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Kolejny updejt zmodyfikowanego emulatora FCEU (mod), który został zmodyfikowany aby udźwignąć kolejne niezdumpowane carty dla NINTENDO 8 (lub jego klonów), który dotarły do CaH4e3.

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[29 october 2017]

Haven't any news for a long time, sorry. No time for this stuff as well as no actually new stuff to release. But sometimes miracles happens. lol Accidentally, TheCurvedMind appears and send me one interesting cartridge (thanks a lot man!). As I see, it already popped out here in 2011 with a small review. My cart looks little different but has the same code and the games list. The odd thing, DendyGames didn't noticed two more interesting original games on this cartridge: "Hunter" and "Magician". First is a some kind of "Flappy" clone for NES. The second one is a surprisingly nice looking NES port of Arcade game Wiz by Taito. All new games, including "Shoot the Goof" as against most of pirate hacks uses the Codemasters' music and sounds, which sounds odd and some kind of "legitimates" these pirated games. lol
And one more thing. FCEUmm finally dropped. Will not modify it anymore. All mappers are already in FCEUX sources and I'm using it for a long time already. All new changes for new dumps will be added to FCEUX repository, a binaries can be downloaded from this build bot.
For this particular cartridge some tweaks for 176 mapper source were made, but it seems they may break some older dump, but I don't know which one lol. If you find another cart which not working anymore, let me know, we will see whan can be done there.


Photo 44 in 1 (Super Game KT A) [p1][!] 10 9. Source: http://cah4e3.shedevr.org.ru/dumping/2017/images/44-in-1_(Super_Game_KT-A)_[p1][!]-10.png
Photo 44 in 1 (Super Game KT A) [p1][!] 9 8. Source: http://cah4e3.shedevr.org.ru/dumping/2017/images/44-in-1_(Super_Game_KT-A)_[p1][!]-9.png
Photo 44 in 1 (Super Game KT A) [p1][!] 8 7. Source: http://cah4e3.shedevr.org.ru/dumping/2017/images/44-in-1_(Super_Game_KT-A)_[p1][!]-8.png
Photo 44 in 1 (Super Game KT A) [p1][!] 5 4. Source: http://cah4e3.shedevr.org.ru/dumping/2017/images/44-in-1_(Super_Game_KT-A)_[p1][!]-5.png
Photo 44 in 1 (Super Game KT A) [p1][!] 4 3. Source: http://cah4e3.shedevr.org.ru/dumping/2017/images/44-in-1_(Super_Game_KT-A)_[p1][!]-4.png
Photo 44 in 1 (Super Game KT A) [p1][!] 2 1. Source: http://cah4e3.shedevr.org.ru/dumping/2017/images/44-in-1_(Super_Game_KT-A)_[p1][!]-2.png
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[03 may 2016]

Accidentally, athene and nikita600 provided an interesting dump. Can't guarantee it's genuine, but it seems that we have here an unreleased prototype version of the Gimmick! game for Japanese region. There are some little differences from the released version, the rest of the game is exactly the same. There is the reason to tell that this is actually a proto version. The copy protection code in this game uses a couple of 4-byte data chunks to test its consistency. At least one of them is unused either in both released versions. This is an intro copyrights text "TOMO". In this ROM, this is actually part of the intro screen "A TOMOMI SAKAI GAME". This string has left in European version and completely unused, in the Japanese version, most of this string replaced with FF, the only "TOMO" is left to not to break the protection.

Also, there are other small differences: developer name "SAKAE" here is "SAKAI" instead in all other places, the debug buttons on the controller 2 are the same as for the European version, but enabled by default (see in my cheats data base, even if you disable it, you can't actually control the black enemy in the stage two on the ship, you just can jump with Select), instead of "AUTHENTIC ENTERTAINMENT" here is "GIMMICK ENTERTAINMENT TEAM" (this string is also present in european version, but with partially removed GIMMICK part) as well as the part of the title screen contains "original of e.g.t." instead of "presented by sunsoft". And finally, the "BLACK HOLE" message of the protection code here should be "IMPERFECT VERSION".

