[NES] puNes 0.102

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[NES] puNes 0.102

Kolejne poprawki w emulatorze NINTENDO 8 - puNes, nie jest to tak rozbudowany emulator jak seria FCE, jednak wyróżnia się paroma ciekawostkami, na które warto zwrócić oko - nic istotnego, jednak na pewno umilą emulację (ot jakieś shadery i inne szmery;)). W sumie, patrząc na scene poświęconą NINTENDO 8 trudno nie znaleźć czegoś, czego już nie ma, jednak puNes jest naprawdę solidnie odrobionym zadaniem domowym.


Punes 0.102 29/11/17

  • I had forgotten in release v0.101 to add support for NSF and UNIF files in compressed archives.
→ [NES] puNes 0.101
Gradius (Konami, Inc., Dec, 1986)

Punes 0.101 14/11/17

  • Now puNES is UTF-8 compatible.
  • Now puNES is a NSF player.
  • Added support for the mappers: 6, 27, 30, 35, 43, 123, 134, 151, 155, 162, 166, 167, 168, 187, 188, 190, 196, 197, 250, 252, 253, 254.
  • Added support for the UNIF mappers: TF1201, TEK90, EH8813A, Sachen-8259A, 11160, G-146, 12-IN-1, 411120-C, T-262, BS-5, 8157, 830118C, 8237, 8237A, NTD-03, 42in1ResetSwitch, CNROM, Ghostbusters63in1, 64in1NoRepeat, 70in1, 70in1B, H2288, KOF97, 603-5052, CITYFIGHT, TFROM, BB, T-230, 43272, AC-08, KS7013B, SA-72008, MTECH01, UNIF FS304, SA-70037, YOKO, SA-9602B, CC-21, LH32, NovelDiamond9999999in1, SL1632, SA-72007, Sachen-8259B, SHERO, SuperHIK8in1, SMB2J, AX5705, Supervision16in1, SA-0036, GS-2004, GS-2013, KS7012, KS7037, KS7016, KS7017, LH10, KS7032, SC-127, RT-01, MASLIB, BOY, 8-IN-1, HP898F, 158B, 810544-C-A1, KS7031, DRAGONFIGHTER, Super24in1SC03, VRC7.
  • Fixed mappers: 15, 45, 52, 60, 108, 116, 114, 121, 205, 219, MMC5, Tengen, Waixing.
  • Implemented auto eject and auto insert of fds disks when you switch side (ALT+S) or change disk.
  • Added support for multithreading in the xBRZ filter.
  • Added the option to select the output audio device.
  • Added "Fullscreen in window" options.
  • Added "Start/Stop record WAV" to record audio.
  • Added "Hide Zapper cursor" option.
  • Added the Overclocking option.
  • Added full support to XInput (Windows version). No more input lag and no more problem with any controller.
  • Added full support to Vs. System.
  • Eliminated the "Software" mode in OpenGL version.
  • Eliminated dependency from the "autoconf-archive" package.
  • Eliminated the Audio Low Quality option.
  • Separate management of software filters and shader. Many shaders give different results depending on the filter used because they have been designed for an input image of 256 * 240 pixels.
  • Separate management of the size of window and software filters.
  • Rewrote the overscan management.
  • Rewrote the input management and added support for SNES Mouse, Arkanoid Paddle and Oeka Kids Tablet.
  • Eliminated a lot of unnecessary code.
  • Fixed many many bugs and increased the accuracy of emulation.
  • Added other options and features that I don't remember now.

Punes v0.100 13/11/17

  • Added support to mapper 40.
  • Fixed aspect ratio of NTSC software filters.
  • (OpenGL) Add the "Disable RGB FBO" option. Some older drivers of video cards do not support them properly altering the color palette with shaders.
  • Added the pixel aspect ratio of PAL TV.
  • Added "xBRZ 5x" and "xBRZ 6x" software filters.
  • Added the possibility to make screenshots (ALT+X) which will be automatically saved in the folder "screenshot" of the base directory.
  • Added "Unlimited sprites" (ALT+U) option.
  • Added "Hide sprites" (ALT+V) and "Hide background" (ALT+B) options.

