[SEGA] SSF 0.12 r7 Test Version 08/09/19

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[SEGA] SSF 0.12 r7 Test Version 08/09/19

Kolejne zmiany w wersji testowej emulatora SEGI SATURN - chyba najwierniejszego emulatora tej konsoli wśród obecnych projektów.  Nowy test to przede wszystkim poprawki dla Androida (tym razem apk w środku pliku)

SSF wymaga instalacji DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)

Sega Rally Championship (1994, Sega) i to z obrazu ISO

SSF Test Version (08/09/19) :

Google Translator:

  • Fixed a bug that might fall when overwriting with backup hook
  • Tenkai Makai is now overwritten and saved in the 4th Apocalypse
    Other fixes are slightly faster
  • 1Large blockClock can be increased with most software The default is 180 Enable BusWait if it doesn't work by default If it still doesn't work, try lowering 1BlockClock
  • And the Android version of DSP processing has been accelerated. It's getting faster
→ NOWSZY [SEGA] SSF 0.12 r28 Test Version 29/01/2022

SSF Test Version R28 (29/01/2022) :

  • The color calculation window processing of GPU rendering has been modified.
  • Also, I put a number at the beginning of the DirectInput error message. If you can tell me the number, you may be able to solve the problem.

SSF Test Version R28 (22/01/2022) :

  • Grandia's drawing is normal ... maybe (GPU rendering)
  • Fixed a bug around the shader
  • I tried not to kill it even if the mouse cooperation level could not be set
→ NOWSZY [SEGA] SSF 0.12 r27 Test Version 18/09/2021

SSF Test Version R24 (18/09/2021) :

  • Fixed a bug that the CD drive is not recognized
  • A bug in sprite drawing has also been fixed.
  • Supports for CHD. You can select a CHD file with File-> Load CD Image
    However, certain CHD files cannot be loaded well, so please use them as a trial.
  • Shader Model 5.0 is now required for GPU rendering. If you get an error at startup, set GPU Rendering in SSF.ini to 0. SSF.ini can be opened with a text editor

How to deal with software that does not work

  • If CD access seems to be stopped, increase the value of CD Task Per Second
    • If you increase it, most software will not be a problem, but there are some software such as Rig Road Saga 2 that will not proceed unless you reduce it to 100.
  • Try turning off SH2 New Timing
  • Video flickers
    • Turn on SH2 Cache. Note that some software may be suspicious when SH2 Cache is turned on ...
  • Change the speed of Slave SH2. If it doesn't work even if it's 100%, try reducing it
  • Since the internal operation timing has changed, it may not work with the previous settings. If it doesn't work or the operation is suspicious, try deleting the file in the Setting folder. There is a setting file for each game in the Setting folder

SSF Test Version R24 (21/06/2021) :

Scud: The Disposable Assassin (SegaSoft, Inc., Jul 01, 1997)
  • Fixed sprite drawing
    Also, there was a problem with drawing the surface of revolution in GPU rendering, so I have fixed it.
  • It was inconvenient to not be able to set SSF.ini (default value) when starting the game, so I provided an option If checked, it will also be saved in SSF.ini.
    The operation should probably be fine ...

SSF Test Version R23 (20/06/2021) :

  • I'm developing an Object Cache creation tool. It's still far from complete, but ...
  • Also, Drag & Drop is casually implemented. Put the CUE file in the window and it will restart. This behavior is a little subtle ... Reset and Restart in the menu are different Reset reproduces Satan's reset button press Restart recreates Satan turning off and on again
  • After switching the CD image, it is restarting. Then, even if you change other option items that require restart, you should be able to restart in the same way, right?
    Assigning a Restart menu or key.
  • Oh, I could switch between software rendering and GPU rendering by pressing the left ALT key right after booting. If you get an error with CreatePixelShader, just press left ALT and try software rendering.
  • Mainly fix sprite drawing
  • I also changed the argument of D3D11CreateDevice ()
    I wonder if switching full screen is just borderless
Hang-On GP (SEGA of America, Inc., 1996)

SSF Test Version R19 (30/05/2021) :

  • GPU rendering the default
  • I want to think that R19 is closer to the timing of the actual machine.
  • Somes fixes

SSF Test Version R18 (11/11/2020) :

  • Changed not to set CPU affinity in Windows version It seems that it is faster to leave it to the OS than to set the CPU affinity ... For the time being, there is also an option to set. I wandered a lot, but this should have settled down ... Check the operation and if there seems to be no problem, I will make it the official version this time
  • Fixed the drawing process of VDP1
  • Fixed sound processing
  • SSFV_Encoder.dll and ZIP_Decoder.dll are no longer needed Since it was integrated into SSF.exe
Golden Axe Duel (SEGA of America, Inc., 1996)
→ NOWSZY [SEGA] SSF 0.12 r18 Test Version 4/11/2020
Darklight Conflict (Electronic Arts, Inc., Jul, 1997)

SSF Test Version R18c (4/11/2020) :

  • Oh, the battle screen of Soul Hackers has also been fixed
  • Gouraud shading calculations such as Daytona USA CE are out of order I also changed the Gouraud shading process ...
  • Should I update the Android version ...? VDP1 drawing will be a little faster, so I wish I could do that ...?
→ NOWSZY [SEGA] SSF 0.12 r18 Test Version 30/10/2020

SSF Test Version R18c (30/10/2020) :

  • DelayVDP2RAMWriteTiming has been added to the Program3 tab in the config file This is an item that keeps the drawing out of sync with the main thread instead of delaying the drawing by 1V Sync when rendering on the GPU.
  • VDP2 drawing thread is slightly faster
→ NOWSZY [SEGA] SSF 0.12 r18 Test Version 20/09/2020

