[n64] M64p v2022.07.6 12/07/2022

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M64p, którego przyznam się szczerze rozwój średnio obserwuje, pozwala na emulację Nintendo 64 pod Windowsy i Linuksa - robi to w miarę poprawnie i nie można w żaden sposób odebrać mu całkiem zacnej emulacji tej konsoli Nintendo. Dzięki fuzji muppen64 z  paraLLEl-RDP (emulacja chipu graficznego N64, napisanego praktycznie od nowa i wykorzystującej Vulcan, czyli jest ciut szybciej) i frontendu mupen64plus-gui jest to ciekawa alternatywa dla statecznych, emerytowanych projektów emulacji tej konsoli - jak to jednak z alternatywami bywa rzadko po nią sięgam (oprócz momentów, kiedy prawie nieświadomienie człowiek wykorzystuje core muppen'a np. w retroarch w konsoli PSX Classic).


M64p v2022.07.6 12/07/2022

  • Support for libdragon rspq. This is a library used for homebrew games
  • Reworking of RSP timing code, should offer performance improvements in some games - Gauntlet Legends for instance
  • Small accuracy improvement for audio and RSP DMAs
  • The new RSP code requires a version bump of the netplay servers, you'll need to update to this version to continue using netplay

M64p v2022.07.5 10/07/2022

  • Fix auto updater - you'll need to manually update to this version before it starts working again
  • Fix issue when configuring controller profile where inputs were sometimes picked up twice bilinear filtering setting

M64p v2022.07.4 09/07/2022

  • This release includes a new feature I'll call "Dynamic SI DMA Duration" for now. The SI (Serial Interface) is the hardware that communicates with the game controllers. The emulator now dynamically calculates an optimal value for how long data transfers should take. This greatly improves performance when using the Raphnet adapter (used to play with a real N64 controller). It also improves the performance generally in some games, for instance, Body Harvest CPU usage is roughly halved.bilinear filtering setting

M64p v2022.07.3 07/07/2022

  • Fix resolution setting
  • Fix bilinear filtering setting

M64p 02/07/2022

  • Add back screenshot support using Vulkan

M64p 01/07/2022

  • Built using Qt6 (instead of Qt5).
  • Native Vulkan rendering. The shim that was in place to present the final image in OpenGL has been removed. Everything should look the same, but this is a fairly large change under the hood. Please report any bugs you find.
  • Snap package has been removed. Please use Flatpak to install on Linux.

M64p 04/06/2022

  • Fix for the Windows build of the previous release.

M64p 03/06/2022

  • Changed compiler flags to compile using the x86-64-v3 architecture. This means that the emulator has a minimum requirement of a Haswell-era CPU. Doing this allows the compiler to use newer instruction sets only available on newer CPUs, thus improving performance.

M64p 02/06/2022

  • Just a small fix for the last release to fix an issue with Wayland on Linux

M64p 02/06/2022

  • Updates to support Qt6
  • Improved netplay logging

M64p 30/05/2022

Changes in this release:

  • Some fixes in Parallel RDP YUV emulation. See Themaister/parallel-rdp#37
    • Bottom of the 9th - some images are Blue tinted
  • Mempak emulation improvements: mupen64plus/mupen64plus-core#919
    • also better conform to expected factory formatted state
    • according to @bryc research
    • unique mempak ID is based on xoshiro256++ PRNG seeded with current
    • time. This should prove good enough for our purpose, while still being
    • simple to implement.
    • added endian aware serialization primitives (loosely modeled after http://www.open-std.org/jtc1/sc22/wg14/www/docs/n2827.htm)
    • added xoshiro256++ PRNG functions

M64p 5/04/2022

  • Fix a bug in VRU emluation introduced in the last release

M64p 3/04/2022

Changes in this release:

  • Use CentOS for Linux build, build against Qt 5.15, disable dynarec

M64p 31/03/2022

  • Small fix for rendering in Wayland on Linux

M64p 14/03/2022

  • Semicolon in ROM filename causes multiple Open Recent menu entries

M64p 19/02/2022

  • Add option for VSync
  • Fix for some audio choppiness issues

M64p 19/02/2022

  • Fix lag in Bottom of the 9th
  • ROM entries for new Smash Remix versions, as well as SM64 splitscreen multiplayer
  • Show .rom files in file picker
  • Option to set vertical stretch in video settings. Meant to correct PAL roms with bad aspect ratios, thanks to @thekovic

M64p 7/02/2022

  • Remove minizip dependency on Linux


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