[n64] Mupen64Plus 2.5.0 2020/04/10

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[n64] Mupen64Plus 2.5.0 2020/04/10

Muppen64Plus jest całkiem dobrym, jeśli nie najlepszym obecnie emulatorem Nintendo 64, jeśli nie najlepszym, to przede wszystkim ciągle rozwijanym. Niestety, jak większość pingwinowych emulatorów wymaga od nas magicznego dyktowania parametrów startowych dla programu w linii komend, co może przynajmniej na początku doprowadzić człowieka do szewskiej pasji:).
Oczywiście nie brakuje frontendów i forków, które wykorzystują rdzeń muppena z całkiem dobrym skutkiem.


Version 0.2.5

  • GLideN64 plugin is now included in binary releases
  • Fix video extension
  • Remove DelaySI option
  • Change setup.py to Setuptools and refactor bits of code
  • Bug fixes
→ [n64] Mupen64Plus 2.5.9 Beta 2019/02/11
  • This is a Beta release of Mupen64Plus. Please help us by testing this software on your platform and reporting bugs to our IRC channel, or Google Group, or Emutalk Forum. There have been so many changes since the last release (in 2015), that we decided to make this BETA release and only accept pull requests for bug fixes during the next month or two. Then we will make a stable 2.6 release.
→ [n64] Mupen64PlusQT 1.10
Mupen64PlusQT Frontend:GUI
Mupen64PlusQT 1.8 - Grid View

Mupen64PlusQT 1.10 30/08/2016

  • Added help text rather than empty view if no ROMs
  • Added full console command to log
  • Added right-click menu for ROMs
  • Keyboard navigation for views (arrow keys and enter)
  • Selected ROM is preserved when closing dialogs
  • Added full-screen mode
  • Dark theme and text resizing for list view
  • Dark/light background options for grid view
  • Auto-adjust option for grid view columns
  • Code refactoring
  • Various bug fixes (see commit log)

This version will refresh your ROM database when it first starts.

Mupen64PlusQT 1.9 5/04/2016

  • Remove dependency on QuaZIP library for distributed Linux binary
  • Add per-game settings dialog
  • Search in subdirectories for ROMs
  • French translation
→ [n64] Mupen64PlusQT 1.8
Mupen64PlusQT Frontend:GUI
Mupen64PlusQT 1.8 - Grid View

Mupen64PlusQT 1.8

  • Add ability to specify multiple ROM directories. This will cause your ROM collection to refresh on the first launch
  • Add ability to delete TheGamesDB information
  • Autoload config directory setting
  • Linux: Add support for GLideN64 workaround
  • Bug fixes

Mupen64PlusQT 1.7

  • Bug fixes
  • Update for Mupen64Plus v2.5
→ [n64] Mupen64Plus v2.5

Mupen64Plus v2.5: Mupen's Last Stand

Some of the highlights of this release are:

  • All: Moved from BitBucket (Mercurial) to GitHub for source control. Added Travis CI integration for automated build regression testing.
  • All: Added project files for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
  • All: Finished and perfected integration with SDL 2.0, and changed Makefiles to build against SDL 2.0 by default (Linux and OSX only)
  • Audio: Add audioresource support for integration with Linux-based Nemo Mobile OS
  • Core: Game-specific fixes: Banjo Tooie, Zelda Ocarina of Time, DK64, Hydro Thunder, others
  • Core: Game-specific override for # of clock cycles per cpu instruction
  • Core: Cheat fixes for WWF No Mercy, Bomberman Hero, Super Mario 64, and Pokemon Stadium (E)
  • Core: New Dynarec: Speed improvements, accuracy fixes, build support for MSVC
  • Core: Major R4300 CPU core refactoring in many subsystems to improve code organization
  • Core: Rewrite speed limiter code to improve performance and audio synchronization
  • Core: Support for building against OpenGL ES
  • Core: Build system improvements for ARM / Raspberry Pi
  • Input: New auto-config sections for: Wiimote Classic, Wii U Gamecube / Pro, MS SideWinder GamePad Pro, 17 others
  • Input: Fall back to joystick settings for analog x/y when Mouse=True but pointer is un-grabbed
  • Input: New feature: prevent mouse/trackpad auto-centering behavior by pressing left-Windows key
  • RSP: Game-specific fixes: Bottom of the 9th, IndianaJones, BattleForNaboo, Conkers Bad Fur Day
  • RSP: Support for MusyX microcodes
  • RSP: Improve audio microcode identification
  • RSP: Huge quantity of code cleanups and refactoring to improve organization
  • RSP: Add support for additional audio commands: #16, POLEF, RESAMPLE_ZOH
  • RSP: Multiple bugfixes in audio processing code
  • Rice-Video: Game-specific hack-fix to show last heart and map arrows in Zelda OoT & MM
  • Rice-Video: Graphics fixes for: Fog, RDP InsertMatrix command
  • Rice-Video: Add config option to force polygon offset values (fixes artifacts on certains games / renderers)
  • Rice-Video: Modernize OpenGL interfaces, remove code for supporting old opengl versions
  • Rice-Video: Lots of code cleanup, removal of deprecated code, and simplifications
  • Rice-Video: Fix for INI file loading under Windows
  • Rice-Video: Bugfix: crash if RiceVideoLinux.ini not found
  • Glide64mk2-Video: New feature: option to enable full-scene antialiasing
  • Glide64mk2-Video: New feature: frameskip, to drop frames if game is going slow (optional)
  • Glide64mk2-Video: Support loading of DAT files for hi-res texture
  • Glide64mk2-Video: Allow user override of game-specific settings via mupen64plus.cfg
  • Glide64mk2-Video: Add OpenGL ES support (2.0)
  • Glide64mk2-Video: Add config option to force polygon offset values (fixes artifacts on certains games / renderers)
  • Glide64mk2-Video: Win32: don't set gamma table because it breaks monitor calibration
  • Glide64mk2-Video: Code cleanup to remove dead section of code
  • Glide64mk2-Video: Bugfix: work around problem in OSD callback whereby core code doesn't re-activate shader
  • Glide64mk2-Video: Bugfix: Resident Evil II hang
  • Glide64mk2-Video: Bugfix: texture pack read failure on some 64-bit platforms
  • Glide64mk2-Video: Bugfix: N64 ROM header analysis for PAL/NTSC detection
→ [n64] Mupen64PlusQT 1.6