SSF Test Version R18b (20/09/2020) :

The changes in R18 are as follows (including the changes in the previous R18)

  • Fixed color arithmetic processing of GPU rendering
  • Correction of blur calculation processing
  • Fixed sprite texture sampling process
  • Implemented high speed shrink of sprite
  • Fix FM synthesis
  • Implementation of gamma correction
  • Implementation of new SH2 synchronization processing
  • Fixed PCM resampling process
  • Adjusting the CD seek timing
  • SCU-DMA fix
  • Fixed VDP2 reset process
  • Changed the behavior of SH2 RTE instructions
  • Correction of blur calculation processing
  • BIOS emulation processing changes
  • Changed SMPC SSHON command processing
Hang on (SEGA of America, Inc., 1996)

SSF Test Version R18 (24/08/2020) :

  • Added an option in the Alternative Decoding video tab.
  • bug fixes
→ NOWSZY [SEGA] SSF 0.12 r16 Test Version 05/04/2020

SSF Test Version (05/04/2020) :

  • GPUレンダリングでもVDP2RAM Write Timingを有効にするオプションを設けました
  • ただ、PCIeの帯域に限りがあるのでデフォルトでは画面中央の1回のみ更新するようにしてます
  • VDP2RAMWriteTimingLine0="44"
  • VDP2RAMWriteTimingLine1="168"
  • VIM3のAndroidでComputeShaderのスレッド数が多いとDispatch出来なかったのでAndroid版のスレッド数を減らしてましたが、次のバージョンでは元に戻します

Google Translator


  • Added an option to enable VDP2 RAM Write Timing even in GPU rendering. However, because the bandwidth of PCIe is limited, by default it is updated only once in the center of the screen. The update line is specified by VDP2RAMWriteTimingLine0 of Program3 in the ini file -1 is the center of the screen
    Only a multiple of 4 can be specified
    The Android version has the same timing adjustment.
  • Multiple VDP2RAMWriteTimingLine can be specified
    • VDP2RAMWriteTimingLine0 = "44"
    • VDP2RAMWriteTimingLine1 = "168"
    • Can be specified as
    • The above are valid settings for Chaos Seed
  • In Android of VIM3, Dispatch could not be done if the number of Compute Shader threads was large. I reduced the number of threads in Android version, but in the next version I will restore it Such a Shoboi terminal should be discarded.The drawing process will be faster just by restoring it.


→ NOWSZY [SEGA] SSF 0.12 r15 Test Version 11/02/2020

SSF Test Version (11/02/2020) :

  • 細かい修正のみです
  • BIOS無し時に実機の起動画面後のパレットを再現するようにしました
  • CDイメージ使用時にCD Track/Indexにチェックを入れるとハングアップする不具合を修正
  • Wide Screenにチェックを入れた状態でWindow/FullScreenの切り替えをすると画面が変になる不具合を修正
  • Android版はスレッド処理を変更しました
  • ほんの少しだけ速くなっていると思います…たぶん
  • Windows版の修正も反映されてます

Google Translator

  • Only minor fixes
  • Palette after the start screen of the actual machine is reproduced when there is no BIOS
  • Fixed a bug that hangs when checking CD Track / Index when using a CD image.
  • Fixed the problem that the screen changed when switching between Window / FullScreen with Wide Screen checked.
  • Android version changed threading I think it's just a bit faster ... maybe. Windows version fixes are also reflected
→ NOWSZY [SEGA] SSF 0.12 r14 Test Version 26/01/2020

SSF Test Version (26/01/2020) :

  • Android版はAndroid10で起動しない不具合を修正
  • Windows版はLLVMを9.0.1に変更

Google Translator

  • Fixed bug that Android version does not start on Android 10
  • Fixed a bug where bilinear filtering was not working
  • Windows version changes LLVM to 9.0.1. What happens when you directly rewrite the registry
  • Others shouldn't have changed ...
→ NOWSZY [SEGA] SSF 0.12 r13 Test Version 28/12/19

SSF Test Version (28/12/19) :

  • 描画周りのタイミングを調整してみました WHIZZはVDP1描画スレッドOFF きゃんきゃんバニー・エクストラは1BlockClockを20くらい
  • CDアクセスタイミングも調整してみました ラストブロンクススペシャルディスクの自己紹介で音声ループが直ってます
  • Waveform Audioでも音量アップできるようにしました
  • CreateCDImageも更新しました トラック1インデックス1の開始位置が00:00:00にならないことがある不具合を修正してあります 以前に作成したイメージで起動しているものは問題ありません
  • あ、今回はAndroid版も更新してあります

Google Translator

  • I adjusted the timing around the drawing WHIZZ turns off VDP1 drawing thread KyunKyun Bunny Extra takes about 20 BlockClocks
  • I also adjusted the CD access timing Voice loop has been fixed by introducing the Last Bronx Special Disc
  • Waveform Audio can be increased in volume
  • CreateCDImage also updated Fixed a bug where the start position of track 1 index 1 might not be 00:00:00 There is no problem running with the image created earlier
  • Oh, this time the Android version has also been updated
→ NOWSZY [SEGA] SSF 0.12 r12 Test Version 16/12/19

SSF Test Version (16/12/19) :

  • I uploaded R12 which adjusted the frame buffer switching timing
  • Enables the CD Image in the configuration file and overwrites the CD image path. It is troublesome to open a CD and change options to switch the CD image, so if you specify a CUE file on the command line, it will use that CD image at startup.
  • When specifying from the command line, please specify an absolute path or a relative path from the folder where SSF.exe is located
  • It is easy to create a shortcut of SSF.exe on the desktop etc and drag & drop the CUE file
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