[n64] M64p 19/02/2022

[0] @ !!! Sobota, 19 Lutego 2022 21:59 CET [09-07-2021 23:20 CET]

M64p, którego przyznam się szczerze rozwój średnio obserwuje, pozwala na emulację Nintendo 64 pod Windowsy i Linuksa - robi to w miarę poprawnie i nie można w żaden sposób odebrać mu całkiem zacnej emulacji tej konsoli Nintendo. Dzięki fuzji muppen64 z  paraLLEl-RDP (emulacja chipu graficznego N64, napisanego praktycznie od nowa i wykorzystującej Vulcan, czyli jest ciut szybciej) i frontendu mupen64plus-gui jest to ciekawa alternatywa dla statecznych, emerytowanych projektów emulacji tej konsoli - jak to jednak z alternatywami bywa rzadko po nią sięgam (oprócz momentów, kiedy prawie nieświadomienie człowiek wykorzystuje core muppen'a np. w retroarch w konsoli PSX Classic).


M64p 19/02/2022

  • Add option for VSync
  • Fix for some audio choppiness issues

M64p 18/02/2022

Changes in this release:

  • Fix lag in Bottom of the 9th
  • ROM entries for new Smash Remix versions, as well as SM64 splitscreen multiplayer
  • Show .rom files in file picker
  • Option to set vertical stretch in video settings. Meant to correct PAL roms with bad aspect ratios, thanks to @thekovic

M64p 7/02/2022

  • Remove minizip dependency on Linux

M64p 3/02/2022

Changes in this release:

  • Update URLs for main github repository
  • Make mupen64plus-gui.ini portable
  • Validate controller profile names

M64p 21/12/29

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D (a.k.a. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron)(Nintendo of America Inc., Dec 07, 1998)
  • Fix for Radeon gfx when using the Linux Snap package
  • Updated Parallel RDP
  • Validate netplay room and player names

M64p 21/12/03

Donkey Kong Tag EveryWhere (Hack, 2021). Hack of Donkey Kong (USA ver) (RARE, 1999)

M64p 21/11/22

  • Fix for broken audio from yesterdays release

M64p 21/11/21.2

  • Just some minor fixes for the Snap package

M64p 21/11/21

  • I know that most users are on Windows. But for those using Ubuntu or similar Linux distros, m64p is now on the Snap Store: https://snapcraft.io/m64p
  • The only thing (that I know of) that does not yet work on the Snap release is the raphnet raw input plugin.

M64p 28/10/21

  • Fixed a bug that totally broke netplay. It is no longer totally broken.

M64p 12/10/21

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (a.k.a. Batman of the Future: Return of the Joker) (Ubi Soft Entertainment Software, Dec 01, 2000)
  • Updates to ParaLLEl RDP, mostly to improve graphics card compatibility (fixes for newer Intel GPUs)

M64p 26/09/21

Super Smash Remix mod poprawiający gry Super Smash Brother dla Nintendo 64.
  • Update custom ROM settings (performance improvements) for Smash Remix 1.0.0 and 1.0.1

M64p 10/09/21

  • Updates dependencies (Vosk for voice, Qt, etc)
  • Update Discord link

M64p 09/08/21

  • Updates to Parallel RDP from the upstream repo

M64p 27/07/21

  • Fix Dinosaur Planet crashes when loading a new game
  • Misc Fixes

M64p 04/07/21

  • Linux builds now built using Ubuntu 20.04
  • Fix for corrupt screenshots and/or crashing when using non-native window resolutions

M64p 23/06/21

  • IS Viewer support. You can view the output from IS Viewer by going to Emulation->View Log. This log view is now updated live, so you can leave that window open while you play
  • Some bug fixes for the dynarec, including Indiana Jones crashes and Densha de Go (English) not booting.
  • Improvements to VRU speech recognition
  • Fix for flickering in San Francisco Rush


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