Gimmick! (J)(Prototype)


[24 april 2016]

There are two carts from the common famiclone sets, released around the world under a number of titles. The original one can be seen on the official site http://www.gameinis.com, at least some German variation can be seen here. The main feature of this set is the special IR bat, which is supported by one of the games. As against the other systems with similar functionality, the IR sensors are not integrated into the console, but instead used inside the cartridge itself. So you easily could use any other console to play it with the proper IR bat.
I were surprised how many offers for these cartridges are in auctions, but no one ever selling the console itself or even the IR bats for it. Before now I didn't touched any of these carts, but now I see it's really simple. There are no coordinates or movements detecion. The IR sensor in cart just detects the exposition from the IR led in the bat. But you need to hit it for a short time. This is doesn't work if you just put the bat against the sensor lol. So we have here a little more clever version of the zapper for the NES.
I did a quick hook of the bat to the left mouse button, but the main question is open, WHETHER IT IS POSSIBLE TO BEAT THIS DAMN GAME. As I see, the CPU player dodges ALL your balls even on easy mode, but the code itself has all needed branches for both players win. Also, there are at least two more opponents graphics inside the ROM, but currently it's unknown if we able to play against them. You don't need a special emulator to run this ROM, but you need at least latest FCEUMM (on the corresponding pag here) or SVN build of FCEUX to play it actually.
The second ROM is a generic multigame cart with common games. Need to mention, it has the same "Fantasy of Gun" game, which were dumped recently.
UPD. Didn't noticed this at the first time, but it seems that mapper 45 for this cart is kinda different, so except menu, there are very few games are working there. Will see the solution a little bit later.
UPD2. Ok, got it. This is a new type of mapper 45 cart, either mapper suport and dump were bad. This is the first mapper 45 dump with 4Mb of data. So redownload it as well as a new fcrumm build to play it.

Gameinis Pingpong (Unl)[!]
101-in-1 Games [p1][b1]
101-in-1 Games [p1][!]

So, finally I got my own rev 1.3 of this multigame cart. It appears to be much more common, than we thought previously, even the PCB mentioned that it has 1.3 rev inside (need to mention, some of the same PCBs appears don't have it at all). The question as usual was that nobody can check its carts for revs lol. The rev 1.4 now is wated.
This revision appears no to wor on the previous version of the mapper 212 code, so you could run it properly only on the latest FCEUMM or FCEUX.

9999-in-1 (Anim Splash, rev 13)[p1][!]

And last but not the least, multigame cart with interesting feature like memu to select between console and the keyboard games. Actually, there are no keyboard games on this cart at all. The data for it not programmed into the ROM, so you just hang if try to select it. I hope there is some console or cart with the full version for sure...

Super 200-in-1 MD-8802 [p1][!]

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FCEU MM 10.12.2015

  • UNIF F-15 - new dump "150-in-1 Unchained Melody (FIGHT 150 ver LOVE)[p1][U][!]"

FCEU MM 08.09.2015

  • UNIF EH8813A - hw switch added

FAMI Dumping project

I don't know if I release something more interesting this year, so let this post be a teaser and the christmas release at the same time, if I don't find something more important. ;)

Finally I've got the Unchained Melody multigame cart 150-in-1 that I've seen before on some forums by our friends from Poland. This is one of a kind so called "hw test" carts with system self-test option called by press Start+Select at the menu. As against the 200-in-1 dumped by me recently, this is a newer and advanced revision. It has not the simple selftest, but a more complex one, than in previous multicarts. The main reason for this, actually, that this cart uses more complex MMC3-based board. And this is not so interesting about that. The main purpose for all this is that the last game in this multicart under the number 150, there is a full version of "Master Fighter II - The World Warrior", as against any other such multicarts just with maximum 8 of simple 16K+8K games.
The MFII itself not so interesting, it seems it has ripped from early multigame carts and hacked for a new mapper. But moch more interesting the "hw test" menu by itseld. It has not only the some kind of internal name "FIGHT 150", but a lot more interesting version string "ver LOVE" whatever that means.
As usual, UNIF board were assigned and added to latest versions of FCEUmm/FCEUX here on this site of on public SVN.

150-in-1 Unchained Melody (FIGHT 150 ver LOVE)[p1][U][!]



Prince of Persia (RX-02, Snake)(R)[!]

