[SEGA] NOVA 0.2.1

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[SEGA] NOVA 0.2.1

Nowy emulator SEGI SATURN - NOVA (w pierwszych niepublicznych wersjach projekt nazywał się Kronos) autorstwa Steve Kwok zyskał nową wersję.

Golden Axe: The Duel (SEGA of America, Inc., 1996). Sporo jeszcze Nova ma do zrobienia, aby przynajmniej ten tytuł był grywalny.

Nova - Sega Saturn Emulator v0.2.1

  • SMPC: Fixed command SYSRES(Force Master SH2 to run Power-On vector).
  • VDP1: Fixed manual change/erase frame buffer(ST-V VDP1/VDP2 HARDWARE TEST).
  • SYSTEM: Implemented TITAN mode(Preliminary).
  • SYSTEM: Rewrote the startup procedure.
  • SYSTEM: Rewrote the cartridge subsystem.
  • SYSTEM: Refactored the CD subsystem.
  • GRAPHIC: Fixed screen flickering.
  • GUI: Enabled menu item "Boot".
  • MISC: Supported CD drive(Preliminary).
  • MISC: Added "Software Reset"(Hold <Shift> when "Reset", equivalent to START+A+B+C).
  • MISC: Added more options in nova.ini.
  • MISC: Fixed a bug of the INI parser when there are square brackets within a property.
  • MISC: Fixed a bug of dragging and dropping files directly to the executable.
  • MISC: Some file names were changed,
    • "primary_01.bup" >>> "sat_primary_01.bup"
    • "memcard_01.bup" >>> "sat_memcard_01.bup"
    • "battery.sav" >>> "sat_battery.sav"



Nova v0.6 A Sega Saturn/Titan Video emulator

  • SH2: Implemented Cache and SCI.
  • SH2: Rewrote Power-On procedure.
  • SH2: Rewrote instruction TAS and TRAPA.
  • SH2: Fixed a bug of return value of reserved areas(Dark Savior).
  • M68K: Limited the address bus to 24 bits.
  • SMPC: Implemented commands queueing.
  • SMPC: Rewrote SMPC peripheral handlings.
  • SMPC: Rewrote the command SYSRES.
  • SMPC: Fixed a bug of RTC.
  • SMPC: Fixed timing issues of the command INTBACK.
  • SMPC: Fixed a bug of SNDON command(Steam Hearts).
  • VDP1: Fixed a bug of invalid command(DraculaX).
  • VDP1: Fixed a bug of LINK address(DraculaX).
  • VDP2: Rewrote handling of the VCNT register.
  • VDP2: Completed Cycle Pattern handlings.
  • VDP2: Restored Character Pattern cache.
  • SCSP: Implemented 1Mb RAM mode.
  • CDB: Removed MP2 decoder kjmp2.
  • CDB: Implemented MPEG1 Video and Audio Layer 1/2 decoding.
  • CDB: Implemented MPEG related commands.
  • CDB: Implemented commands CdClose and MpPutSctData.
  • CDB: Implemented a new sound buffer to provide better playback quality for CDDA and MPEG audio.
  • CDB: Supported Video CD playback(require MPEG ROM).
  • CDB: Fixed timing issues of the commands AbortFile, CdGetLastBuf, GetSctNum.
  • CDB: Fixed a crashing bug of SubcodeQ decoding.
  • CDB: Fixed HIRQREQ flag setting(EHST) and data size of the command PutSctData(Outrun).
  • CDB: Fixed a bug when there is no disc in the CD drive(crash in TITAN mode).
  • CDB: Fixed the default start/end positions of the command CdPlay.
  • CDDRIVE: Fixed a bug that seekinig function doesn't work while playing.
  • SYSTEM: Rewrote memory mapping, two SH2s and SCU now have different memory mappings.
  • PERIPHERAL: Implemented PAR(Preliminary), FDD and Stunner(Virtua Gun).
  • BIOS: Disabled Nova BIOS.
  • MISC: Supported 4 executable formats BAL, COF(COFF), CPE(Psy-Q), ELF.
  • MISC: Supported WindowsXP.
  • MISC: Added .img format for the cue parser.
  • MISC: Renamed cart.json to data.json.
  • MISC: Fixed a bug that the primary BUP is not saved properly at exit.
  • DATA: Fixed BUP type of "MARVEL SUPER HEROES VS. STREET FIGHTER"(Hector Tomazella).
Powerslave (Playmates Interactive Entertainment, Inc., 1996) - Nova 0.5. Jeszcze niegrywalny tytuł, ale idzie ku lepszemu.