Punes v0.99 12/04/17

  • (Windows) Fixed bug that allows the monitor turned off during a game session.
  • Added "Pause" shortcut.
  • Better support for the submappers in NES 2.0.
  • Fix for recognize correctly the CHR RAM size with the NES 2.0.
  • Fixed saving of the option 'Permit "Up + Down" and "Left + Right"...' in the configuration file.
  • Added two new palettes (Thanks to Firebrandx for his work http://www.firebrandx.com/nespalette.html).
  • Fixed the mirroring in the VRC2 mapper.
  • Added the full support for the RetroArch's shaders (https://github.com/libretro/common-shaders).
    • OpenGL version support ".glslp" and ".cgp" (linux version need that is istalled the nvidia-cg-toolkit package) shaders.
    • D3D9 version support only ".cgp" shaders. Then, based on experience made in these months of development, in D3D9 version many shader ".cgp" do not work (such as CRT-royale), it seems that this shaders has been developed for the OpenGL version.
→ [NES] puNes 0.98

0.98 (Bugfix release)

  • Windows: fixed a bug (introduced in the rewriting of the audio subsystem of version 0.97) that did not allow the correct synchronization between threads distorting the sound after a few minutes of use.
  • fixed a typo in the config file configuration for the "panning" option.
  • converted to autotools build system.
  • from now puNES is an open-source project (https://github.com/punesemu/puNES). Among the links now there will always be the source tarball of the latest release. I will continue to release binaries for Linux versions even though I do not think will serve much longer. At compile time, you can specify whether you want to use the QT5 instead of QT4 passing the "--enable-qt5" to configure.


  • rewritten the audio stack to eliminate problems of lags and crackling.
  • added in the audio settings new option "Buffer Size factor". To a lower value corresponds to a smaller size buffer (less lag but most possible crackles on slower computers). The larger the buffer, the greater the lag but less chance of crackles.
  • added the "Stereo Panning" mode.
  • eliminated the setting "Hide the mouse cursor". Now the mouse cursor is hidden automatically after two seconds of inactivity of the mouse. Appears again to mouse movement.
  • updated the xBRZ to 1.4.
  • added the "Fast Forward" to the shortcuts (keyboard and joystick).
  • added an option to set the velocity of "Fast Forward".

0.96 (Bugfix release)

  • correct all crashes in the SDL windows version caused by the porting to QT.
  • always in the SDL windows version fixed a bug that prevented to hide the mouse cursor.
  • fixed regression in Sunsoft FME-7 mapper that prevented the proper functioning (Dynamite Batman (Japan), Batman - Return of the Joker and other games now works again).


→ [NES] puNes 0.94

0.94 (Bigfix release)

  • fixed xBRZ in the D3D9 release.
  • Added the translated english version of "Lagrange Point" to the database.


  • fixed a bug that does not allow to set properly some sound cards in linux version.
  • fixed the problem with big RAM on FME-7 (http://forums.nesdev.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=12467&p=142799).
  • update the xBRZ filter to version 1.3.
  • implemented a management window of cheats. You can import files CHT (FCEUX) and XML (Nestopia).
  • I'm going to develop other tools including a debugger, an editor of RAM, a viewer NameTable and more. Given the lack of funds and time I do not know how long it will take but I'm a stubborn and headstrong. Anyone who wanted to support the project (or even offer a beer :wink:) with a donation, can do so through the "Donate" in the About window.
→ [NES] puNes 0.92
Nintendo 8 Nes:PuNES:Startropics:Nintendo of America Inc:1990:
Startropics (1990)

