[NES] RockNES v5.14 [31/05/2014]

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[NES] RockNES v5.14 [31/05/2014]

Nowa wersja jednego z najstarszych emulatorów NINTENDO 8, oczywiście nie wprost, bo w końcu to nie to samo, co ponad 10 lat temu, ale który program oprócz MAME posiada ciągłą historię sięgającą ubiegłego wieku;).

What's new for version 5.14 (31/05/2014)

Now RockNES supports 3x and 4x screen blitters.

  • Fixed -disable_ppu_clipping flag in the config file.
  • Fixed a few GUI items, plus minor changes.
  • Frame timing is reset if the video resolution changes, no more crashing.
  • Added bitmap blitters 3x and 4x, no filtering yet.
  • Minor code optimizations and cleanups.


NOWSZY [NES] RockNES v5.80 31/05/2021

What's new for version 5.80 (05/31/2021)


  • The savestate version has been changed to 8, so older states are no more compatible.
  • Added/fixed proper savestate support for ALL mappers.


  • Added support for Namco 163 sound (mapper 19).
  • Added mapper 210.
  • Fixed NSF init/play/reset.
  • Fixed sound recording status when stopped.


  • Fixed MMC1 (mapper 1), plus support for 512k games (Dragon Warrior III and IV works).
  • Fixed mappers 69, 72, 76, 78 and 92.
  • Fixed IRQ counter on mapper 19 reset (Sangokushi II: Haou no Tairiku works).


  • you can press Ctrl+F to call the "File info" dialog while in the GUI.
  • CPU state info dialog now supports NSF.


  • General adjustments, cosmetic changes and cleanups.
  • Documentation reworked and usual fixes.

 What's new for version 5.70c (05/05/2021)

  • Fixed sound volume level with unsigned samples.

NOTE! The file ines.txt is missing in the 5.70x releases. It'll be merged with "rocknes.txt" document.
NOTE 2! You can use Spacebar key to toggle normal APU and Fami-clone APU sound modes while playing a NES game.


What's new for version 5.70B (05/03/2021)

  •  Fixed disabled mini-GUI items.
  •  Fixed some uninitialized variables in the APU core.

 What's new for version 5.70 (04/30/2021)


  • Major fix in the sound downsampling, new high pass filter.
  • Sound recording is now terminated if the sound mode is changed.
  • Fixed a bug calculating the data chunk size for stereo wave files.
  • Fixed envelope volume on power up/reset (set to 0 instead of 15).
  • Sound output volume now uses the mixing formula and float types for math.


  • The mini-GUI menubar is back! It's used in low resolutions mode.
  •  Fixed wrong colors in message boxes.


  • Fixed a stupid bug of displaying NSF frequency circles out of NSF mode.
  •  Fixed a bug setting the NSF file/track info in the program window.
  • Track number is back to the decimal mode.
  • Press Spacebar to switch the sound mode between "normal" and "Fami-clone" (NSF only).
  • Pressing Alt+Enter (toggles fullscreen/windowed) no longer restarts the NSF track.


  •  Reads from $4016/$4017 are set by specific hardware (NES and VS Unisystem).


  • Now you're able to save/restore states during movie recording (joypad data logging).
  • Cosmetic changes, a couple of minor fixes.
  • Savestate document is now included with the emulator package.


NOWSZY [NES] RockNES v5.66 09/04/2021

 What's new for version 5.66 (04/09/2021)

fds driver

  • Disk inserted/ejected status is no more set to "true" on soft-RESET.
  • Improved disk information, added CRC32.


  • RAM is now completely filled with zeros.


  • Fixed a bug in the APU reset.
  • Fixed a bug in the stereo sound downsampling calculation.
  • Fixed NSF driver, major cleanups.


  • Fixed windowed mode when out of focus.
  • Fixed color calculations for various color styles.
  • Color style "sepia #2" was changed to a new non-monochrome calculation.
  • The loaded .NES filename is now displayed in the "File info" GUI option.
  • Minor cosmetic changes in the GUI.


