[SAM] Sim Coupe v1.2.10 7/04/2022

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[SAM] Sim Coupe v1.2.10 7/04/2022

Simon Owen opublikował nową binarkę swojego emulatora (imo z dostępnych najlepszego) mikrokomputer Sam Coupe - przynajmniej dla mnie konstrukcji będącej ukoronowaniem historii Z80A w domowych mikrokomputerach.

SimCoupe v1.2.10 release 7/04/2022

Changes since the last release:

  •  fixed clipboard paste not working on boot screen.
  •  fixed broken Windows shell path auto-complete.
  •  fixed various issues affecting initial SDL window size
  •  improved portability of window position/size saving.
  •  improved validation of ZX82 ROM containers.
  •  moved samdos2 dosboot image to external resource file.
  •  added support for older SAM ROM images (#77)
  •  added manual play/pause to Win32 tape browser (#77)
  •  added missing tape auto-load triggers.
  •  added fast boot frame limit for broken or custom ROMs.

SimCoupe v1.2.8 release 13/03/2022

Changes since the last release:
  • fixed read port MSB in block IN instructions (#75)
  • fixed utf-8 path issues under Windows (#74)
  • added additional Win-F11 shortcut for SAM F1 (#73)
  • help now opens Manual.md instead of ReadMe.md

SimCoupe v1.2.8 release 07/11/2021

Changes since the last release:
  • improved HALT implementation to better match real Z80
  • improved behaviour of multiple breakpoints at same location (#70)
  • added clipboard support for built-in GUI text inputs (#71)
  • added basic session command history to debugger

SimCoupe v1.2.7 release 20/10/2021

Changes since the last release:
  • fixed ATA IDENTIFY command returning too much data (#65)
  • fixed command-line disk images not auto-booting (#69)
  • fixed Win32 installer to add file associations (#66)
  • fixed command-line disks not getting added to MRU list.
  • changed Win32 installer to install x64 version if appropriate.
  • corrected documentation, which suggested default base was decimal (#67)
If you use the Win32 installer it's recommended that you uninstall the old version before installing the update. Most users will be moved to the 64-bit version that lives under Program Files rather than Program Files (x86). Start menu icons are now in a SimCoupe folder, with the old shortcuts still referencing an outdated version.
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simcoupe 1.2.10 amd64.deb
simcoupe-1.2.10-1.x86 64.rpm
SimCoupe-1.2.10 win x86-t2e.pl.zip
SimCoupe-1.2.10 win x64-t2e.pl.zip
simcoupe-1.2.9-1.x86 64.rpm
SimCoupe-1.2.9 win x86-t2e.pl.zip
SimCoupe-1.2.9 win x64-t2e.pl.zip
simcoupe-1.2.8 win x86.zip
SimCoupe-1.2.8 win x64-t2e.pl.zip
SimCoupe-1.2.7 win x86-t2e.pl.zip
SimCoupe-1.2.7 win x64-t2e.pl.zip
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