Nova v0.5 A Sega Saturn/Titan Video emulator

  • VDP1: Refactored the entire architecture.
  • VDP1: Disabled force_interlace.
  • VDP1: Implemented better timing.
  • VDP1: Implemented handling of the MODR register.
  • VDP1: Implemented handling for invalid command table data.
  • VDP1: Implemented Color Calculation Mode 5.
  • VDP1: Implemented a new algorithm for quadrilateral rasterization.
  • VDP1: Implemented anti-aliasing for Distorted Sprite and Polygon.
  • VDP1: Rewrote user/system clipping and pre-cliping.
  • VDP1: Rewrote end code process.
  • VDP1: Rewrote High Speed Shrink.
  • VDP1: Rewrote handling of the LOPR/COPR registers.
  • VDP1: Rewrote manual frame change/erase.
  • VDP1: Added access restrictions to the registers TVMR/FBCR.
  • VDP1: Fixed a bug of EWLR/EWRR registers(Street Fighter Zero 3).
  • VDP2: Disabled VDP2_JIT.
  • VDP2: Refactored the entire architecture.
  • VDP2: Removed Character Pattern cache.
  • VDP2: Supported 1M VRAM.
  • VDP2: Implemented Special High-Resolution Graphics Mode(preliminary).
  • VDP2: Implemented HCNT/VCNT/EXLTEN handling(incomplete).
  • VDP2: Implemented RBG1 and EXBG.
  • VDP2: Implemented rotation calculation with coefficient data.
  • VDP2: Implemented Rotation Parameter Mode 2 of RBG0.
  • VDP2: Implemented Invalid Rotation Parameter Mode 2(when coefficient table is disabled) of RBG0.
  • VDP2: Implemented coefficient data as part of LNCL data.
  • VDP2: Implemented Screen Over Process Mode 1 of RBG0/RBG1.
  • VDP2: Implemented Gradation.
  • VDP2: Implemented Sprite Window.
  • VDP2: Implemented sprite color calculation condition 3(MSB).
  • VDP2: Added support of sprite type 0~7 for 8-bit data.
  • VDP2: Added support of sprite type 8~F for 16-bit data.
  • VDP2: Added Character Pattern cache again.
  • VDP2: Rewrote priority handling.
  • VDP2: Rewrote handling of the SPCLMD and SPWINEN bits of the register SPCTL(Dragon Force 2).
  • VDP2: Rewrote Cycle Pattern handling(incomplete).
  • VDP2: Rewrote TVSTAT handling.
  • VDP2: Rewrote Special Priority function.
  • VDP2: Rewrote Extended Color Calculation.
  • VDP2: Rewrote Sprite Screen Over Process.
  • VDP2: Rewrote Window Process.
  • VDP2: Rewrote Shadow Process.
  • VDP2: Rewrote LNCL insertion.
  • VDP2: Rewrote scrolling/zooming calculation of NBG0/NBG1/NBG2/NBG3.
  • VDP2: Rewrote Line Scroll/Vertical Cell Scroll process of NBG0/NBG1.
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug of byte access of the color RAM(wrong mask).
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug that the WxLWE bit of LWTA0U and LWTA1U are masked.
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug of special color calculation mode 3(palette data MSB).
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug of RGB0 color calculation ratio.
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug when the data is RGB format and color calculation is indicated by MSB.
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug of palette number.
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug of color RAM address offset.
  • VDP2: Fixed bugs of Character Number Supplement Modes.
  • VDP2: Fixed bugs of Normal Line Window coordinates.
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug of sprite transparent dot.
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug of Pattern Name Table Lead Address calculation.
  • VDP2: Fixed bugs of display/color mode limits by settings of the Reduction Enable Register.
  • VDP2: Fixed bugs of display limits by settings of NBG0/NBG1 color modes.
  • VDP2: Fixed bugs caused by changes in mid-frame.
  • VDP2: Fixed bugs of NBG2/NBG3 scroll values.
  • VDP2: Fixed bugs of LNCL/BACK screen in single interface mode.
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug of vertical Reduction.
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug of Screen Over Process Mode 3 when bitmap vertical size is 256.
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug of rotation parameter when the graphic mode is hi-res or exclusive hi-res.
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug of rotation parameter when it is double/single interlace.
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug of Special Color Calculation Mode 2(by dot) when color format is RGB.
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug of priority pattern(BIOS splash screen).
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug that BGON changes in mid-frame(Lunar Silver Star Story).
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug of sprite transparent dot.
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug of single interface.
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug of line scrolling.
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug when the priority number is 0.
  • SCU: Rolled back the fix of PPAF handling in v0.4(Thunder Force V).
  • SCU: Fixed a bug of DMA indirect mode table address detection(Tactics Ogre).
  • SCU: Fixed a bug of DMA range checking(Burning Rangers).
  • SCU: Fixed a bug of DMA timing(too slow to end transfer of palette data during VBLANK).
  • CDB: Fixed bugs of CdReport when the pickup is in the Lead In/Out area.
  • CDB: Supported MPEG audio decoding.
  • MISC: Added ON/OFF switch for the VDP2 BACK layer.
  • MISC: Fixed another wrong track mode bug of the MDS parser.



