[n64] Mupen64PlusQT 1.10

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[n64] Mupen64PlusQT 1.10

Jeśli komuś przypadł do gustu frontend korzystający z biblioteki QT dla CEN64, to być może przyda mu się jego wersja dla emulatora NINTENDO 64 - MuppenPlus. 

Mupen64PlusQT Frontend:GUI
Mupen64PlusQT 1.8 - Grid View

Mupen64PlusQT 1.10 30/08/2016

  • Added help text rather than empty view if no ROMs
  • Added full console command to log
  • Added right-click menu for ROMs
  • Keyboard navigation for views (arrow keys and enter)
  • Selected ROM is preserved when closing dialogs
  • Added full-screen mode
  • Dark theme and text resizing for list view
  • Dark/light background options for grid view
  • Auto-adjust option for grid view columns
  • Code refactoring
  • Various bug fixes (see commit log)

This version will refresh your ROM database when it first starts.

Mupen64PlusQT 1.9 5/04/2016

  • Remove dependency on QuaZIP library for distributed Linux binary
  • Add per-game settings dialog
  • Search in subdirectories for ROMs
  • French translation
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Nintendo 64 Muppen64k:F-zero X:Nintendo of America Inc.:Nintendo EAD:Oct 26, 1998:
F-zero X (Nintendo of America Inc., Oct 26, 1998). Photo@project
  • Mupen64++ (Kaillera Supported, last version until Okaygo lost the source code) is the most compatible Kaillera netplay emulator in terms of games. I have compiled it with the default Jabodirect3d8 GFX plugin and removed all audio plugins besides Azimer's HLE (to avoid desync). I also added GLide64 Finale version for certain games like Mario Tennis. I also added the Original Kailleraclient under "Supraclient" so if the regular P2P Kaillera client doesn't work you have a backup option.
wstecz31/08/2016 00:22
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