4th Apocalypse
    Other fixes are slightly faster
  • 1Large blockClock can be increased with most software The default is 180 Enable BusWait if it doesn't work by default If it still doesn't work, try lowering 1BlockClock
  • And the Android version of DSP processing has been accelerated. It's getting faster
→ [SEGA] SSF 0.12 r6 Test Version 19/08/19

SSF Test Version (19/08/19) :

Google Translator:

  • Updated for both Windows and Android
  • For the Windows version, just change LLVM to 8.0.1
  • The Android version was compatible with OpenGL ES 3.1, but the shader version was 3.2, so it was modified to 3.1
  • I also made it work on Android 6.0
  • Android version of DSP processing may be faster. Since the Windows version has been recompiled, it is impossible.
→ [SEGA] SSF 0.12 r6 Test Version 01/08/19

SSF Test Version (01/08/19) :

Google Translator:

  • Fix for hangup immediately after startup
  • Subcode correction when using CD image
  • Improvement of CD image reading
  • How to hold index data in CD track (CD Track / Index option, files in CDIndex folder need to be recreated)
  • Display problem fixed at the time of GPU rendering
  • Correct the data returned by subcode acquisition command when using CD image was incorrect
  • I changed the CreateCDImage a little. Please create an image with a new drive as much as possible. The same scratched software will always cause an error on older drives but may not be a problem on newer drives
  • The CD image used by the Android version has also been changed to CUE + Binary Image

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