[NES] MyNes x86 v6.2.150

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[NES] MyNes x86 v6.2.150

Al Hadid opublikował nową wersję emulatora NINTENDO8 - MyNes.

Version 6.2.150

  • Improved: emulation code generally, the emulation now should work faster.
  • Improved: sound playback, now it's more accurate and the emulation goes faster.
  • Fixed: a bug in sprite 0 hit, the bkg enabled flag was never checked when sprite 0 hit flag sets.
  • Fixed: a bug when the emu crashes sometimes when attempting to open a rom and already running a game.

Version 6.2.55

  • Added: TheGamesDB.net integration, ability to search and download images and info from TGDB for each info tab and/or using "Detect TGB" new feature.
  • Added: support for X Controllers (XInput, XBOX360 controllers)
  • Added: Band-Limited Sound Buffer "Blip_Buffer" <http://www.slack.net/~ant/> for sound playback downsampling.
  • Added: auto synchronization method for sound playback, fixed the sound synchronization lose issue.
  • Fixed: bug when attempting to show the boards list.
  • Improved: sound playback, now it's more accurate and the emulation goes faster.
  • Improved: image viewer (snapshots and covers) in the Launcher with nearest-neighbor interpolation.
  • Improved: assigning and adding files for database entries optimized in the Launcher, now it's faster with compressed files.
→ NOWSZY [NES] MyNes x86 7.5.71

My Nes Version 7.5.7100.2949; Built at 10, Jun, 2019 01:38.

  • Added: enable filters in Audio option.
  • Improved: sound playback quality (both renderers) by configuring buffer size and latency (buffer options are removed).

Core Version 7.5.7100.447; Built at 10, Jun, 2019 00:14.

  • Fixed: Square sound channels sequencers (wrong counting through the look-up table).
  • Fixed: sound aliasing by implementing proper low-pass filter for down-sampling.
  • Improved: sound quality by adding the proper filters as described in nes wiki.


  • It is recommended to switch into SlimDX renderers, for both video and sound for this version (unless there are quality issues).
  • My Nes emulation engine outputs sound at ~1.79 MHz, in real nes (as described here <http://wiki.nesdev.com/w/index.php/APU_Mixer>) there are 3 filters:
    • A first-order high-pass filter at 90 Hz
    • Another first-order high-pass filter at 440 Hz
    • A first-order low-pass filter at 14 kHz
  • Now My Nes implement all these filters after output in 1.79 MHz. All filters (low-pass and high-pass) are implemented as described in the wiki, in other words, they work using the actual physical equations.
  • After that, for down-sampling into the playback sound frequency, a low-pass filter is implemented at playback frequency as well.
  • So, in My Nes, the audio process works like this:
    • EMU OUTPUT at ~1.79 MHz => high-pass filter at 90 Hz => high-pass filter at 440 Hz => low-pass filter at 14 kHz => low-pass filter at playback freq (i.e. 44100 Hz for default) => write samples into playback buffer (i.e. play sound).
    • If you notice performance issues in this version or simply you don't like the sound quality, you can still disable this filters in the main menu: Audio>Enable Filters.
  • When this option is disabled, the filters order will be like this:
    • EMU OUTPUT at ~1.79 MHz => low-pass filter at playback freq (i.e. 44100 Hz for default) => write samples into playback buffer (i.e. play sound).
  • This may cause some sound issues like aliasing, corrupted square melodies ...etc
    • Sound buffer size is now fixed for each renderer: 16 KB for SlimDX Direct sound and 5KB for SDL2Sound. These buffer sizes found best for quality and performance.
→ NOWSZY [NES] MyNes x86 7.5.6945

MyNes Version 7.5.6945 Built at 06, Jan, 2019 22:00.

  • Added: load state open menu item, allows to quickly load a rom then load a state from selected state slot directly.
  • Added: load state on recent open menu item, same as above, but this work on games open from recent menu.
  • Added: Start game in fullscreen menu option, allows My Nes to switch My Nes into fullscreen mode each time a game is loaded.
  • Added: SDL2 settings in video menu, allows to configure further options of SDL2 Video Renderer.
  • Added: Shutdown emu/exit My Nes on Escape press menu option on preferences, this options allow My Nes to exit fullscreen, shutdown emu or exit My Nes with Escape press.
  • Added: Interface languages switch in Preferences, currently only English and Arabic languages is supported. Sorry i cannot add more languages, i don't want to use translater services to add more languages ... i need help in this end :)
  • Added: Ability to show supported boards list from Help menu.
  • Added: Context menu that appears when right-mouse click anywhere in My Nes window (work on fullscreen too). This allow to access usefull menu items quickly during game play.
  • Added: Auto mouse cursor hide.
  • Improved: the default palette settings, carefully configured to produce a very good image quality.
  • Improved: Sound is carefully configured to produce the highest sound quality possible with My Nes.
  • Improved: if a x controller is connected, and start My Nes for the first time, My Nes will configure and switches automatically to that controller. (In other words, plug in your x controller and start playing !!)
  • Improved: Getting started dialog, now it support more options and more detailed.
  • Improved: Speed control in emulation, now My Nes run smoothly.
  • Fixed: bug in SlimDX video renderer, keep aspect ratio was not working.
  • Fixed: bug in SlimDX audio renderer, sound became corrupted most of the time.
  • Fixed: fullscreen was not working probably (My Nes used to go Maximized window instead of normall fullscreen).
  • Fixed: issues with notifications positions on the screen.
  • Fixed: when to many notifications came at once, the video renderer was displaying the latest one only. Now it display them all one by one.
  • Removed: The GameDB related features.
→ NOWSZY [NES] MyNes x86 7.4.6753