Nova - Sega Saturn Emulator v0.4.0

  • CDB: Rewrote the entire Filter/Buffer/Partition/File system.
  • CDB: Rewrote most of the commands.
  • CDB: Rewrote the HIRQREQ register and interrupts handling.
  • CDB: Rewrote the DATATRNS register and data transferring.
  • CDB: Rewrote the periodic response procedure.
  • CDB: Rewrote CdReport.
  • CDB: Rewrote subcode Q decoding.
  • CDB: Implemented rarely used commands.
  • CDB: Implemented better timing for commands.
  • CDB: Implemented subcode R~W decoding.
  • CDB: Implemented REJECT/WAIT/ERROR handlings.
  • CDB: Implemented Copy/Move between selectors.
  • CDB: Improved status transition.
  • CDB: Improved logging.
  • CDB: Added timing for seeking process.
  • SCU: Improved PPAF handling, setting value by an event.
  • SCU: Fixed a bug of accessing area detection.
  • VDP1: Fixed a bug of initializing.
  • SYSTEM: Improved threads synchronization.
  • SYSTEM: Rewrote CD reading.
  • SYSTEM: Rewrote the CD reading thread.
  • SYSTEM: Added new log types Notice and Remarks.
  • BIOS: Fixed a bug of the HIRQREQ register initial value.
  • MISC: Rewrote the BIN/ISO parser.
  • MISC: Fixed a bug(wrong track mode) of the MDS parser.
Contra: Legacy of War (Konami of America, Inc., 1997) - jeszcze trochę niegrywalny ale może kiedyś.

Nova - Sega Saturn Emulator v0.3.0

  • SH2: Removed interrupts timing.
  • SCU: Rewrote DSP flags handling.
  • SCU: Rewrote DSP commands and opcodes mapping.
  • SCU: Rewrote the DSP RA register handling.
  • SCU: Rewrote PPAF register handling.
  • SCU: Rewrote DSTA register handling.
  • SCU: Rewrote DMAC priority handling.
  • SCU: Rewrote INTC.
  • SCU: Added timing for interrupt sending of INTC.
  • SCU: Added DSP register TN0.
  • SCU: Added DSP disassembly function.
  • SCU: Added restrictions to the DMA add values.
  • SCU: Added checking of DSP delay commands conflicts.
  • SCU: Added checking of PPAF register read access while DSP is executing.
  • SYSTEM: Supported adding user data to an event.