PuNES 0.92

  • A new icon (thx to Phil Pinsonneault).
  • Added the ability to configure the shortcuts and associate them with a button of the joystick.
  • Increased the number of save slots to 10.
  • Added, in fullscreen mode, an overlay that shows when you select, save or load a save state.
  • Fixed the display of the GUI when you increase or decrease the save slot.
  • Fixed the shortcuts for Inc/Dec save slot (in 0.91, for a mistake, F2 = Inc and F3 = Dec).
  • Fixed a bug that in rare circumstances did not allow the configuration of the joystick.
  • Implemented properly the behavior of the mapper FME-7 (http://forums.nesdev.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12436&start=15#p142263).
  • Fixed the issue with Startropics e Startropics II.


→ [NES] puNes 0.91 (Major release)

PuNES 0.91 (Major release)

  • Completely rewritten GUI doing a complete porting to QT. Although user level this leads to a few visual changes, at the level of code management and development time has changed the world. Now I have to maintain a single codebase for all versions drastically reducing the time of development and maintaining a uniform GUI on both platforms. Add new functions is now much easier and faster.
  • Linux version now directly use the ALSA API for the audio.
  • Added the ability to save and load save states directly from the file.
  • Now the shortcuts are reconfigurable (although for now only by editing input.cfg).
  • Added the ability to translate the GUI (for now only English and Italian but if someone wants help...).
  • Fixed a lot of bugs and optimized the code making this version the faster and more precise than ever. Although tested on multiple computers (I thank all those who gave me a hand in recent months with testing and suggestions and especially Eugene.S, angrylion and Oldghost) it is possible that there are still bugs. Thanks in advance everyone who will report them to me.

P.s. I recommend you to delete files "puNES.cfg" and "input.cfg" before launching this version.


→ [NES] puNes 0.90
Nintendo 8 Nes:PuNEs:Toki:Taito America Corporation:Tad Corporation:1991:
Punes 0.90 (HLSL - Phosphor 1) Toki (Taito America Corporation, 1991)

PuNES 0.90

  • Fixed a lot of bugs in the mappers MMC1, FM7, 28, 176, 178, and FDS.
  • Full support for the format NES 2.0.
  • Implemented the filter xBRZ.
  • Implemented the UNIF mappers FK23C, FK23CA, D1038, MARIO1-MALEE2.
  • Given the large amount of revised code, if someone were to find roms that worked properly with the 0.89 but not with this release, please contact me.
  • UNIF boards supported: NROM, NROM-128, NROM-256, Sachen-74LS374N, A65AS, UOROM, TC-U01-1.5M, SA-NROM, SLROM, 22211, TLROM, TBROM, TKROM, Sachen-8259C, SA-016-1M, Sachen-8259D, ANROM, FK23C, FK23CA, D1038, MARIO1-MALEE2.


→ [NES] puNes 0.89 (bugfix)

PuNES 0.89

  • In some circumstances, the audio could not be played correctly (crackling and pops). Fixed


→ [NES] puNes 0.88

PuNES 0.88

  • Added the possibility to save and load the color palette to/from file. The file format is the same used by FCEUX: "Palette files are expected to Contain 64 8-bit RGB triplets (each in that order, red comes first in the triplet in the file, then green, then blue).". To experiment take a look at this post http://forums.nesdev.com


→ [NES] puNes 0.87

PuNES 0.87 (Massive bugfix release)

  • Fixed all the bugs that did not allow the proper functioning of many gamepads. Are now properly recognized all those tested (XBOX 360 controller, DualShock 2, DualShock 3, DualShock 4, Twin USB Joystick and many other [Thx to Kirkor and to the other "volunteers"]). Linux and Windows versions.
  • Added support for the UNIF mappers: UOROM, TC-U01-1.5M, SA-NROM, SLROM, 22211, TLROM, TBROM, TKROM, Sachen-8259C, SA-016-1M, Sachen-8259D, ANROM.


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