[PSX] Xebra/Arbex 07/07/14

[0] @ Piątek, 11 Lipca 2014 10:33CET

[PSX] Xebra/Arbex 07/07/14

Wow... po trzech latach dr.Hell zaktualizował kod tandemu jednego z najlepszych emulatorów SONY PLAYSTATION - XEBRA/ARBEX. Niestety, co nowego jak dogrzebie się do jakiejkolwiek informacji.

 XEBRA/ARBEX 14.07.07

  • ???
NOWSZY [PSX] Xebra 22/09/2022

Xebra/Arbex 24/09/2021:

  • the algorithm of resuming emulation after selecting a title from the list has been modified so that the operation takes into account the possibility of changing the disk and avoids unnecessary resetting of the emulation process;
  • a new language detection mechanism has been added, so that the program correctly assigns a location to the appropriate XEBRA.LNG file with the translation;
NOWSZY [PSX] Xebra/Arbex 05/04/2020

Xebra/Arbex 04/05/2020:

  • ???
NOWSZY [PSX] Xebra/Arbex 10/03/2020

Xebra/Arbex 10/03/2020:

  • This release is intended to spread user-posted language files. There are no special feature updates.
  • The extension of the cheat code file has been changed from ".par" (Pro Action Replay) to ".ar" (Action Replay). This is because adding "Pro" to the name without the search function is incorrect.
NOWSZY [PSX] Xebra/Arbex 02/10/19

Xebra/Arbex 02/10/19

  • ????
NOWSZY [PSX] Xebra/Arbex 25/06/19

Xebra/Arbex 25/06/19

  • ????
NOWSZY [PSX] Xebra/Arbex 24/12/18

Xebra/Arbex 24/12/18

  • ????
NOWSZY [PSX] Xebra/Arbex 27/10/18
Megaman Legends 2

Xebra/Arbex 27/10/18

  • ????
NOWSZY [PSX] Xebra/Arbex 10/03/18
NOWSZY [PSX] Xebra/Arbex 05/01/18

05 jan 2018

  • Fix modification of drawing function by OpenGL
NOWSZY [PSX] Xebra/Arbex 24/12/17

24 dec 2017

  • Enhancement of disc image creation function and rendering function by OpenGL
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