Nova - Sega Saturn Emulator v0.2.2

  • VDP2: Fixed a bug of MSB transparent shadow(Game no Tatsujin).
  • CONTROLLER: Implemented
    • Analog Joystick(No analog data for now)
    • Keyboard(Game Basic for Sega Saturn)
    • Shuttle Mouse(Game no Tatsujin)
    • Mega Drive 6-Button Pad(for testing)
    • Mega Drive 3-Button Pad(for testing)
→ [SEGA] NOVA 0.2

Nova - Sega Saturn Emulator v0.2

  • SH2: Fixed crashing bugs of the disassembler.
  • SH2: Added a hook routine for special usage.
  • SCU: Fixed a bug of table address boundary checking of DMAC indirect mode.
  • SMPC: Added magic numbers to the battery save file.
  • VDP1: Fixed MSBON of polygon.
  • CDB: Added log messages for commands MpDisp, MpSetWin, MpSetBcolor, MpSetFade, MpSetVeff.
  • SYSTEM: Implemented Nova BIOS(Preliminary).
  • SYSTEM: Supported ROM cartridge.
  • MISC: Implemented comments handing for the INI parser.
  • MISC: Added new options in nova.ini.
  • MISC: Some file names were changed,
    • "backup.bin" >>> "primary_01.bup"
    • "memcard_00.bin" >>> "memcard_01.bup"
    • "smpc.bin" >>> "battery.sav"
→ [SEGA] NOVA 0.1.9

Nova v0.1.9 16/03/17

  • SH2: Added read byte access of TIER register of FRT(3D Lemmings (E)).
  • SCU: Refactored INTC.
  • SCU: Made DSP and DMAC as separated excutable devices.
  • SCU: Supported irregular(Transfer address is not aligned or transfer count is an odd number) DMA transfers.
  • SCU: Implemented better timing for DMA transfers.
  • SCU: Implemented better synchronization mechanism for DMAC.
  • SCU: Implemented caching of DMA triggers.
  • SCU: Implemented priority for the three DMA levels.
  • SCU: Implemented all status(Access, Interruption, Standby, Operation) of DMA transfers.
  • SCU: Implemented Force-Stop of DMA transfers.
  • SCU: Implemented handling for illegal DMA.
  • SCU: Implemented handling for the Status of Stopped DMA registers.
  • SCU: Added handling for DSTA register.
  • SCU: Added "Cool-down" time for interrupted/Force-Stopped DMA transfers.
  • SCU: Added restrictions for register access.
  • VDP1: Added restrictions for register access.
  • VDP2: Fixed the VBLANK bit of TVSTAT register.
  • CDB: Refactored handling of DATATRNS register.
  • CDB: Added byte access of DATATRNS register(Steam Hearts via SCU DMA).
  • SYSTEM: Added checking for accessing device registers from slave SH2.
  • MISC: Refined regular expressions of the CUE parser.
  • MISC: Fixed regular expression bugs of the INI parser.
→ [SEGA] NOVA 0.1.8
Shinobi Legions (Vic Tokai, Inc., 1995)

Nova v0.1.8 31/12/17

  • SH2: Added timing for interrupt handling(Kidou Senshi Z Gundam).
  • SH2: Rewrote address mapping/mirroring stuff again.
  • SH2: Added handling for illegal delay slot instructions.
  • SCSP: Added read byte of SCIPD(Virtua Cop/Virtua Cop 2).
  • CDB: Implemented several MPEG part commands(preliminary), Lunar-Silver Star Story MPEG Ban is playable now(No MPEG video/audio playing).
  • MISC: Added NO_GFX mode to increase the debugging speed.
  • VDP1: Fixed a bug of the clipping system not initialized when reseting(opening movie of Kidou Senshi Z Gundam).
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug of PAL mode(Rayman (Europe)).
  • SMPC: Tweaked timing of INTBACK command(autofire issue of Rayman).
  • INPUT: Fixed a bug of key num4 on the numberpad which acts as same as the right key.
→ [SEGA] NOVA 0.1.7

Nova v0.1.7 24/12/17

  • VDP2: Added byte access of cycle pattern registers(Sengoku Blade).
  • SCSP: Implemented a new algorithm for MIBUF and MOBUF of MIDI.
  • SCSP: Implemented cancellation of MIDI input/output interrupts.
  • MISC: Added command FLAGS for the CUE parser.
  • SCSP: Refactored INTC.
  • VDP2: Fixed VRESO bits of TVMD register when its value is 2 or 3.
  • VDP2: Fixed a bug of sprite shadow(Suiko Enbu).
  • CDB: Fixed the pickup reset of CdPlay command, Steam-Heart's plays BGM properly now.
  • MISC: Fixed the wrong file offset of the CUE parser(single BIN).
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