So, I mentioned previous time that I know that one more Prince of Persia russian translation from early 199x exist. So finally I got this one, thank a lot for this to EvgenP06 and Oreanor!
But last time I did a mistake it seems, counted total 4 different known translations of this game, but it's actually seems only 3 and all dumped by me. The possible fourth version can be found on some recent cartridges, but this is the same version with translated title as I dumped back in 2012, but just with no "1994" on the copyrights screen. Maybe I thought about "Prince of Rosia" famous pirate version with no russian translation, who knows ;). Anyway, now we got three different kind of russian translations of Prince of Persia made by different people back in 199x. All translations has different fonts and translation styles. Today's dump according to copyright screen made by already known Snake from Moscow, also there is particular cartridge label with a very specific ID code RX-02, used by Snake for its translations (see the main page list for details).
Stay tuned!

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FCEU MM 31.08.2015

  • UNIF EH8813A - fixed inplementation

FCEU MM 30.08.2015

  • UNIF EH8813A - new dump "Dr. Mario II (Unl)[U][!]"
  • UNIF HP898F - new dump "Prima Soft 10-in-1 (02 8807870-3)(Unl)[U][!]"

FAMI Dumping project

UPD 31.08.15: As I promised, here is the main dish, thanks to famiac for providing these carts! First, here is the rehacked and "inproved" version of Dr.Mario with number II on the title. Actually, this is 2-in-1 cart (precisely 1+8-in-1). One half it's mostly the same Dr.Mario with graphics similar to the regular version, but the second part is 8 different graphical skins to the regular game, ripped partially from Wario's Woods or Little Nemo or other games and partially is original. The pause screen contains some authors copyrights, a name of company "ES INC" and year 1996. There is an original bug in his game. Both title screens will hang when attempting to start a demo sequence, just like the original version does. This happens on the real console and in emulation, so maybe there were something that autohors overlooked.

UPD 31.08.15: Shame on me! So hurry to dump and release and I didn't checked it carefully. Actually, nothing really bad, but previous dump was overdumped with garbage. It seems that this mapper was designed for a simple multigame cart with hardware menu selection. Sometimes carts do this using manipulation with address lines, which is enabed with some registers bit. This time, this cart clears lower 4 bits of address line if particular bit is set. So we have a series of repeated byte of every 16 data block. This game seems doesn't use this feature at all, so nothing is changed in emulation. Even if it would, nothing should happens too. With current mapper code and dumped garbage data, this cart woild be emulated exactly the same way as on hardware. Now I removed the overdumped data, fixed the mapper implementation and put all this here as a second option.

Second, a little dessert: small simple multigame cart with total graphical rehacks of the known simple licensed games, some of them are dumped already for sure, like Super Mario Bros. redrawn for Panda. Maybe there are some undumed before games too.
Both dumps are need a new mappers code, which are added to the latest FCEUmm build on this site as well as in FCEUX SVN repository.

[23 august 2015]

A small update before the main dish. As usual, this dump popped up accidentally and from accidental source. Here is the forum thread with cartridre repair discussion that went to the dumping thread. ;) The Dump from unknown not-working cartridre appears to be a dump of unknown until now russian translation of the "Top Gun" game from late 199x. Thanks to user alh for providing this dump. According to a phone number in game's texts, this translation was made by the same "Snake" person who make some other carts released here before.

[27 june 2015]

And to complete this dumping series today, a couple of not so interesting dumps. First we have another branch in the evolution three of the multicarts with "Unchained Melody" in menu. This specimen has blue (!) animated logo number "200", and it seems it the intermediate unit between 83/100 and 300 versions, since in this version HW test already removed, but the button code cheat to activate it still present and working as a screen clear, which sometimes may be misinterpreted as a cartridge hang. The rest is mostly the same - mapper, games, pictures... The second one is just a simple Galaxian hack, but with alternative title screen for some reason. Enjoy.



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FCEU MM 23.06.2015

  • UNIF DRAGONFIGHTER - new board for a new dump
  • cheat ram fix sync with FCEUX

FAMI Dumping project

Most interesting thing from bunch of carts provided by Oreanor today is a "Dragon Fighter" game by so called "Flying Star". This game is a fighting with the hard mix of the Mortal Kombat and some others SMD/SNES characters. There are total 10 fighters, 10 locations, all characters have at least 2 special moves. In addition, the engine here is something new, all the data and code here has maximum parametrization, so most of the game data is a something like scripts, the native code is only 16K in size.