Version 7.4.6753 Built at 28, Jun, 2018 20:44.

  • Added: Namco 163 sound channels (mapper 210 external sound channels)
  • Fixed: save-load state in Namco 106 mappers (# 19 and 210)
  • Fixed: channels cannot be silenced using Audio>Channels menu items from the last update.
  • Improved: Audio filters order fixed to match what described in the wiki, it goes now like this: high-pass filter at 442 Hz => high-pass filter at 90 Hz => low-pass filter at 14 KHz.
→ NOWSZY [NES] MyNes x86 7.3.6725
The Adventures of Rad Gravity (Activision, Inc., Dec, 1990)

Version 7.3.6725 Built at 31, Mai, 2018 23:08.

  • Added: APU io-bus emulation.*
  • Added: APU now emulates the real nes clock rates, which clocks on the other cpu's cycle.*
  • Improved: Sound quality by adding high-pass filters as original nes hardware, see APU_Mixer.
  • Fixed: SDL2 video renderer eat up memory when FPS is shown.
  • Fixed: SDL2 video renderer crashes in some cases.


→ NOWSZY [NES] MyNes x86 7.2.6677
Ferrari (Acclaim Entertainment, Inc., Jun, 1992)

Version 7.2.6677  13, Apr, 2018 21:44.

  • My Nes old GUI is back, along side with the Launcher.
  • Fixed issues in the emu core.
→ NOWSZY [NES] MyNes x86 7.1.6596

Version 7.1.6596  Built at 22, Jan, 2018 22:22.

  • Added support for mapper # 163.
  • Added multilingual interface support.
  • Added ability to render UTF8 texts (in the game browser for non-English game names).
  • Added support for Game Genie (ability to enter cheating codes for games).
  • Added ability to change the sound buffer size in the audio menu.
  • Added some video settings for rendering quality and misc.
  • Improved sound configurations, now My Nes sounds better.
  • Removed blipbuffer implementation and replaced it with an implementation of the "Band-Limited Sound Synthesis" algorithm.
→ NOWSZY [NES] MyNes x86 v7.0.6

MyNes Version 7.0.6516 03, Nov, 2017 00:04.

  • Emulation engine rebuild from scratch, the code is now optymized and faster than ever... along with more accuracy.
  • My Nes now is one package that can run on all platforms that support SDL and mono. Thanks to SDL2 to make this happening.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs related to emulation, check out the commits in the source code for more details.
  • My Nes now include a simple GUI engine, that allows to access games and config almost all emu settings without the need of leaving the app, even in fullscreen mode.
→ NOWSZY [NES] MyNes x86 v6.3.10

Version 6.3.10

  • Added: new handler for BlipBuffer, blipbuffer updated to the latest version. My Nes now sounds even better.
  • Improved: emulation speed control.

Version 6.2.300

  • Improved: emulation threading code to reduce cpu usage (it was using full cpu power).
  • Fixed: sound playback pitch and sync loosing. MyNes now adjust the pitch automatically to avoid sync loose.
→ [NES] MyNes v6.1.2

What's New in version 6.1.2

  • Added: Support for these mappers: # 41 and 42
  • Added: High quality downsampler for audio output. Now My Nes sounds better.
  • Added: Options in Audio options allow to change sound channels playback enable.
  • Added: Ability to show boards/mappers status with My Nes via the new Boards List dialog.
  • Added: New option in input settings, allows to switch back to keyboard mapping for a device when mapped device disconnected.
  • Fixed: mappers # 23, 24, 26 and 90.
  • Fixed: MMC 5 (mapper 5) external sound channels
  • Fixed: Interrupts issue, branches was delaying nmi and irq instead of irq alone. some games are now playable (Dragon Quest III is one of them)
  • Fixed: Bug in Inputs settings, never save device selection for joypad1.
  • Fixed: Bug with inputs when trying to play in fullscreen sometimes inputs disconnected.
  • Fixed: Soft reset for internal sound channels.
  • Fixed: Bugs in few mappers.
  • Improved: external sound channels of mapper 19 (Namco 163), still choppy but works.
  • Improved: Few things in the video renderer such as 'cursor now it hides when entering fullscreen mode'.
  • Improved: Input settings when trying to set mapping for all buttons sometimes the same mapping assigned to more than one button.


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