Mupen64PlusQT 1.6

  • Bug fixes
  • Add additional parameters setting
→ [n64] Mupen64PlusQT 1.5

Mupen64PlusQT 1.5

Author's comment

  • I've updated this with support for downloading cover images/information from thegamesdb.net (see the readme on Github for details on using it). Also added some different layouts to present the ROMs. I've added some preview images of these layouts to the top post.
  • Added as well are a log viewer (for viewing Mupen64Plus output) and a simple mupen64plus.cfg editor with highlighting. You'll need to set the config directory to use the latter. I'm not responsible if this messes up your config, but it's working just fine for me.
  • Added zip support. This version requires you to refresh your ROMs list with File->Refresh List if you are coming from an older version.
→ [n64] Mupen64PlusQT 1.1

Mupen64PlusQT 1.1

  • Add version number
  • Fix missing icon in Ubuntu
  • Add code for auto-detecting Mupen64Plus
  • Fix ugly horizontal scrollbar in Ubuntu
  • Fix typo


→ [n64] Mupen64PlusQT


  • This is just a basic launcher that utilizes the console UI to do all the work. I've added support for most of the parameters that appear on the man page. I don't plan on adding much more to it but I am willing to entertain feature requests. I believe the main things missing are archive support and some sort of input configuration. The former I'll probably add eventually. The latter is tricky to do correctly, so don't expect it anytime soon.
  • I've finally gotten around to it and added several new features as well such as GoodName support and column configuration. GoodName support requires the data directory to be set (to read mupen64plus.ini).


→ [n64] Mupen64Plus v2.0

Mupen64Plus v2.0 - July 4, 2013

All Modules

  • New: MS Visual Studio 2012 project files
  • Makefiles: support for ARM, PPC, and MINGW architectures
  • Makefiles: support for cross-compiling (MXE win32 builds under Unix)
  • Support (building from source) for new SDL 2.0 library

Audio-SDL Plugin

  • Add support for resampling with speexdsp library
  • Add more resampling quality options
  • Bugfix: Don't assume OSS is installed in all linux systems.
  • Make SDL volume handling the default, since OSS is no longer included in the kernel.
  • Minor refactoring of volume handling code.

Console-UI Front End Application

  • Only build system changes

Core Emulator Library

  • Fixes for various games (DK64, Zelda, Blast Corps)
  • Add Ari64's dynamic recompiler for x86 (32-bit) and ARM
  • Improved PJ64 savestate loading
  • Support video window resizing (with help from video plugin and front-end application)
  • Auto-detect savestate type (Mupen64Plus or PJ64) when loading from a slot
  • Many various code cleanups in core from casualjames
  • Debugger code cleanup

Input-SDL Plugin

  • Re-write auto-configuration logic to be more user friendly. Add new 'mode' parameter.
  • Support for 6 new joysticks
  • Work-around for buggy xboxdrv which results in no rumble
  • Bugfix: crash when rumble used with controller #4

Video-Glide64mk2 Plugin

  • Brand new video plugin which has been ported to Mupen64Plus

Video-Rice Plugin

  • Support for resizable video window
  • Add support to build and run with OpenGL ES 2.0
  • Improve hi-resolution texture loading support
  • Fix texture CRC calculation for non-x86 (or NO_ASM) platforms

RSP-HLE Plugin

  • Add support for MusyX ucode detection
  • Support JPEG decoding used in Pokemon Stadium Japan
  • Lots of refactoring to clean up code


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