→ [Nes8] CaH4e3: Nowe dumpy i nowy FCEUMM...

FCEU MM 22.02.2015

  • UNIF COOLBOY - small fix
  • UNIF FK23C - 256K RAM fix

FAMI Dumping project

I'm a bit late with this release (11.02 => 22.02), but this is a birthday dump from HardWareMan! Thanks a lot! This time we have different version of COOLBOY PCB with 256K CHR RAM mounted as well as 8K SRAM chip, allowing to put more interesting games inside. To play it use a new version of FCEUmm.

Thanks to TeamEurope one more time for a new Famicom-based hanheld games. This one have a nice feature, you can select the menu language between English and Chinese. The ROM works fine on the any OneBus supporting emulators.


→ [Nes8] CaH4e3: nowy FCEUMM...

FCEU MM 10.01.2015

  • mapper 35 - prot fix?


→ [Nes8] CaH4e3: Nowe dumpy i nowy FCEUMM...

FCEU MM 09.01.2015

  • mapper 35 - savestate bug fix

FAMI Dumping project

HardWareMan once again delivered a new ROM, thanks a lot! He accidentally appears to have a new version of TeamEurope's cart released here 4th January. Previous version is older revision (internal signature of old version is "400 IN 1 zyx-8b2799", and new version is "400 IN 1 zyx-8b2922"), it has a lot of free space (about 700k). So this empty space was used in newer revision, three more new game hacks was added to the menu, so we now have 403-in-1 technically. There are many changes inside the newer ROM, but mostly this is shifted parts of various games, the rest of the games in list are identical to previous version.
Three new games is a title and sprite hacks of japanese Ninja Gaiden 3 and Adventure Island 1 and 2.


→ [Nes8] CaH4e3: nowy FCEUMM...

FCEU MM 06.01.2015

  • UNIF COOLBOY - bugfix, now should support any game


FCEU MM 04.01.2015

  • mapper 4 - fixed savestates for mmc3 based mappers broken with kt-008 board
  • UNIF COOLBOY - new dump support

FAMI Dumping project

Happy New Year! Our sponsor today is TeamEurope! Thanks a lot for all this dump! You may seen it before in TeamEurope's blog here and here. Both working on OneBus systems, one is very similar to my old dump from D-Cat 8-bit system, another have the same menus like from recent Gangnam Style dump. I just put them in UNIF format and now it can be played on current FCEUmm/FCEUX.


Most interesting, that TeamEurope dumped one more cart recently. Many people already know it or already have it. ;) But before now I didn't planned to dump something like this. This is CoolBoy 400-in-1 all unique games cartridge. And it's the biggest cart ever made currently, its size is 32 Mb! There are many known licensed games, as well as lot of NiceCode simple games like on numerous DreamGear-like consoles. Some of them aren't dumed before, so dumping and emulating it make sense somehow. ;)
The cart uses another custom MMC3 board with extra banking, very simplified comparing to known pirate multigame carts, but it supports a very large ROM size, so I wrote one more UNIF board mapper for FCEUmm/FCEUX. Because of some hardware restrictions, most of games are heavily hacked if they weren't a MMC3-versions before. Worse is this cart haven't CHR ROM at all, and uses 128Kb CHR RAM to upload the whole games graphics from PRG ROM manually, so every single game starting with noticeable lag.
Of course, this dump will work only on latest FCEUmm/FCEUX from according site page. There are probably more carts on this board, so maybe it will be needed again.






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777777-in-1 (8 bit Slim Station, NEWPXP-DVT22-A PCB)(Unl)[U][!].rar
888888-in-1 (8 bit Slim Station, NEWPXP-DVT22-A PCB)(Unl)[U][!].rar
999999-in-1 (8 bit Slim Station, NEWPXP-DVT22-A PCB)(Unl)[U][!].rar
CoolBoy 400-in-1 (Unl)[U][!].rar
SuperArcade 110 (8-bit part 90-in-1 080-9603012 2009.09.25 Ver)(Unl)[U][!].rar
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