  • Removed value $40 ORed at every joypad read.
  • Keyboard is now polled before checking keys.
  • Fixed emulator startup, several rewrites in the code, minor fixes.
  • Fixed a memory leak problem.
NOWSZY [NES] RockNES v5.65 11/03/2021
R.C. Pro-Am II (Tradewest, Inc., 1992)

What's new for version 5.65 (03/11/2021)

  • Fixed PPU soft reset.
  • Fixed sprite address clearing again (RC Pro AM II works).
NOWSZY [NES] RockNES v5.64
Who-Framed Roger Rabbit (LJN Toys, Ltd., Sep, 1989)

What's new for version 5.64 (10/02/2020)


  • Default palette is restored on new ROM loading (fix when a VS palette was selected).


  • Sprite address is always cleared on VBlank end, fixing a few unlicensed games.
  • [menu/GUI]
  • Now you can select GUI colors for menus.
  • Video options were separated from [Misc] menu.
  • Fixed custom fullscreen setting (on General settings), saves the current video mode.
  • Fixed a bug setting on/off percentage of FPS.
  • Fixed "general settings" and "set directories" GUI dialogs not "closing".
  • Fixed "sound options" GUI dialog (all options are working ok).
  • Fixed a few mapper/board names in order to be shorter, avoiding glitching the GUI.
  • General tweaks, cleanups and minor improvements.
NOWSZY [NES] RockNES v5.63c [19/09/2020]
Rockeeter (Bandai America, Inc., May, 1991)

What's new for version 5.63C (09/19/2020)

  •  Fixed bitmap clearing in triple buffering mode, no more screen flashing.
  •  Fixed some GUI colors and other minor tweaks.

What's new for version 5.63B (09/16/2020)

  •  Fixed a bug setting up CRC32 values.

What's new for version 5.63 (09/13/2020)


  • Fixed a bug in the MMC3 PPU IRQs (fixes Mega Man VI and others).


  • Added an option for DMC reversed bits decoding order.
  • Fixed NSF track change in triple buffering mode.
  • NSF mode no more allow changes to screen aspect ratio, or scanlines.


  • Fixed palette setting if an external palette was loaded.
  • Fixed a problem with triple buffering (should run at normal speed).
  • Rollback for color style calculations.
  • Changing the video resolution (using GUI dialog) now sets the game screen to 240p.
  • Vertical retrace is now enabled by default.


  • Fixed program version number in the binary.
  • Fixed a few obscure errors in the config file parsing.
  • Added display of the percentage of frames per second.
  • Code revision and rewrites for GUI dialogs.
  • Removed a few debug leftovers, plus minor improvements and cosmetic changes.
  • Documentation updated.


NOWSZY [NES] RockNES v5.62 [06/09/2020]
Monster in My Pocket (Konami, Inc., Jan, 1992)


What's new for version 5.62 (09/06/2020)

  •  Fixed compiler flags, no more DLLs (again).
  •  Fixed a few more references for setting up Allegro's gfx driver (AUTODETECT).
  •  Other minor fixes and tweaks.

What's new for version 5.61 (09/04/2020)

  • Fixed frequency value in the DMC sound driver reset, raw playback is fine.
  • Fixed a nasty bug in the PPU $2007 reads.
  • Fixed mouse as NES input device, you can adjust the movement sensibility.
  • Changed Allegro's graphics pseudo-driver to AUTODETECT for compatibility.
  •  A few cosmetic changes in the GUI.
NOWSZY [NES] RockNES v5.60b [02/09/2020]
Shadowgate (Kemco/Seika, Dec, 1989)




  • Another update! This version removes all external DLL dependencies. Let me know if it works for you!


    What's new for version 5.60 (09/01/2020)


    • Partial code rewrites, some optimizations and tweaks.
    • Savestate version is now 7 (old saves are not compatible).
    • Data at CPU $6000-$7FFF is now saved into savestates (SRAM/WRAM).
    • Fixed a few problems parsing the config file.
    • Fixed path for FDS BIOS loading (same of RockNES.exe folder).
    • Fixed a deadlock bug on application window close (X at corner).


    • Fixed CPU opcode $20 (JSR).
    • Fixed CPU branch timings.
    • Fixed a bug in the DMA operations of sprites and DMC sound channel.
    • Fixed a potential crash in the CPU schedule system.
    • Revision in the CPU opcodes.


    • Fixed sprite RAM data saving in savestates.
    • Fixed sprite refresh (R.C. Pro AM II works).
    • Added a check for expected CHR ROM/RAM in each mapper.
    • Revision in the PPU frame timing and CPU opcodes.


