[psx] edgbla Software Rendering Plugin 1.64

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[psx] edgbla Software Rendering Plugin 1.64

Nowa odsłona softwarowego pluginu GFX  dla emulatorów Sony Playstation edgbla. Chyba nikomu, kto bawi się emulacją PSX nie trzeba namawiać do przetestowania tej nowinki:).


Version 1.46. 25/08/18

  • Fixed artifacts when using increased internal resolution;
  • Increased the maximum possible internal resolution to 16×16;
  • Added the ability to set arbitrary proportions of the picture;
  • Fixed loading of large shaders;
  • Fixed dithering;
  • Implemented multi-threaded renderer;
  • Fixed most of the increased internal resolution artifacts;
  • Increased maximal internal resolution to 16×16;
  • Added an option to set a custom aspect ratio;
  • Fixed the loading of large shaders;
  • Fixed dithering mode;
  • Multi-threaded renderer implemented; When using multithreading, remember that the renderer will occupy all these threads 100%. For maximum performance, you must also turn off energy-saving technologies.


→ [psx] edgbla cdrBlade Plugin 1.30

Version 1.30. 20/09/16


  • Configuration dialog was ported to gtk3;
  • Added multifile images support in cue/bin format;
  • Fixes in fake subchannel data generation;
  • Suppressed the playback of data tracks;
  • Rewritten the caching system;
  • Added russian language;
  • Added saving the read sectors (via a hotkey);
  • Small bugfixes;


→ [psx] edgbla Software Rendering Plugin 1.44

Version 1.44. 20/09/16

WARNING: some features are incomplete and disabled, will be finised and enabled in the future releases.


  • Configuration dialog was ported to gtk3;
  • Improved interlaced mode emulation;
  • Fixed dithering mode for certain primitives;
  • Added dithering mode selection;
  • Fixed setting the negative offset and screen scaling values;
  • Added the quads rendering mode;
  • Added and divided video memory displaying/writing modes to 4-bit, 8-bit, 16-bit and 24-bit;
  • Fixed shader parameters;
  • Added experimental perspective-correct texture mapping;
  • Added "RA 2x", "Scale4x", "Hq4x" screen filters;
  • Added contrast adjustment;
  • Added various output modes for windowed mode;
  • Fixed window rotation reset after opening the settings dialog in ZiNc;
  • Fixed ZiNc support for Linux builds;
  • Fixed windows operation logic for Windows builds;
  • Readded minimize/close/maximize window buttons for Windows builds;
  • Rewritten savestates picture saving algorithm for the higher quality (not compatible with other plugins anymore);
  • Improved hotkeys support;
  • Added russian language;
  • Small bugfixes and improvements;
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