    • New NTSC palette.
    • Fixed a bug saving palettes (incorrect warning).
    • Fixed bitmap clearing in triple buffering mode.
    • Fixed switching to VS palettes.
    • Fixed loading an external palette file.
    • Fixed wallpaper loading path (should look at the binary folder too).
    • Scanlines effect code rewritten from scratch.
    • Reworked most of the color styles palette calculations.


    • Added missing joystick turbo settings on config file parsing.
    • Fixed incorrect assignment for BACKSPACE key.
    • Fixed support for joysticks, now D-pad works again!


    • Fixed APU noise channel reset (fixes Ghostbusters) and sweeps.
    • Fixed a bug in the APU mono/stereo switching.
    • Fixed sound startup and configuration.
    • Fixed DMC channel initial state.
    • Reworked the audio rendering a bit.
    • Changed the sound sample rate from 48000 back to 44100Hz, works on low-end PCs.
    • Reduced drastically the sound cache for minimal latency.

    [nsf driver]

    • Fixed a bug in the NSF savestate block.
    • Fixed NSF track selector, works for player 1 only.
    • If a NSF file has no game title, it's now replaced by its filename.


    • Added proper support for Acclaim's MC-ACC IRQs.
    • Added savestate data for mappers 46 & 187.
    • Revision in the MMC3/Acclaim PPU IRQ codes.
    NOWSZY [NES] RockNES v5.54 [14/07/2017]

    What's new for version 5.54 (09/23/2017)

    • Improved Famicom Disk System PPU IRQ timing (thanks Sour).
    • Fixed "Skip Disk System license screen" option, working ok.
    • Fixed scanlines in NSF mode (while playing a tune & drawing circles).
    • Fixed version number in the file properties.
    • Minor fixes and improvements.

    What's new for version 5.53 (08/08/2017)

    • Improved mapper 64 IRQ timing.
    NOWSZY [NES] RockNES v5.52 [14/07/2017]
    Rolling Thunder (Namco Limited, 1989)

    What's new for version 5.52 (07/14/2017)

    • Fixed mapper 19 (Rolling Thunder (J) works).
    • Internal cleanups and minor tweaks.
    • Documentation updated.
    NOWSZY [NES] RockNES v5.51 [09/07/2017]

    What's new for version 5.51 (07/09/2017)

    New release! RockNES 5.51 brings a fix in the CHR bankswitching in the mapper 64. Now Rolling Thunder (U) works.

    • Fixed a CHR bankswitching bug in the mapper 64 (Rolling Thunder works).

    What's new for version 5.50 (07/07/2017)

    • New NTSC default palette, including color emphasis, by Joel Yliluoma.
    • All palette-related core was rewritten and fixed.
    • Fixed palettes for VS games, including GUI dialog for selection.
    • Fixed problems in the GUI 'general settings' dialog.
    • Fixed PPU left clipping on/off setting.
    • Fixed GUI alert box colors.
    • Fixed a bug in the "Olive" and "Nocturne" color styles.
    • Fixed gfx frame pointer reset, an obscure bug found by accident.
    • Fixed emulation reset if an invalid opcode is found.
    • Fixed mapper 64 IRQs (Hard Drivin' works again).
    • Fixed mapper 90 IRQs and savestates.
    • Fixed Famicom Disk System savestates, system RAM and PPU IRQs, major bugs!
    • Fixed initial scanline (fixes Time Lord).
    • Fixed an obscure bug setting file loading path.
    • Fixed ROM corruptor, it wasn't restoring changes.
    • Fixed a bug setting the CPU address range in the CPU state display.
    • Fixed a few bugs in the config file parsing.
    • Fixed resetting to the default settings.
    • Custom fullscreen mode is now disabled if the last video mode was windowed.
    • Improved color emphasis effect & MMC3 IRQs.
    • Improved $2006 behaviour, old hacking removed.
    • Removed restriction for running only 1 instance of RockNES.
    • Frame rate (FPS) is no more displayed in the program window.
    • Added mappers 190 (Magic Kid GooGoo) and 206.
    • Added full NES palette viewer, including all the color styles palettes!
    • Added 5 new color styles, related to R-G-B swapping.
    • Added Game Genie codes, up to 10.
    • Added NSF track number display on-screen.
    • Another huge code cleanup and fixes, plus minor changes and improvements.
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